AKoontz Mikel Unit

When Jims father told him that he paid his own way and still was a member of a fraternity and that what Jim was doing just basically wasn’t good enough, it could eve made Jim feel even worse about himself. I believe this is an example of a fundamental attribution errors. Blaming others or the environment for the outcomes of the choices made. It was definitely a negative interaction for Jim. 3. Explain, using examples from the video and course concepts, how the father’s self-concept impacted his interaction with Jim.

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AKoontz Mikel Unit
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Was it positive or negative? The father’s self-concept is very high of himself and low of Jims.. If he would have worded it or approached Jim differently, it could have had a different outcome. Instead of bringing him down, he could have built him up and brought up the strives in Jims life, not just “bashing” him. It was positive for Jims father 4. Apply the process of perception, starting on p.

64 to explain the interaction between Jim and his father. Selection-What is important to Jims father isn’t as important to Jim.

Figure out what is important. Organization- I think Jims father wants him to get his self-concept higher and do better for himself. Set bigger goals. Figure out why Jims father wants these things for him and why he feels this way. Interpretation-Jim is assuming his father is saying these things for one reason, when it really is for a different reason. 5. Offer two tips for Jim ND two tips for his father, using the guidelines for improving perception and communication (starting on p. 9) and explain how these tips could be applied in an effective way. Avoid mind reading. ?Jim is assuming that his father wants him to be just like him, when in fact he was just stating facts that he was able to success and would like to see Jim succeed as well. Guard against the self-serving bias-Just because Jims father succeeded, and went onto do great things, doesn’t mean that Jim will not. How does he know that Jim is partying?

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