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Akoy Isang Pinoy

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A DEVIL IN GOD’S HOUSE Monica Magee- female, 35 mother of Ashley and Amber Ashley Taylor- female, 17 Amber Taylor- female, 13 baby of the family Felicia- female, 36 good friend to Monica Kathy- female, 20 Ashley’s best friend Rev. E. Scott Sr. – male, early 60’s Pastor of the Church Kathleen Scott- female, late 50’s First Lady of the Church Melissa Scott- female, 21 daughter of Rev. Sr. Rev. Edward Scott Jr. – male, 28 the Pastor’s son Kenneth Williams- male, 26 Musician of the church Frank Smith- male, 22 an up coming Pastor Mother Morris- female, 63 on the mother’s board Sister Gilbert- female, 45 conceited, head of Usher Board

Girl 1- female, 18 fat and nosey, a member of the church Girl 2- female, 14 Felicia’s daughter The Setting The action of the play takes place at Great Faith Baptist church and the building next door that Rev.

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E Scott Sr. owns. There are two floors to the building; the first floor has one apartment rented out by Frank, one beauty shop and a small office for Rev.

E. Scott Jr. The top floor belongs to Rev. Scott Sr. Kenneth who is the musician for the church. Monica is the mother of Ashley and Amber, who’ve attended Great Faith Baptist faithfully for years. Kathy, a young woman dating Keisha’s younger brother Clifton.

ACT ONE Scene one (The sun is shining through the church’s stained-glass windows. It is 11:00 in the morning, and the guest speaker has just finished his sermon. The congregation is riled-up. Rev. Scott Sr. approaches the podium. ) Rev. E. Scott Sr. : Hallelujah…Let the church say Amen! (Church says Amen with random claps) We thank you Brother Samuel for your words of wisdom and holy-ghost power! It is now time for our alter call. Let everyone stand and make their way to the alter. It is time to pray… (People moving around the church trying to make their way to the front. A few leave to go downstairs. Let’s bow our heads…. (A group of girls run downstairs to use the vending machine. Ashley slowly walks down the stairs as Kenneth follows behind her. Kenneth gives Ashley a hug when they get to the bottom of the stairs. ) Kenneth: Hey, Ashley… Don’t you need to be in the church praying? Ashley: (Startled) Ooh… you scared me…I prayed this morning. Why aren’t you in there? Kenneth: I’m thirsty. Ashley: (Very sassy) There’s a water fountain in the back of the church. Kenneth: How old are you again? Cuz your mouth is a little to smart for me. Ashley: Seventeen and my mouth is not smart…my brain is. She leans over for some water. ) Kenneth:Well your brain must’ve forgot to remind you to wear a bra… Ashley: Umm… No! This outfit doesn’t require a bra and your eyes don’t have a license for this chest, so why are you looking anyway? Kenneth:Well, with the size of your breast you need on a bra… no matter what shirt you have on. It might stop people from lookin’ at you. Ashley: Lookin at me… or my breast… Kenneth:Both (He gives her a smile and touches her hand to show his interest. ) Ashley: Who told you you can touch my hand? Kenneth:Oh, it was just a friendly touch to show… Ashley: Show what?

You have a woman… ain’t yall about to get married. Kenneth:I’m not married yet! (The other girls come over. Kenneth quickly changes his tone. ) A’ight y’all, it’s time to go back… Let’s go! Ashley: They finished praying… (Looking over at Kenneth) but some of us need a little more prayer than others. Kenneth:(He starts to use a more stricter tone) C’mon, let’s get back in there. As a matter of fact, I don’t know why I see the same people every week coming downstairs during prayer time. If I see yall down here next Sunday I’m gonna have a talk with all y’all parents. Do we understand each other? (They all roll their eyes)

