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Advertising and Nike Brand

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Regan Gaenzle & Nate Henderson| Gaenzle, Regan E| Appendix: Page # * Existing ads2 * History * Current Marketplace Performance * Competitors * Current Advertising Strategy/Analysis * New Advertising Strategy * Copy Platform * Creative Brief * Consumer Profile * New Advertisement (2) * New Radio Advertisement (2) * New Television Advertisement (2) * Free Choice (2) * Advertisement Campaign Summary * Work cited History Our client is NIKE+FuelBand. NIKE, Inc. s the world’s leading designer, marketer and distributor of authentic athletic footwear, apparel, equipment, and accessories for a wide variety of sports and fitness activities. From athletes of all levels of fitness to the everyday walker, now have a way to measure progress toward their goals.

NIKE+FuelBand, an innovative wristband that tracks movement throughout the day, designed to motivate and inspire users to be more active. NIKE, Inc. was founded in 1962, by Bill Bowerman and Phil Knight. They started Blue Ribbon Sports, which sold athletic running shoes.

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Advertising and Nike Brand
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It wasn’t until 1972, when they decided to call their upcoming company “Nike”, which was named after the winged Greek goddess of victory.

The “Swoosh” which is a global known logo was designed in 1971, by Carolyn Davidson for only $35. 00. Nike struggled in the beginning with consumers complaining about how Nike was not made in the United States. This didn’t stop Nike from handling their business. In 1985, Nike had a major turning point when the world’s greatest basketball player, Michael Jordan came to join the company. The “Air Jordan” shoe along with apparel changed the game for Nike.

The President & CEO Mark Parker of NIKE, Inc. revealed NIKE+FuelBand January 19, 2012, at an event in New York City attended by seven-time Tour de France champion Lance Armstrong, all-star Kevin Durrant, and 2011 IAAF women’s 100-meter World Champion Carmelita Jeter. The high tech wrist band is designed to be worn throughout the day, using accelerometer to provide feedback about different activities through movement of the wrist via a LED dot matrix display. Unlike calorie counters, which differ based on one’s gender and body type, NIKE+ FuelBand has four metrics available: time, calories, steps and NikeFuel.

The user sets a specific daily goal of how active they want to be and how much NikeFuel they want to accomplish. A series of 20 LED lights that go from red-to-green as the user gets closer to their specific goal. What makes this high tech wrist band stand out from the rest, is a built-in USB that syncs with the Nike+ website or wirelessly through Bluetooth to a free IPhone app. This app records everyday activity and tracks one’s progress on a day-to-day basis. The app not only tracks your own daily activity but also shares others progress to help encourage and motivate others to live a happy healthy life. The NIKE+ FuelBand is a way for Nike to further evolve the exciting possibilities of merging the physical and digital worlds,” said Parker. “Nike has always been about inspiring athletes, and the NIKE+ FuelBand will help motivate them in a simple, fun and intuitive way. ” Current Marketplace Performance Nike is by far one of the largest athletic equipment, accessory, and clothing companies in the world. Nikes products range from clothing and shoes, to nifty gadgets, such as our Nike+FuelBand and Nike+ shoe insert. At the end of the 2012 year, Nike had recorded net revenues of $24. 1 billion, up 16 percent.

Also, within this year, Nike recorded the largest revenue quarter in the company’s history, $6. 5 billion. This was largely in part of Nike’s growing diversity in its products. Mark Parker, President and CEO of Nike, Inc, says “Fiscal year 2012 demonstrated Nike, Inc. s greatest strength – innovation. We delivered an amazing number of game-changing products and services that drove record revenue growth. ” When it comes to the Nike+FuelBand, Nike is expanding its Nike+ Accelerator companies, which includes the FuelBand. In order to do this, Nike has selected 10 companies to help in the Accelerator program.

The companies specialize from things such as digital sports coaching, which comes from the company CoachBase, to Sprout At Work, which provides corporate wellness solutions that leverage social and gamification tools to inspire employees and empower employers. Each of the 10 companies will receive $20,000 from Nike for funding, plus connections to the leaders of Nike and the tech industry. Through these connections, Nike plans on furthering the digital aspect to the Nike brand. Competitors Our two main competitors are Jawbone Up and Fitbit Ultra.

All three devices use a 3 axis accelerometer to determine movement. The Fitbit Ultra includes an altimeter which is designed to measure the altitude of an object so it can tell if you’re climbing stairs. The Fitbit Ultra has the most sophisticated visual display (an OLED) that offers cheers of encouragement and motivational phrases such as “Walk Me. ” It also has a graphical icon flower that grows and shrinks depending on one’s level of activity to help motivate the user. The Jawbone Up doesn’t have a visual display, instead uses a haptic feedback which uses a small motor to alert people of their inactivity.

