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Airasia and Malaysiaairlines Marketing & Advertising Strategy

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As you all know, MAS and AirAsia now are fighting over who has the best and cheapest campaign. Everyday we can see on newspaper MAS offering flying to various locations at RM0. The next days AirAsia shoot back with other location with free seats or 99 cents fares. AirAsia flight offers out with a special promotion Now Everyone Can Fly n 2010. AirAsia also offer flight and tour packages.. The price of flight fares between MAS and AirAsia, AirAsia is cheaper than MAS.

AirAsia wants to be the lowest short-haul airline in every market it goes in.

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Airasia and Malaysiaairlines Marketing & Advertising Strategy
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To achieve the goal, it has some strategies such as lean cost structure, different ways of promotion, keeping safety, satisfying customers and developing human resources. AirAsia always tries to keep the operations simple and efficient to keep costs low. According to Fu Sen, an ex employee of Awair- the airline company bought by AirAsia , the tickets that have been booked online can printed by the customers or the customers can just remember the booking code and show their identity card for checking-in, so Air Asia can also save some amount of money that it should spend on thick ticket material.

AirAsia also providing food, snacks and beverages on the plane, so customer can just buy what they want. By implementing this strategy, AirAsia can gain more profit from the sales of the food and beverages because it sells the products higher prices than supermarket or restaurant. Also according from Fu Sen, AirAsia also tries to keep the costs low by recruiting only members of workers needed and selecting only capable and hardworking workers, so each worker will have works to do and the company does not have to pay those workers who are not efficiently.

One of suggested strategies for AirAsia is to create image of safe and cheap airlines. AirAsia has to emphasize cheap price and safety in its marketing campaign, because nowadays what people find is mostly cheap but unsafe flights. So, by proving and maintaining the safety of AirAsia aircraft continuously, AirAsia is maintaining its long-term success. Air-Asia might also advertise its prices on Television and Newspaper and hire and advertising agency to do the project, to get the best proffesional result.

MAS use marketing mix such as product, price, promotion and place to broaden, advertise and promote their offers to the market. They have built a strong brand name internationally. The five star value carrier is being established in February 2008 to ensure passengers are happy with the excellent service, quality, in-flight service, comfort and reasonable fare of MAS. E-Booking, E-Ticketing, E-Check-in is available for customer convenient. MAS will place emphasis on delivering value for money, offering highly competitively priced tickets in all classes.

The program Everyday Low Fares (ELF) is being launched by MAS to attract the attention of people. People would like to know more about travelling with MAS when “Everyday Low Fares” program is being advertised. Malaysia Association of Tour and Travel Agents Fair played an important role for MAS. Visitor will gain awareness with the appearance of MAS in MATTA fair because all kinds of sales and promotions can be found in the fair. AirAsia offer! MAS offer! The hotels promote by AirAsia and MAS.

Asia Hotels helps us find great Asia Hotels online! Up to 75% offer. MAS offer high class hotel for the guests! By comparing quality, MAS is better than AirAsia. The service and hotel provided by MAS is more standard than AirAsia. Newly promotion from AirAsia company. Newly promotion by MAS company. Based on price and promotion in this 2 flight company. AirAsia seem more populace and cheaper, many passengers are affordable of the fees. MAS seem luxury due to the price from the promotion.

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Airasia and Malaysiaairlines Marketing & Advertising Strategy. (2017, Mar 18). Retrieved from https://graduateway.com/airasia-and-malaysiaairlines-marketing-advertising-strategy/

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