Girl 1:Yes, Brother Williams Ashley:(Giggling softly) You can talk to my mama. (The group looks at her because she always speaks her mind. ) Kenneth:(He gives her a little push on her back. ) Go on in there. Scene Two (Outside the church) Girl 1: (putting her hands on her hips) A… Ashley… Are you gonna ride on the Rev’s motorcycle? Ashley: When? Girl 1: Today… He said when we come back for second service. He said we should change our clothes first. Ashley: A’ight… Have y’all seen my momma or Amber? Girl 1:(Rushing her words) Over there… they’re in the car waiting on you. Ashley:(Walking away fast) Oh… Okay. Ashley excitedly gets in the car with her mom and sister. ) Mom! Can I ride on a motorcycle? Monica:NO! Ashley:Rev. Scott Jr. is giving the kids a ride on his motorcycle. He’s only going around the block. Can I go! Can I go please! Monica:If it’s the Rev’s bike then that’s fine, but please be careful. Motorcycles ain’t no joke. Make sure you hold on tight. Ashley: I need to change my clothes. Momma are you going to second service. Monica:Of Course! (Coming back to the church after a quick clothes change. Ashley steps out the car with all eyes were on her. ) Ashley:What? Is there something in my teeth? Looking at her mother. The boys are staring and smiling. The girls showing much attitude. Ashley wore a low-cut short shirt with a pair of stone washed daisy dukes. ) (Everyone outside making little comments under their breath. ) Girls 1:It’s hot out here but not that hot. Ashley:I wanna make sure I feel the breeze. (The Rev. starts his motorcycle and Girl 1 jumps on) Girl 1:(As they pull off) I’ll be back! (Rev. goes around the block once and brings her back. ) Rev. Jr. : Who’s next? (All the kids are screaming “me” while Ashley slowly walks past to catch the Rev’s eye. ) Rev. Jr. : (Speaking franticly) Ashley!

Would you like to ride next? Ashley:(With confidence) Yeah sure. (Ashley takes one look back at the girls as her butt sits high up on the motorcycle. They ride around for long time) Rev. Jr. :Are you enjoying yourself? Ashley:(Straining to talk against the wind) Yeah! This is fun… (Choking) I think I just swallowed a bug! (They laugh) So… Where are we going? This doesn’t look like around the block to me. Rev. Jr. :(Shouting over the motorcycle’s engine) Well… I wanted to take you a little farther… You know anytime you want to ride all you have to do is call. You should come by the church tomorrow evening.

I’ll give you my number… I can see that you’re very mature so I know I won’t hear this around the church. Does your moms let you drive the car? Ashley: (Leaning in closer to talk in his ear) Sometimes… But she likes me to drive her around. She says it helps me to be a better driver… But on a different note, I’m not a gossiper. I may be a Gemini who talks a lot but I know when to talk and what to say! (Everyone seems suspicious. Ashley gets off the bike and walks toward her mom’s car. ) Girl 1:(Putting her hands on her hips) What took y’all so long? I only went around the block. My ride wasn’t that long.

Random Where did y’all go? I wanna go on a long ride like that. People:(Whispering) You have to be wearing what Ashley got on! Rev. Jr. :(Talking to Monica and other parents) Sorry it took so long. We got stuck in traffic. I tried to get on the expressway, but it was crowded so I had to get off… Okay! Who’s next? This is the last ride I need to catch up with my wife. ACT TWO Scene one (It is Sunday morning again and the usual is happening. The Rev. Sr is preaching and everyone is feeling his sermon. He starts to introduce a new face to the church. He is sitting in the pulpit with the rest of the pastors and guest speakers.

Everyone is gossiping about this young looking brother. ) Rev. Sr. :(Shouting) Can I get an amen? (Everyone responds) Now, at this time I would like to introduce a new member to our family. This young man’s father and I used to be in missionary together. I can remember going over to his house and seeing this little kid. Couldn’t have been no more than five, six years old; he was just running around the house, singing and playing his keyboard. When he saw me… he came up to me and said, “God told me that I have a message to deliver you know? ” I grabbed this little boy and gave him the biggest hug.

I told his father to send him to me when he was ready. And look at you now (He turned to look at Frank) all grown-up and ready to speak the word! Hallelujah! Let’s give a warm welcome to Rev. Frank Smith. (Everyone says amen) Rev. Smith can you come down here so everyone can shake your hand. Monica: (Walking with the crowd. Talking to her friend Felicia. ) When I saw him from a distance he looked much older with all that hair on his face. But he ain’t nothing but a baby. He would be prefect for Ashley. She needs some guidance and structure. She needs more Jesus! Felicia(Putting her finger to her lips) Sshhhh….