The Jawbone Up compared to the NIKE+FuelBand and Fitbit Ultra doesn’t have the ability to wirelessly upload data. The Fitbit and Up track has a feature that NIKE+FuelBand doesn’t have, which tracks the user’s sleep patterns and provides a daily food diary feature. The Up has a Smart Alarm feature which will wake up the wearer with a gentle buzz. The NIKE+FuelBand app bases the user experience on setting and reaching personal goals while the Jawbone Up has sponsored challenges. These challenges are very wide and do not cater to an individual’s needs.

It is in the social integration and overall user experience where NIKE+FuelBand has a clear advantage, in that users can tap into the rich Nike + online community that offers the ability to share goals and triumphs on Facebook and Twitter. The Fitbit and Jawbone Up also have the ability to organize in groups and compete with friends but fall behind Nike+ since their user base is quite small. Current Advertising Strategies/Analysis We have collected three print ads representing NIKE+FuelBand. These ads are located in our Appendix, but we also found the corresponding Television advertisements.

Follow the links to watch the ads. 1. http://www. bestadsontv. com/ad/41989/Nike-FuelBand-Counts (Counts ad) 2. http://www. youtube. com/watch? v=HNRqJxl2588 (We Will ad) 3. http://www. youtube. com/watch? v=8lRfJS4bcyM (Introducing NikeFuel ad) 4. http://www. youtube. com/watch? v=WxfZkMm3wcg (Make it Count Campaign ad) All of these video advertisements resemble the print advertisements with Nike+FuelBand’s “#Make It Count” slogan. Nike’s, “#Make it Count” campaign teamed up with filmmaker Casey Neistat to create a video demonstrating their newly launched FuelBand.

Casey and his friend traveled around the world for 10 days showcasing a range of fun, exciting, daring and exhilarating activities you can do around the world. Nike’s campaign targets athletes at all levels of fitness—from the elite to the everyday active individual. In all three print ads, the Make It Count campaign’s tagline says, “WE WILL #MAKEITCOUNT. ” Above the tagline is the headline which is consistent in all three ads, stating a testimony from the individual that’s portrayed in each of the print ads.

The picture of the ad captures the individual being active. The “One Thing” that is communicated through these ads is to push one’s self to do more than you did previously and make it count. If we take a look at what the first ad conveys, we see motivation in each of the runners. The headline says it all in the first ad, “We will give up giving up. ” The motivational headline ties in with the picture of four very driven runners. The second ad’s headline states, “I will break up with the elevator. ” An African American man is shown smiling walking up the stairs.

We see that in each advertisement, the NIKE+FuelBand are the key component to making it count and living a healthier life. Currently, NIKE+FuelBand have a target audience that matches the competition. The athletic individual’s age group they target is 24-35 years of age with medium-high income. Individuals in this age assortment tend to be very active and exercise either daily or on a weekly basis. This age range also has a high social media usage, like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Around 18% of all individuals in this age range frequently use social media websites.

This type of consumer would most likely participate in NIKE+FuelBand’s online or app competition where friends and family compare exercise goals and accomplishments. Nike’s main objective for this target age group is to find the fastest and up to date way to work out. The NIKE+FuelBand sells for $150. 00 at Nike. com. Due to the high price of this product, individuals must have to some degree a secure financial stability. The price of the fuelband is probably too pricy for the average college student’s budget. The consumer would be someone who is out of college with a steady paying job. ttp://nikeinc. com/news/nike-inc-reports-fiscal-2013-third-quarter-results NEED MORE NUMBERS ON AGE GROUP! HELP ME! The communication elements of these ads are very motivational. The tone of this campaign is inspirational. I say this because Nike shows upbeat, active and motivated individuals in their ads. The headlines in each of Nike’s ad are all positive messages. The individual in each advertisement shows self-determination. The cool thing about Nike’s Make It Count campaign print advertisement is the use of average individuals, which relates to a broad number of consumers.

From the inspirational images, to the creative tagline and personal headline, Nike has done it again. I can relate to this product and have the urge to get out and make it count. Nike’s use of word play is very clever in that they provoke an emotion in their target audience. The emotion of inspiration is portrayed. Nike is working with athletes in promoting the make it count tag line in order to talk about their pledges, achievements, training and generally encourage the overall conversation. In all three Nike ads the print layout has a bleed image with overprinting white text.

In the center of each add the year is displayed directly above the headline in smaller text. The headline and visual work together, creating the main idea together or also known as synergy. All of the headlines are testimonials from each individual athlete in the ad. Below the headline in smaller text is the tagline “#MAKEITCOUNT” in all capital letters which unifies the ad campaign through its repetition across executions. Each ad has a similar look, style and tone but all stand out in their own way. The consumers attention draws the eye to the center or focus point of the ad.

