Aims And Objective Of Courage Brewery

Courage Brewery’s vision is “working together – building the brands that people loves to drink” - Aims And Objective Of Courage Brewery introduction. The purpose of a mission statement is improving the organisation, investing in brands and innovation, investing in growing markets and integration and operational efficiency.

Courage Brewery’s mission is to be the best European beer-led drinks company with constant revenue growth and consistently improving returns on capital. Businesses achieve their mission statement by setting aims. Aims are achieved by setting objectives.

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Objectives have to be Smart which means specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time related. Courage Brewery’s objective is “to Drive Growth and Value through their brands and by improving the efficiency of our operations”.

The common aim of all business is to:

1. Make a profit. They calculate this by taking away revenue from costs. The ownership of Courage Brewery is a Public Limited Company (PLC) and the owners are the public who can by shares of the company. In return they expect a share of the profit. They use their profit to pay a dividend to shareholders and to reinvest in the business by expanding their business.

The factors which could affect Courage Brewery’s profit are high revenue, selling as much as they can and also by keeping their cost low as possible they could get i.e. buying cheaper raw materials, make staff redundant, and close some of their branches. Low profit affects Courage Brewery because they won’t be able to pay dividend to shareholders and won’t be able to expand. Other factors that affect profit s are the weather, football and holiday times like Christmas.

Courage Brewery contributes to the economy of Reading because it provides jobs for local people which (500 staff). They in turn spend money in shops in Reading which provides jobs for more people.

The functional area that helps Courage Brewery to make a profit is the production department. This is because the more products they make the more likely for them to make more money.

2. The second aim of all businesses is to expand and survive and they do this by people continuing buy their goods. Courage Brewery can increase its revenue by developing new products, new brands, or withdraw a brand that isn’t selling. They can reduce its cost by making staff redundant, move to a cheaper place, cut down waste. Courage Brewery can increase its profit by merging with another company, increasing productivity, and employing more staff.

3. Businesses make a profit by selling goods and services to other business or members of the public. Courage Brewery manufacture beers, lagers and cider which they sell to pubs, clubs, restaurants, off licences, hotels and which they intend to sell to the public. Their sales have to be higher than their costs to make a profit.

The functional area which helps Courage Brewery to provide goods and services is the marketing area and this is because it advertise their product and also finds the needs and want of its costumers by doing a market research and introducing the four Ps of the marketing mix i.e. Product, promotion, Price and Place.

4. The fourth aim is Maximising sales which means selling as much as you possibly can and this is because that is where their source of income comes from. So therefore the revenue has to be high so that Courage Brewery can make profit. Courage Brewery can achieve this by advertising, producing a new product, improving the quality of beer, assuring people get value for money, ensuring good customer service and making sure it keeps it existing customers and introducing new customers.

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