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Adultery in Biblical Stories Essay



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    Adultery is stated 69 times in the bible. It is

    also the seventh commandment. “Thou shalt not commit

    adultery”. In every case stated in the bible, the answer

    is clear: Do not commit adultery. It is a very

    powerful thing that disconnects people in a relationship,

    either married or not. The dictionary definition of

    adultery is “voluntary sexual intercourse of a married

    man with a women other than his wife or of a married

    women with a man other than her husband”.

    In this particular dictionary it speaks about

    definitely being married, but in the bible, it often did

    not. In a book called “Sexual Abstinence”, by

    Barbara Moe, it also mentioned the theme adultery.

    It stated that although it is not confirmed because you

    aren’t married, you can still commit adultery as a

    teenager. It also said that “adultery” is too much of a

    big, scary word for teenagers to handle. So, now a

    days, we call it “cheating”. Cheating is defined as a

    trick or deceit. When you are in a relationship that you

    hope is going well, do you want the other person to be

    Neither does God. That’s why it was stated in

    the bible so many times. It was so important to God,

    that he made it our seventh commandment. He doesn’t

    want anyone to be deceived by another person. It is all

    covered in the general law “Love one another”. You

    don’t truly love someone if you want to cheat on them.

    In “The Teen Study Bible”, it states “God

    invented sex. He designed the hormones that trigger

    your desires. He designed every nerve ending that

    magnifies pleasure. Sex isn’t wrong. Sex is good. A

    gift from God, who loves you. Now only if you

    would use it right”. Sex is always made out to be a

    bad thing. In our culture it is perfectly ok. Although

    God says to you in your conscience “Are you sure

    you want to do this?!” He states is it so much in the

    Sex should be used with the right person, in the

    right place, at the right time (in the right uniform hehe).

    Not with multiple people, or just because you feel like

    it. You are giving away a precious gift God himself

    If you ever think about cheating or “Committing

    adultery”, think of the other person involved in the

    situation. There is two parts to every situation , no

    matter what kinda it is. But, it is a very tough thing.

    To be the person doing it, and wondering if you’ll get

    caught. But most of all it is tough for the person who

    gets cheated on… then the person starts questioning

    them self. A lot of psychiatric problems happen after

    these kinds of situations. And, it all could’ve stopped

    if you just picked up one solitary book, and read for a

    The choice is yours to make, but remember so are

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