What is the most important information the registered nurse should obtain about Joe’s accident?
explanation of previous accidents by asking the client to elaborate on his comment by describing his accidents will help the RN better understand the nature and circumstances regarding his previous mishap.
What is the hallmark characteristic of ADHD
Pattern of impulsiveness. impulsivity, inattentiveness, and hyperactivity are all hallmark characteristics of ADHD
The nurse recognizes which statement by Joe supports his diagnosis of ADHD
I get bored easily. individuals with ADHD frequently complain of being bored.
Joe says I know I am clumsy I wish there were a pill for that. how should the nurse respond?
acknowledge the clients frustration. doing that will help the clients emotional frustration and enhance therapeutic relationships.
When joe states that he has a lot of girlfriends this supports his diagnosis by
adults and teens with ADHD often have difficulties with relationships.
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Which activity should the nurse recognize as having the highest priority in a safety assessment for joe?
Drug and alcohol use. recreational drugs and alcohol use is the highest priority for two reasons. First alcohol and drug increase problems with judgment about risky behavior, and second they may be a contradiction for stimulant medications.
Which issue for joe is the highest priority?
at risk for injury regardless of the situation, safety is always the priority of the nurse’s care. The impulsivity associated with ADHD places the client at increased risk for injury.
What should the RN implement to meet Joe’s biopsychosocial needs?
Printed handouts, any activity that requires a specific amount of attention are less appealing to them. Because printed handout are typically definitive and concise, they can be a useful tool.
Joe said gee, I thought the only thing we were going to do today was start my medicine, how should the nurse respond?
treatment involves more than taking medication. This opens the door for a discussion for the psychosocial issues and other treatment options for clients with ADHD
What is the most important biological parameter for the nurse to assess after a client has started taking concerta?
weight, weight loss is a common adverse reaction to stimulant medication.
Given joes inattentiveness and short attention span what is the most important strategy for the planning care?
interventions should be time limited. because of the short attention span all interventions should be relatively short.
Which nursing diagnosis should the nurse address when planning for Joe’s care?
impaired social interaction related to poor communication skills. communication skills can be independently addressed by the nurse.
Teaching plan for Concerta should include
abuse of concerta may lad to dependence. overuse can lead to ineffectiveness.
concerta is a controlled substance,
What can cause ADHD
When should Joe take his medication Concerta?
in the morning, the 54 mg tablet is extended release and is taken once a day in the morning.
Joe’s mom remarks that it may be difficult for him to remember to take his medication the nurse should respond by
the person taking the medication has to be responsible for taking it correctly.
Joe’s mother askes about other medications other than stimulants she should respond with
stimulants are the gold standard for treating ADHD.
Which problem has priority for the nurse when helping joe improve his communication skills?
intrusiveness or interruption others is common trait among individuals with ADHD. they can also become argumentative.
The nurse should implement to improve his self esteem by
encourage the client to list three of his positive attributes
practice attentive listening when Joe is talking.
Joe has gotten 4 Bs and A he says hes enjoying college life, what can the nurse measure for improvement in social skills
I have had the same girlfriend for 6 months now.
When assessing joe for self-esteem improvement what approach should the nurse use?
tell me about the things that have improved this semester. because this approach uses a broad opening to gain client information, it will provide the most subjective data.
Joe tells the nurse that he has noticed some changes in the effectiveness of his mediation
what changes are of concern to you? the nurse asks the client to describe the specific issues that have changed.
What is the first behavior the nurse should ask about when assessing joes sleep problem
medication schedule,
how should the nurse respond to joes question about taking medication for the rest of his life
psychotherapy that focuses on ADHD may help eliminate medication
What should the nurse asses at joes follow up visit
nutritional status, mood/anxiety, and coping mechanisms is an important part of each mental health evaluation.
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