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Aids Awareness: Symptoms and Treatment

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Aids Awareness
In today’s world, there are many diseases occurring from all over the world., one of the most concerning is AIDS, but the question is and how does an individual get AIDS, what are the symptoms, and what is the cure for AIDS? Even though there are drugs and therapy now, they are not enough to cure HIV/AIDS.
First off, HIV is produced by retroviruses (Cancer: Panno )According to Mosby’s Medical, Nursing, and Allied Health Dictionary, retrovirus means any of a family of ribonucleic acid, also known as RNA, viruses containing an enzyme, reverse transcriptase, in the virion.

This genetic information of the virus is stored in a molecule of single- stranded ribo-nucleic acid(DNA). The DNA becomes integrated into the DNA of the host cell.
Retroviruses causes a serious human disease. It insinuates their genetic material into that of the body cells they invade, causing the viral genes to become a permanent fixture in the infected cells and in the offsprings of these cells (Fighting Infectious Diseases).

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Aids Awareness: Symptoms and Treatment
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HIV stands for Human Immunodeficiency Virus which causes Acquired Immune Deficiency (AIDS). (tracking Cancer: Rosen) Inhabitants who are contaminated with AIDS have an increased risk of developing an arrangement of cancers. After one individual is tainted with the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV), it hitches a ride inside dendritic cells to travel to lymph nodes, where it infects and wipes out helper T cells, causing AIDS. These cells that become active at the wrong time might give rise to the autoimmune disorders such as lupus (Tracking Cancer: Rosen).
Some ways HIV can be transmitted by is: (aidshealth.org)
• Having unprotected (sex without a condom) sexual intercourse (vaginal or anal) with someone who has HIV.
• Having unprotected oral sex with someone who has HIV. By doing this the risk goes up if there is ejaculation in the mouth. The risk still rises higher if either partner has cuts or sores in the mouth from recent tooth brushing;.

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