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Advertising Essay

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Some people think that advertising has only positive impacts on society. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Advertising has been exerting great impacts on our society and our everyday lives, far beyond our wildest imagination. But itIt might be over-simplistic to say that such impacts are all for the good or in our best interest. Let us get down to the fundamentals and admit that advertisements are creatures created by human beings. Therenfore they cannot it could not be perfect since we are not.

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Admittedly, there are numerous merits of advertising in modern society. It could provides necessary and affluent information of the products we are looking for. It could greatly expands our horizons through a mixed method of multi-media technology and creativity, thus, enlightening our lives from heavy work stress or household chores. Last but not the least, advertising has been widely recognized as a kind of arts and some great advertisements could are even be exhibited in the galleries or museums.

However, all those mentioned could does not justify the demerits of advertising. I only need to illustrate two main drawbacks. as follows. The foremost one is the problem of credibility. These days though thousands of advertisements are created, each day, how many of these could be trusted is still a puzzle their integrity is still in question. It is self-evident that each advertisement iscould be more or less exaggerated in order to attract more potential customers and enhance the sales of products. Then tThe customers could can easily be frustrated by the astounding differences between expectations of the product after seeing the advertisement and the real one they bought home. As a result, they gradually lose belief into every advertisement. ThisIt is partly, if not entirely, attributed to the misleading or false presentation of the advertisements.
The second drawback is that advertising could leads to a waste of social and environmental resources. Many.

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