Negative Effects of International Adoption - Part 2

Describe a social policy that may affect your future position as a human services Nortek - Negative Effects of International Adoption introduction. Compare and contrast how a public versus a private organization might address this policy differently. Include an explanation of how the delivery system of a public organization would be different than that of a private organization.

For example, what Would be some differences between a state-funded child placement agency and a private adoption agency In regard to how they deliver their adoption services? Consider how you could influence this policy to meet your clients’ needs. If you work for a government organization, you may not be able to lobby, but what other ways could you advocate for your client population? Respond in 200 to 300 words. A state funded child placement agency is different because they do not have an extensive background.

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Negative Effects of International Adoption
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The place child in hands of people who are willing to give their home to the child. Whereas a private adoption agency, there is a waiting period and there is extensive backgrounds checks to make sure these are the right couples, ND they have enough money to afford the adoption, and what Jobs they have, and if they will be able to spend the time with the child. There is so much more involved in a private adoption agency. They do not Just give children to anyone. It costs.

It would be hard for me as a social worker if I was trying to locate a family for an individual, and they did not qualify, but were perfect people. I could try to go above for these people and address them to the higher ups to see what we can do to offer help to these people. If I was working for a government agency it might be a little harder to bobby. Though there are ways that I can help Is by offering solutions on how to get approved to become parents and adopt.

Private agencies may be profit or nonprofit agencies, but have to meet a certain criteria and the management Is under pressure to keep costs down. Public are sometimes based on donations and help with the community, and are a little bit poorer. Both private and public are trying to help people In many ways, and are there to try to give to the community, though one Is a little more famed, and the other Is low income that are trying to make a difference.

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