We are getting closer. I don’t want him to hear us talking about him already. Monica:(Shaking his hand) Welcome to Greater Faith Baptist… We’re sure glad you’re here. (She gives him a hug) (Church ends. Ashley stands around to meet the new pastor. Rev. Sr. and Jr. are showing him around the church. ) Rev. Sr. : Hey son… You are gonna love being here. I have a place right next door. It’s only a one bedroom, but the rent is free as long as you minister here. (Giving Frank a big smile) Rev. Jr. :Yeah, I’ll show you everything you need to know. It’s gonna be nice hanging out with you and teaching you at the same time.

All you need to know is our church cares about the people and we strive for the best. We are opening a school on the second and third floor of the church. We are also trying to build houses on the next block. We’re just waiting for the okay! Our choir is going on tour and as you know Brother Williams is the choir director. He plays the organ and directs. I’m sure Rev. Scott will let you play for the church for a while. (Rev. Sr. interrupting Rev. Jr. ) Rev. Sr. : Uh… I don’t mind you playing for the church, but you will have to be in the pit on Sunday mornings. You can leave the pit to play!

Brother Williams would love to have you on his team. I’ll talk to him and let him know. Choir rehearsal is on Tuesdays for the young adults. I want you to help him get the choir together to go on tour. Frank:Okay Rev. Scott… and again… Thank you for your hospitality. I really appreciate all that you are doing… And I can see that I’m learning from the best. (The First Lady and their daughter, Melissa walks up. ) First Lady: Excuse me, Rev… What time are we going out to eat? Rev. Sr. :Honey, This is Rev. Smith’s son all grown-up. Frank… (Grabbing her hand) This is my lovely wife Kathleen Scott, The First Lady. She’s over the woman’s board.

You’ll see her a lot when you come over for dinner… (Putting his hands around Melissa) And this young lady is my beautiful daughter Melissa. She is my youngest baby. Melissa:(batting her eyes and speaking softly. ) Hello, it’s nice to meet you. Rev. Jr. :(Giving a look of confusion) What’s wrong with you? Rev. Sr. :(Looking at Jr. ) Leave her alone… (Turning towards First Lady) If you all want to head to the car I will be right behind you. First Lady:Okay… (Turning towards Frank) It was nice to meet you. Come by the house for dinner tomorrow night. Frank:Yes, Ma’am… (First Lady and Melissa leave, while Sr. and Jr. akes Frank next door to his new place. ) Scene Two (All the young adults are in the choir stands ready to rehearse, Kenneth is on the organ. Frank enters, all eyes are on him. ) Kenneth:(Standing up from the organ) Choir… You all remember Rev. Smith… Well he is gonna be helping us get ready for our tour. We have a tour of 20 cities to bless with the Holy Ghost! (Choir starts shouting and clapping) We have two months to prepare… and we will be ready! (More clapping and cheering) Frank:Hello, everyone… It’s a pleasure being here and I want you all to know that I’m here to help so use me. (A few comments from the crowd. Ashley:(Leaning over to Kathy) I’ll use him… I wonder if he’s available. You know mama said he’s only 22. He’s a young vibrant thang! (giggling) He’s only four years older than me… and you know how I like my men older. Kathy:Girl! He’s five years older than you. Ashley:(singing) Age ain’t nothing but a number! Kathy:He is cute with his… Kenneth:Excuse me choir! Everyone:Yes, Brother Williams Kenneth:Can we begin? (Directing Rev. Smith to the keyboard next to the drum set. ) You can play this one if you like. Frank:This one is fine, thanks. Kenneth: A’ight, choir… let’s begin…(Giving the choir a signal to stand.

He starts playing the organ and Frank joins in. The choir sings a gospel medley. ) (Blackout) (Choir rehearsal was over and everyone gathered outside to wait for their ride or to gossip. Everyone crowds around Frank to talk to him. Ashley and Kathy stand away from the crowd trying to observe. ) Ashley:(Smiling very hard) If everyone leaves in time, I’m gonna go talk to Rev. Smith! Imma ask him for a ride so if he says, okay, you can go. Kathy:In time for what? For people to notice that you’re stalking him… He’s cute and all but he just got here… and plus… I heard he likes Melissa.

