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Advocacy on Human Rights

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The question whether International Regimes can uphold the rights of an individual, a group, nations, or the present 21st century and the next generations may have two answers; it could be yes or no. Before we answer the question let us first define international regimes, the human person based on the universal definition, and human rights and dignity. With the above definitions we must also determine whether these international regimes can be credible as far as with regards on how they will respond in authority, power, and service.

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Advocacy on Human Rights
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In other words, will these international regimes be respected for what they say? Are the words and actions of the men in these regimes be counted for that they will not succumb even to the slightest symptoms of ethical egotism? Will the rights of every man still be respected if their own interests are at stake? These are the many questions that a common man will think just in case a greater power than his or her government can take over or vice versa.

The Universal Declaration of Human RightsUDHR, the ICCPR, ICESR believes that program of actions should be carried out to formulate or confirm the moral order of the universe with regards to human rights based on the convictions universally shared by men. With this principle it says that UDHR is a foundation of human rights for which article one and two declares that all man has equal rights and dignity and are all free. This year is the 60th year commemorating the universal declaration of a document claiming to be first written in history to safeguard against oppression.

However, if one takes a look at the past or the present the document are just an echo of what is everything written in the hearts of men about his dignity and own personhood. The document only represents or reconfirm what is in the hearts of every human persons who are endowed with intellect, a human soul, freewill and choice. Since it only a confirms, it can not held anybody belonging to a certain group, ethnicity or language to make an allegiance to it since one’s loyalty are already subjected to his or her lawful country.What is man? Why he suffers? The definition above indicates that man is a very rational creature who possesses responsibility base on a free choice which he or she can choose to be happy or not, to tolerate injustice or fight for his freedom, free to give self to another person or remains to be alone in his or her selfish end.

According to religion man is created in the image and likeness of God and in Christianity man is bought at a great price, the blood of God Himself.For these reason man’s life is not just a passing scene but someone who is loved by a complete being who is never lacking in love and is perfectly happy in Himself. That explicitly differentiates a man from a mere animal and explains why man being created without him knowing or wanting to be born was place to test in order to gain what is promised. A gift which no one have seen entirely until death but has a glimpse even in this life.

Man is a creature capable of being loved thus, dignity is only given towards a person who is esteemed since nobody can give anything good to someone he hated? Man’s justification is fulfilled if he or she is loved. The tenets of human rights for these international regimes confirm the cultural, socio-political and economic aspect of human life thus aimed to bridge the gap between the rich and the poor, the dignity of women and children, and respect for life. However, history had made manifested that this ideals are a utopia since humankind continue to suffer.As the old saying goes that the rich becomes richer and it is the mighty who rules the world taken for instance the global corporations of today with regards to labor, even corporations due to judicial activism becomes a person and so on… Poverty remained to be on the face of the earth although technology had flourished to which only few can attain the possibility of enjoying them.

There is ignorance and injustice despite of the fact that man was called to subdue the earth. Man in other words continues to suffer especially the discriminated and marginalized nations or the so called fourth world meaning people who live in absolute poverty.Despite of the good intentions of many local and even international regimes, life is never a path that is easy to thread on that man’s journey continuous to be a perilous pilgrimage. Man even if free indeed follows a higher law or what we call moral norms which specifically tells him that freedom does not mean doing only what he wanted to do but tells him what is supposed to be done.

With the use of freedom men either lived harmoniously among the rest or be in chaos with each other. Sufferings and injustices are born by the greed of men and happiness is the fruit of being able to serve or the ability of becoming useful.Authority, Power, and Service The universal declaration or the confirmation of the rights due to man is a sublime humanitarian act but should not go beyond the intent of having or bearing a control on anybody since each civilization or culture are govern by beliefs and tradition distinct to its own. Each man has the authority to make sure that the natural and moral laws are progressively followed for that reason that even in courthouses; criminal acts are considered an action against the people of a certain nation.

Every nation institutions has the power to inscribe in his subjects what only is just since human institutions are present only to protect that right. However, those governing institution should remain a servant because the moment they set their foot authoritatively, those institutions have acted against the freedom of their people thus becoming a tyrant on the rights of men. Human authorities no matter how sublime are the same human and cannot be expected to be higher than the other men for doing so is against what it has already stated in the principle. Man over another man is always subject for abuse.

If authority becomes higher than men it no longer serves what it was intended for? Conclusion Man in this visible world continuous to seek the unsearchable and unknowable God and define reasons of his very own existence. He asks himself about his own dignity and own rights with the rest of other men, which shows evidence that those thoughts could have been inscribed by someone who gave order to creation. Human beings are God made therefore possessed a dignity greater than any institutions and never or cannot be under the concessions in whole or in part by any human made institutions nor any states and international organizations.The least they could do is to defend what has already been confirmed that man be restored to his original justice since he and she possesses a life that is very well considered a sacred specie.

Human rights are necessary and must be cultivated in every corners of society since these are norms inherent for man’s existence to attain the means that will guarantee his end. Moreover, what assurance that every human person of the whole human race will be protected if he or she be subjected to global forces who are also human persons that is also plausible in committing mistake or of being influenced by subjective ideals?With this reason alone, it is conclusive that no international regimes can uphold the right of any person or claim to define what has already been defined by God in the hearts of His children. But nonetheless became a necessary instrument to advocate on the dignity of man and the sacredness of human life. International regimes could bond as brothers and sisters who have the same beginning and a chosen destiny without vying for power or authority but must remain a privilege servant for the whole human race.

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