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Advantage and disadvantage of political dynasties

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  • Pages 2
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    The Aquino Family
    Servillano Aquino
    Benigno Aquino, Sr. (former Tarlac assemblyman); son of Servillano Benigno Aquino, Jr. “Ninoy” (former senator); son of Benigno Sr. Benigno Aquino III “Noynoy” (former congressman and senator, current president); son of Ninoy Agapito Aquino “Butz” (former senator); son of Benigno Sr.

    Teresa Aquino-Oreta “Tessie” (former Malabon congresswoman and senator); daughter of Benigno Sr. Paul Aquino, son of Benigno, Sr. Bam Aquino, (incoming senator); son of Paul
    Herminio Aquino “Hermie” (former Tarlac congressman); son of Servillano The Cojuangco Family
    Melecio Cojuangco (former Tarlac assemblyman)
    Jose Cojuangco, Sr. “Pepe” (Tarlac assemblyman); son of Melencio Jose Cojuangco, Jr. “Peping” (Tarlac congressman); son of Pepe Corazon Cojuangco-Aquino “Cory” (former president); daughter of Pepe Benigno Aquino III (former congressman and senator, current president), son of Cory Eduardo Cojuangco, Sr. (former Tarlac governor); son of Melencio Eduardo Cojuangco Jr. “Danding” (former Tarlac congressman), son of Eduardo Sr. Marcos Cojuangco (Tarlac congressman), son of Danding

    Carlos Cojuangco (Tarlac congressman), son of Danding
    Mercedes Cojuangco-Teodoro (former Central Luzon and Tarlac assemblywoman); daughter of Eduardo Sr. Gilberto Teodoro, Sr. (former Social Security System administrator); husband of Mercedes Gilberto Teodoro (National Defense Secretary), son of Mercedes Monica Prieto-Teodoro (former Tarlac congresswoman), wife of Gilberto The Marcos Family

    Fabian Marcos (former Batac mayor)
    Mariano Marcos (Ilocos Norte assemblyman); son of Fabian
    Ferdinand Marcos (Ilocos Norte congressman, senator, president); son of Mariano Imelda Marcos (former Metro Manila governor, Minister of Human Settlements, current Ilocos Norte congresswoman); wife of Ferdinand Ferdinand Marcos, Jr. “Bongbong” (former Ilocos Norte governor, representative, current senator); son of Ferdinand and Imelda Imee Marcos
    (former Ilocos Norte congresswoman and current Ilocos Norte governor); daughter of Ferdinand and Imelda Narciso Ramos (former Pangasinan assemblyman and congressman); cousin of Mariano Fidel Ramos (former president); son of Narciso

    Leticia Ramos-Shahani (senator); daughter of Narciso

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