Ashley:Who told you that? Kathy:(Counting her fingers) Well… Tasha told Stephanie who told Regina that she saw him going in the Scott’s house and… Ashley:Yeah! Mama told me that First Lady invited him to dinner. (Smacking her lips) He is a man… and you know they don’t cook! Plus he’s young. Mama said they are putting him up in that extra apartment next door from the shop. Kathy:(Counting her fingers) But… Tasha told Stephanie who told… Ashley:I get it! Kathy:Anyway! They said they saw Melissa leaning on his shoulder with her hand on his leg. It was only them two out there. (Ashley interrupts her. Ashley: What! That bitch! She thinks she can pull who ever she wants just because she’s the Rev. ’s daughter. Who cares! She must don’t know me. Kathy:You know Rev. Sr or Jr ain’t gonna let none of that happen. I heard that Rev. Jr told him that his sister was off limits. He told him that she needed to focus on her schooling. You know she been saying she wants to be an actress, but her dad wants her to be a lawyer. Ashley:Well, they gonna need a lawyer in the family, cuz after I steal her man she’s gonna wanna kill me. Plus… (Hesitating for a while) I’ve been messing around with Jr. Kathy eyes got wide) I haven’t told no one cuz you can’t trust no one around here. Kathy:Girl! Why didn’t tell me? You know I can keep a secret. Ashley:Well… (Looking over at Frank, noticing he was walking towards his car. ) I wonder where he’s going? I’ll be right back…… or not! Kathy:Ash… you suppose to tell me the story. Ashley:Later Kathy, I need to catch up with him. Scene Three (Ashley is sitting in Frank’s car. ) Ashley:Thanks for driving me home. My friend was going the opposite way from my house. Frank:No problem! So how long have you been at this church? Ashley:All my life… This is where my grandmama was baptized.

This church has a lot of history… so what’s up with you and Melissa? Frank:Who said something was going on? We’re just friends and… Ashley:And a friend is someone you’ve known for a while. Is your while considered a day or two. Frank:How old are you again? Ashley:Again? I don’t remember me telling you a first time. Frank:You a little sassy you know that? Ashley:And you’re a little handsome… you know that? (They both smile) So… What’s up with you and Melissa… or you and me… Frank:Nothings up with me and Melissa… but we can discuss more about me and you. So where do you live? Ashley:I’m right down the street.

Go to the light and make a right, then go down two blocks and you’re there. (Pulling up in front of her house) Here is my cell number use me… I mean use it. (Ashley exits the car) Frank:(talking to himself) Damn! She’s fine with her sassy ass. I wonder… Ashley:(Coming back to the car) Wonder what? Wondering if we can get together? Sure… (Leaning over him) Oh, here it is… my lip-gloss. Talk to you later. Frank:Hey Ashley! Who’s home? Ashley:Nobody… Mama and Amber won’t get here til after 11. She had to go visit her mother. Frank:Wouldn’t that be considered your grandmother? Ashley: Yeah… So are you coming in or what? The lights go dim. Ashley and Frank are in her bedroom) Frank:Have you done this before? Ashley:Done what? Had sex… Uh… Yeah, everybody’s doing it. I’m just better at it then they are. (Laughing) Frank:(Looking at her up and down) You are so sexy… (kissing her lips) I love the way you smell. What kind of perfume is that? Ashley:Zest mixed with Crest. Frank:(laughing) You crazy! (Starting to kiss her breast) What time is it? Ashley:10:30… You got thirty minutes. Frank: I only need five. (He moves his hands farther down her leg. ) Ashley:(Feeling on his pants legs) Where is the condom?

Frank:(Reaching in his pocket) Right here… Come here… (They move to the bed and get under the covers. ) Ashley:(Moaning) Please be gentle! Frank:I will (Three minutes later) Ashley:I thought you said five minutes. Frank:If you wasn’t so hot, it would have taken me longer. (He kisses her. ) Ashley:Oh…Sshhh… Did you hear that? Frank:Hear what? (He jumps up) What time is it? Ashley:I don’t know but my mama is here early… You have to go… My mama likes you, you don’t want her to catch you here. She already thinks we make a good couple. She would think it’s too soon for you to be in her house, and in my bed. She kisses him on the forehead) Frank:I need to leave because the Rev can’t know I’m over here. (Grabbing his clothes) Man, I hope she doesn’t notice my car. What’s the quickest way out? (Grabbing his coat) Ashley:(Grabbing him) This way! She always puts her car in back, so you can leave through the front. (Ashley hears keys at the back door, she opens the front door) Frank:Bye… I’ll call you Ashley:Yeah… Okay (She runs to the back door and opens it) Hey, Ma! (Blackout) Scene Four (Another day at choir rehearsal. Everyone is sitting down talking, waiting to start. ) Kathy:So girl, what happen? Ashley:What happened when?