The layout allows the consumers to follow the alignment with their eyes going from top to bottom. The Nike+ logo is located bellow the tagline centered in every advertisement. The font in this campaign is all franklin gothic heavy, with all of the letters in white capital letters. The YouTube commercials do follow the same tagline as the print ads do. From the font to the tone, Nike’s campaign has a smooth repetition for both print and video ads. The song played in the first commercial, which is located in the appendix is “I See You Baby (Fatboy Slim Remix)” by Groove Armada.

The music adds intensity while watching the fast clips of active athletes. New Advertising strategy Nike has set the standard for delivering quality products to a loyal client base, so for our new strategy, we would like to keep the same demographic of 24-35 years of age with a medium-high income. However, we would like to change the advertising strategy. Nike+FuelBand currently uses the slogan “Make It Count” in its advertising, which goes with the variety of ways you can rack up Nike+ Fuel. They feature images of everyday people engaging in some sort of activity that would allow them to gain Fuel.

For our new strategy, we will hire professional athletes to use and sponsor our product. Then, we will create a website that keeps and up-to-date file of their Nike+ Fuel intake for that given day, and users of the product can compare their intake. This gives the everyday users the opportunity to rank up against the pros. This new development will not only place more of an incentive to gaining Nike+ Fuel points, but also add the ability for average people to compete with their favorite professional athletes on a day to day basis. When it comes to our advertisements, we will have comparison ads.

On one side, we will be shown a professional athlete from the start to finish of their day, partaking in various exercises and athletics. Then, on the other side, we will be shown an average Joe, going about their normal day, but with an emphasis on the physical aspects, such as taking the stairs, or chasing after their dog. During all of these things, the Nike+Fuel gage will be tracking their input. This will show the consumers that not only is this a product for people who are non-stop working out, but also those who just want to see how much energy they are exerting throughout the day.

When it comes to radio ads, we will have our sponsored athletes “challenging” the general public to “step up” to their Fuel level. Most people who work out and use Nike products are always up for a challenge, and will be motivated to see how they compare to these pros. COPY PLATFORM THE PRODUCT/SERVICE:| NIKE+FuelBand| A. Primary features/benefits of the product in order of importance:| Feature| Benefit| | 1. 2 lithium polymer batteries | 1. Holds charge for 4 days| | 2. Water resistant | 2. Safe to wear in shower | | 3. 3 Axis Accelerometer| 3. Measures your motion all day long| | 4. 0 color LED display| 4. Clearly shows your progress| | | | | B. What exclusive or unique attributes does the product have? | | Nike+FuelBand offers a lightweight alternative to tracking your physical output. You can track your data straight from your smart phone or home computer. It also offers extra links to accommodate individuals with any size wrist. | | | C. Is the parent company name important in the advertising? YES NO| If yes, why is it important? | Nike is an established athletic company that has a strong brand identity, and consumers know and trust the brand.

Nike+FuelBand is a direct descendant of the Nike brand. Nike is an established athletic company that has a strong brand identity, and consumers know and trust the brand. Nike+FuelBand is a direct descendant of the Nike brand. | | | | | | | | | | | | | THE CONSUMER (THE TARGET AUDIENCE)| A. Describe in terms of Demographics (age, sex, education, income, occupation, geographic distribution):| | The demographic for our target audience is around the ages of 24-35, both male and female being in our focus. Our target audience is that of a medium-high income, with extra money to spend on our product.

Our geographic positioning will focus on the United States because we intend to gain sponsorship from professional athletes within the states. | | | B. Describe in terms of Psychographics (lifestyle, personality traits, attitude toward product, buying patterns):| | The psychographics of our audience include individuals with an active lifestyle, employed full-time, and enjoy an array of physical activities. They need to have some disposable income in order to purchase our product. They also identify themselves with their brands, so the name Nike will spark their interest.

This audience, especially with their disposable income, has the most purchasing power. When it comes to health, this individual wants to be aware of the benefit that the product is providing them. Nike+FuelBand will provide them with an accurate and easy to read display of their physical exertion. | | | C. Explain the needs or wants fulfilled by buying this product:| | They want a product that will not only give them an incentive to work out, but also track and compare their results to family and their favorite professional athlete. | | | THE MARKETPLACE| | | | A.

The major competitors and their market rank or share (cite your sources in a footnote)| 1. Nike+FuelBand| Market rank or share:| 2. Jawbone Up| Market rank or share:| 3. Fitbit | Market rank or share:| | | | | | | B. Competitive advantage or disadvantage of your product or service:| 1. Nike+Fuel| Your advantage over the competitors:| 2. Jawbone Up| Their advantage and/or disadvantage compared to your brand:| 3. Fitbit| Their advantage and/or disadvantage compared to your brand:| | | | C. Positioning of your product in the market compared to the competitors (select one of the following and explain)| ?

