Advertisement Analysis: Gentlemen’s Quarterly Is Monthly Men’s Magazine

Gentlemen’s Quarterly is monthly men’s magazine focusing on fashion, style, and culture for men, and GQ circulated many countries around the world like: US, Canada, Russia, Australia, and many more - Advertisement Analysis: Gentlemen’s Quarterly Is Monthly Men’s Magazine introduction. Featuring headliners such as ‘Spend Less to Look Your Best: The Thinking Man’s Guide to Affordable Style. ’ The intended audience of this magazine is males ages twenty five and above. Needless to say the advertisements featured in are presented to especially cater to the males. Therefore, Bulova advertised their BVA-Series 105 watch on Gentlemen’s Quarterly to target mainly the upper class men.

The Bulova advertisement majorly based a picture of a watch and a guy model, minimal text, and claims for a precisely timekeeping watch with stylish. The first impression is the design of the advertisement because it’s really captures audience full attention for each of the details in the page. The page is printed most entire in black and blue, and the only remnants of color being a tiny splash of blue apart of the watch’s logo. The dark color of the page made the shiny platinum color watch stand in the middle of the page, and it really caught my attention at the stylish look of the watch.

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Advertisement Analysis: Gentlemen’s Quarterly Is Monthly Men’s Magazine
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The watch is making of mechanical material with matching attractive color for mostly men. For example, the silky black color of the watch hands match perfectly with the platinum color of the watch. Based on many surveys, most of men favorite watch colors are black and platinum because it’s easy to fit with mostly every man clothes. In the advertisement, there is also a guy model who wears a black leather jacket with a serious face expression. Men wear leather jacket mostly to look chic because leather make a man look stronger and also elegance.

The model in the advertisement looks very fashionable so it represent that the watch is also very fashionable for a man to wear. The logo of the watch is also very stand out in the advertisement. The logo of the watch is in bold print with platinum color, and the platinum color of the logo also helps the audience easily to notice. The logo is also the main attraction of the advertisement because the logo, Bulova, is very popular among many people. Bulova Watch Company is the world’s largest watchmaker since 2008. The second impression of the advertisement is the model seriously faces, but he is look like he will make a smile.

Because the model face expression is very handsome and manly, it will easily to attract other women. The model has an expression very confidence and control of other attention. The face expressions provoke a desire feeling of the audience to be look like the model. It is lead to jealousy of the audiences become, and audience want to get a watch to be as cool as the model. The background of the watch has many mechanical materials, and its look very scientific. Mostly upper class men want to look smarter among other so they will have a feeling of being smarter with this scientific mechanical watch.

The watch also appeal toward to a professional and affluent. It mechanical technology around the watch would help a man to look more knowledgeable. Based on ‘The Times of India’ survey, men look more educational and knowledgeable with technology accessories. Imagery is the main focus of this advertisement; therefore there are minimum text featured that located at the left side of the page. The texts summarize most of the special ability of the watch. The watch is running without batteries or electrify so people could wear the stylist watch and save money and environment at the same time.

The watch also contain 21 jewel so it make the watch be more valuable; therefore Upper class men could really look fancy with this luxury valuable watch. There are some small texts at the right corner of the pages, Kay. com. The text indicate the audience could get the watch at Kay. com There are many other similar products on the market; the advertisement tries to make Bulova stand out by using an artistic reference. This reference will be more likely to be understood by an audience with higher class or refined tastes.

Since Gentlemen’s Quarterly is considered a more classy man’s magazine compared to other gritty titles on the market, it will most likely be read by men who consider themselves gentlemen. However, modern society is also very fast paced, and the Bulova watch provides a nice convenience with y no need energy technology. The ad appeals to their desire to be stylish, while providing all the necessary conveniences. The advertisement does not claim anything outrageous, the promises of a precisely timekeeping watch with stylish by their mechanical material and fancy look of the watch.

It seems perfectly believable that good results can be achieved from this watch. The elegance of the model and art themes in this ad are also rather though provoking, drawing the audience in for a moment of contemplation. The minimal text also provides good information for intrigue, inviting the reader to go out and purchase the product to formulate their own opinions. I wouldn’t mind to buy this watch for a gift some of my fancy friends. So then, yes , I would say that Bulova’s advertisement as achieved its purpose in capturing the audience

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