Achieve your Dream Essay

Dear Mr - Achieve your Dream Essay introduction. Smith,

I am writing to you in response to your ‘Achieve your Dream’ letter that I have received. It gives me great pleasure to be given this opportunity to prove to you that I am worthy of achieving my dream.

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To enable you to grant me a dream, I will first tell you a bit about myself. My name is William; I live in Sumtown in Surrey. I have one brother, called Pete. I have lots of friends at school, like Ben, Bob, and Billy. We often play football together in the park, after school.

Football is one of my passions and I play regularly; often on Saturday and Sunday. Other passions of mine include squash, mountain biking, and rugby. I do not yet have a part time job but am looking for one after my exams are finished and I can further devote my attention to the job. Some of my other hobbies include reading, writing, and watching films. I go out quite a lot, often to the cinema or shopping with friends.

In the future I hope to go to University after doing well in my school exams. I hope to study a medicine or chemistry related course. I would like to achieve the highest honours and qualifications possible as I feel I will excel at university. One of my ambitions is to have a successful job; also owning property overseas, perhaps in New York and Mauritius is something else I have always aspired to.

My dream is to spend a month with some of the top businesses in the world; seeing the fortune 500 companies in action. I feel working within and near such prestigious and successful companies will excel me a propel me into the top sector of business. I feel working with these people really helps people to be successful and yes, I know many people talk about ‘self made millionaires’ but really, how many people fail when trying to set up there own business? I would guess at over ninety percent.

My dream would ideally take place in New York and London, the business capitals of the world which I long to live in. I would not want my family there as I feel this is a deeply personal role that cannot be aided by friends and family. Also I do not believe that I should be put with any famous celebrities as I believe that these people aren’t the best businessmen; merely they look the part. I think you and I both know you need more than a good image to be successful at business. The work experience would range throughout many different companies, with me being integrated with the day to day running of a company. I feel that being in a hustling, bustling workplace will really prepare me for the hard life that is business. My dream is to be successful, above anything else, and so I believe that granting me this dream will help me to become well known as a star businessman.

This would mean more to me than anything else in my life up to this point. I believe I am more suitable than anyone else as I have been told that I have a star quality; I am hard working dedicated and people tell me I will succeed, with hard work of course. I feel that I have a business quality, and all I need is a little bit of inspiration from you and I will make it work..

So in conclusion these are the reasons that I feel you should grant me my dream, for I am the most hardworking and the best potential businessman you will see.

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