The are parity products (no perceived competitive advantage or differentiated positioning) Explanation:| ? Your brand has a unique position versus the competition Explanation:| ? Another brand has a competitive advantage over your brand in positioning Explanation:| THE ADVERTISING STRATEGY| | A. The “One Thing” you want to say about this product to reach the target audience (the Positioning statement):| Tracks your physical exertion while comparing your results to your favorite professional athlete. | | | | | B. Why will the target audience believe or be attracted by the “One Thing”? | This is a quick and easy way to track your physical output without the help of an expensive trainer, and also gives you the incentive to keep up with your exercise by competing with the pros. | | | | C. Significant facts or statistics about the product, consumer, or market that support the “One Thing”: (cite sources in footnotes)| | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | THE CREATIVE BRIEF 1. What is the character or personality of our brand? (succinct statement of the brand identity)| Nike+FuelBand is a trainer. It is a motivator.

It pushes you by goal setting and challenging you to compare yourself to the pros. It’s a constant reminder that you’ve set a goal for yourself, and you need to meet it. An incentive is created by possibly defeating your friends and maybe even the professionals. | 2. What do we want to accomplish through a new advertising campaign? (our objective for this campaign)| We want to create a new level of incentive by introducing the comparison results to the pros. With the same target audience, we believe a greater drive will be instilled by this new campaign. 3. Who is our target audience? | Young adults, both male and female, aged 24-35, with a medium-high income. A disposable income is necessary as well. | 4. What does the target audience currently think about us? (current positioning)| While the product is top rated amongst its competitors, some view the Nike+FuelBand as being too expensive for what it has to offer. | 5. What do we want them to think about us? (reinforce current position or re-position)| We want our target audience to view our product to be more than just the typical athletic watch.

Not only does it feature a tracker to track your exertion, but now you can compare your results through your phone or computer. Nike+FuelBand is a revolutionary product that is worth the purchase. | 6. Why should they think this and buy our brand? (key features/benefits)| Their health is important, and any way to offer an incentive should be considered. Plus, the feature of comparing your results adds an extra motivational push. This product could potentially change their physical and daily lives. | 7. What is our key message in the advertising campaign? No matter who you are, exercise is an important part to anyone’s daily life. So why not add the extra motivation and competitive edge to your work out by comparing your results to your favorite athletes. | 8. What is the tone of our ad campaign? | The tone of our campaign is competition. We are constantly challenging our consumer to “step up” to the opponent. Whether that be your neighbor, or a professional athlete. Our ads feature the comparison between the average person and the professional athlete and their physical exertion. Consumer Profile | |

Jane Doe is a modern 30-year-old working mother with a husband and two children, ages 6 and 4. She has a degree in Communication from Lock Haven University, and followed the Advertising and PR track. She works for an advertising agency in State College, and earns $60,000 annually. Her husband, John, works as management in the produce department for Wegman’s grocer and makes $55,000 annually. Their kids are just starting to attend school, and are involved in sports. Jane and her family take multiple family vacations throughout the year to places around the area, and usually one large vacation out of state.

Jane and her husband try to make it a point to have one date night a week. Jane likes to take care of their house, inside and out, while John is interested in cars, and is currently rebuilding a 1968 Chevrolet Camaro SS. Jane and her husband are each in adequate shape, and are trying to get in better shape for the summer. They each work out 2 to 3 times a week, but due to their hectic schedules, can’t find much more time. They would like a way to track their work outs, and to also motivate them to work out more. They have additional spending income, and are avid users of electronic media.

Jane reads the local paper and the NY Times. When she watches TV, she usually watches crime dramas, such as Criminal Minds and CSI. She also enjoys keeping up to date with what is happening by watching NBC. Advertisement Campaign Summary Work cited ——————————————– [ 1 ]. http://nikeinc. com/news/nike-fuelband-makes-life-a-sport [ 2 ]. http://nikeinc. com/pages/history-heritage [ 3 ]. http://nikeinc. com/pages/history-heritage [ 4 ]. http://nikeinc. com/news/nike-inc-reports-fiscal-2012-fourth-quarter-and-full-year-results [ 5 ]. ttp://nikeinc. com/digital-sport/news/nike-accelerator-companies-announced#/inline/18457 [ 6 ]. http://www. fashioningtech. com/profiles/blogs/nike-fuelband-vs-jawbone-up-vs-fitbit-ultra [ 7 ]. https://jawbone. com/up [ 8 ]. http://www. fashioningtech. com/profiles/blogs/nike-fuelband-vs-jawbone-up-vs-fitbit-ultra [ 9 ]. http://www. policymic. com/articles/7320/nike-make-it-count-campaign-teaches-mill ennials-to-live-life-to-the-fullest [ 10 ]. http://digitaladblog. com/2013/04/11/nike-fuel-case-study/ [ 11 ]. http://prexamples. com/2012/04/nike-make-it-count/

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