Air France Case Study Management Information System Essay

Q1:Is online search market a “winners take all” type or not? - Air France Case Study Management Information System Essay introduction?? What is the essential of online search markets? Yes. Online search market is a “winners take all” type because the following reasons: i. The specialty of products. Every search engine has the own strength. The strength helps it to take the market. For the customers, it’s easy to choose the different products. So if you are better than your competitors, you can beat them easily. ii. Network effect. The more people use search energy the more useful the search energy is to its user.

By contrast, the value of a news site is primarily proportional to the quality of the articles, not to the number of other people using the site. Similarly, the first generation of search sites experienced little network effect, as the value of the site was based on the value of the search results. The more prevalent search engines, such as Google and Yahoo! , utilize hundreds of thousands of millions of computers to process billions and trillions of web pages in order to return fairly well-aimed results. Considering there are thousands of searches per second, that’s pretty decent.

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Air France Case Study Management Information System
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Due to this high volume of queries and text processing, the software is required to run in a highly dispersed environment with a high degree of superfluity. Modern search engines possess the same following main components. iii. User habits. Habits are what keep users loyal. If a user is familiar with the search energy interface, switching to another one requires cognitive effort. Though many aspects of one search energy are identical to another, even a slight change in pixel placement forces the would-be convert to learn something new.

The essential of online search markets is the catalogue of information. Through online search markets the website is made offered to online visitors to exhibit the information. It is with the help of these activities that the ranks of the sites are pushed higher and this in turn boosts the visibility of the site, promoting their products through targeted placements on internet search engine result pages ( SEM involved both web site search engine optimization and pay-per-click sponsored search campaigns. Q2:how do you think of Air France’s Internet marketing strategy? How can it be improved?

Air France’s Internet marketing strategy need to make more differentia for different customers. Due to emergence of the internet, the airlines were now uniquely well suited to establish direct-to-consumer sales portals via the internet. Targeting to increase company’s net revenues gained through online advertising as well as ROA Translates technically, into being more efficient at driving visitors to the web sites and converting them into customers while keeping click costs minimized We recommend a different strategy for different search engines.

Each publisher’s strategy is tailored and customized to maximize ROI for many of the keywords though, the results are pretty similar for all the search engines. To achieve growth, marketers must understand the target audience, make wise media buys, underscore the value of the ad campaign and measure more than clicks. It is the position of Media Contacts that Air France would benefit from an integrated marketing approach to include search engine optimization, pay-per-click sponsored search campaigns and affiliate marketing.

The use of such strategies can be measured easily on the Internet, the main goal in the future is to improve the income of the main development in the future and reduce the cost-per-click, an increase in bookings, and improve the overall performance of the engine. Google is among the best choices but has the highest cost associated with its service. In order for Google to be a profitable choice Air France must make a strong impression in order to improve conversion rates which will depend on the selection of critical keywords.

It is essential, especially in an increasingly saturated airline industry and the emergence of travel aggregators, that Air France target and pay for the keywords that are most effective on each site. We can decipher from the data that geographically based campaigns are sensitive to certain cities, thus destinations in France. This data not only gives us insight into which regions frequent which French metropolises, but such data should be further used to implement dynamic pricing. Q3:Please recommended internet marketing strategy for some Chinese companies? i. Focus on the service

The customs concern the service quality much more than before. The security and convenient will help the company to establish good reputation. And the cooperation with offline service supplier also decides the customs’ experience. ii. Integrated marketing strategy Integrated marketing communications aims to ensure consistency of message and the complementary use of media. The concept includes online and offline marketing channels. A company develops its integrated marketing communication program using all the elements of the marketing mix (product, price, place, and promotion).

Integrated Marketing is a data-driven approach that focuses on identifying consumer insights and developing a strategy with the right (online and offline combination) channels to forge a stronger brand-consumer relationship,increasing the ROA. iii. Pay more on SNS China’s SNS offers more attractive and targeted user demographics vs. traditional television market in terms of users’ age, level of education and potential spending power. Users spend more time on SNS. After buy merchandises they will share good information through SNS to affluent their friends and relatives, which will generate re-purchasing behaviors.

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