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Adventures Of Huck Finn And Twain

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Picking just one bad habit is like getting only one piece of candy at SweetFactory. Once I finally picked my bad habit I realized how badly I needed towork on it. Huck had a bad habit he needed to work on too. Maybe we didntknow about it or thought we could get rid of it easily. But were either of usgoing to work it out? In the book Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain,which we were reading in class, the main character Huck had many bad habits aswell.

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Adventures Of Huck Finn And Twain
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But his one main bad habit was lying to himself and by doing this he brokethe law, his moral code and the law of God. It all started after he fakes hisown death and runs to an island where he finds a run away slave, Jim that workedfor Miss Watson, his guardians sister. Next they leave to find Cairo but asthey float down the river they run into many hardships. While this is happeningHuck is doing most of his lying to himself.

This is very similar to my bad habitbecause during my month of trying to quit fighting with my mom I went throughsome very hard times holding back what I wanted to say. This was a very bighardship of mine. So I realized Huck and I had a lot in common. Hucks badhabit was first shown to us in chapter VIII when Huck tells Jim, “Well I did.

I said I wouldnt, and Ill stick to it. Honest injun I will.” He istelling Jim he wont tell anyone that he ran away which means Huck is breakingthe law of the land. We knows this because Huck also says “People would callme a low sown Ablitionist and despise me for keeping mumbut that dont makeno difference.” Huck again lies for Jim in chapter XVI when he is about totell the men on the raft that Jim is with him but his conscience comes intoplay. When this happens he lies to these men and this is just adding more to hisbad habit. Also in this chapter Huck breaks his own moral code. When him and Jimmiss Cairo he says “There warnt anything to say. We both knowed well enoughit was more work of the rattle-snake skin; so what was the use to talk aboutit?” This is breaking his own moral code because he didnt believe that arattlesnake could bring bad luck.

Then he broke the law of God in chapter XXXIwhen he said, “You cant pray a lieI found that out.” This is when Huckrealized that he doesnt think what he was doing was wrong. Last in chapter XLHuck realizes that the colors of the skin really dont matter. So at the endHuck breaks through his bad habit. Well my bad habit basically started when mymom started telling me no. And I just wasnt going to take it. So I startedtalking back and I wouldnt stop until I got my way or hurt my mom. Which isreally something I dont want to do. Thats why I was hoping by trying tobreak this bad habit I wouldnt have to do it anymore. It started out prettygood I would be ready to fight or say something that might hurt my momsfeelings and I would catch myself. It started feeling better right away and mymom even noticed the change.

But then I began to think less and less about itand it all started back up again. So I wrote in my journals about the change andhow I didnt want it to go back but before I knew it my mom and I werefighting and it was the end of the month. Huck and I were alike because I brokemy own moral code by being rude to my mom. I also broke the law of God becausein the bible it says honor your father and mother and I dont think what Imdoing is considered that. Huck and I were different because Huck no longer had abad habit and I still do. Well Huck worked his bad habit out and is probablyfeeling pretty good. However Im still working on mine and I think maybe oneday I might be free of this. So Im going to keep on trying and if I ever domake it through this I will make sure to tell you. But until that day comesIll always go for as many candies as I can get.

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