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ActIII Romeo And Juliet

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What is the meaning of Americium’s repeated curse, “A plague o’ both your houses! ” (Scene I Lines 87, 103)? What might this curse foreshadow? He is putting a sickness on both families.

2) EVALUATE: What is Romeos motivation for killing Table? Is his action justified or a mistake? Explain your response. Romeo kilt Table because Table kilt Mercuric.

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ActIII Romeo And Juliet
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3) CITE EVIDENCE: In what ways do Romeo and Juliet need help of Friar Laurence and the nurse in order to save their love and move forward? Support your response with evidence from the text.

They need help finding a safe place, they need help getting married. They need help to keep it a secret.

4) ANALYZE: In Scene 5, Lord Capsule becomes enraged when Juliet says she will not marry Paris. In what way are his words and actions in this scene like those of Romeo and Juliet? What are the likely consequences of his actions? He disowned her which can also mean he will deny her as his own daughter and that makes Juliet want to run away.

5) INTERPRET: Explore how Shakespeare continues to use the light/dark or day/night motif in Scene 5, lines 1-35. Why does Juliet want the darkness to continue? Because she is not able to see him when daylight is out cause they will most likely get caught. When night comes they will not get caught.

6) ANALYZE: How and why does]elite’s relationship with her nurse change? Do you believe Juliet is justified in her feelings toward the nurse? Explain, citing details from the text. Because the nurse technically raised Juliet since a little girl and understands that Juliet is in love. Yes I do believe she’s justified to the nurse.

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