Kathy:Don’t play with me… you know what I’m talking about. Ashley:(Ashamed) Oh that… Well… I wished I’d never done it. Kathy:Why? Was it good? Ashley:It’s not that… it’s just that he has a wife and I really don’t wanna play house. I’m looking for mister right. Kathy:Besides his marriage, what else, what’s wrong? Ashley:Well, we’ve been kickin it for a minute. He would come get me and take me to get something to eat. You know that new green Pontiac he got… It’s hot! We took a drive downtown one day, cuz he had to drop something off. He told me to lean back in my seat, cuz he knew too many people down there.

Then the other day he called and told me to meet him at the gas station around the corner from my house. I don’t know why he didn’t wanna pick me up at the house. I told him my mama wasn’t home. He was acting all scared and shit! Kathy:What did you have on? Ashley:I had on a white pair of short shorts with my Old Navy shirt. And girl it had the nerve to rain. We drove around his neighborhood, which I don’t know why we did that; you know all his church folks live around there. He was talking all nasty and stuff and he wanted me to go in the store to get some condoms. I told him I don’t buy condoms, I get them for free.

But since I didn’t have any free condoms on me, he had no choice but to go buy some if he was planning on hitting this. Kathy:You crazy! So did he get some? Ashley:Yeah! I wasn’t playing. He went to a store around some forest preserve. So we stopped and parked. He suggested we get in the backseat. I wasn’t expecting to see what I saw. Kathy:What did you see? Ashley:Well for starters, Edward was trying… Kathy:Edward… Ashley:Umm, yeah! Once you hit this, we become intimate. Anyway… Edward was trying to impress me by asking me what I wanted. He told me that I could have whatever I want, like I’m some hoe. Kathy:What did you ask for?

Ashley:Nothing! I was just surprised that he came at me and that I could pull him. I didn’t feel comfortable at all. His body looks nice with clothes on, but once he took them off everything fell. (They laughed) Kathy:Is he that fat? Ashley:Well, when you see him with his clothes on, you would think he has muscles… NOT! He has a whole lot of stomach and very thick thighs to be a man. And Girl you won’t believe where his birthmark is? Kathy:Ooowee… where? On his ass! (They laughed) Ashley:N’all… On his dick! Kathy:What? Are you for real? Ashley:Yeah, when he pulled it out and told me to rub it, I looked at it and said… “Damn!

What the hell is that? ” I thought something was wrong with it… or him. He said it was his birthmark. I asked him how does he feel about it being on his dick? He said the women ain’t complaining and Rosco always stands strong. I asked who was Rosco? And guess what?… come to find out he names his stuff. Kathy:So what does it look like? Ashley:It’s kinda thick and average size with the top covered with a white birthmark. It was gross. Girl these men are crazy. Kathy:Yeah, girl we knew that all men were crazy. That’s why we like them. Ashley:No! These men in here are crazy… Kenneth is stalking me. I can’t get him to stop following me.

Whenever I go downstairs, I always see him there. It’s like he comes down there when he knows I’m there. Kathy:He’s on anything that’s fourteen and older. (They laugh) Ashley:Edward with is penis discoloration… Ooh, he’s just a liar! I can’t believe he cheated on his fine ass wife with me. I know I’m fine but they have a baby together. He don’t even care and that’s what turns me off about him. He just wants to stick his dick in anything that moans. If I were in his shoes, no temptation in the world would make me cheat on her. And as for Frank… I really like him. He’s a lot of fun and we have a lot in common.

I’m supposed to go over his house tonight. You know I have to wait til everyone leaves the church. I’m tired of throwing a rock at the window, just so he could open the back door. I wanna come through the front! Kathy:I don’t know why y’all can’t tell people y’all together. Ashley:He said we needed to wait til he gets his own church and I can be his First Lady. (Looking up at the ceiling. ) Kathy:Are you serious? Ashley:Yes… and you know I gets what I want. Kathy:What about Melissa? Ashley:Melissa who? She betta get a life and stay focused on school, cuz she will get her feelings hurt playing this game with me.

Kenneth:(Elevating his voice) A’ight can I get everyone to come to the choir stand. We have a new song I want you all to learn. I have two people that have the potential to tear this song up! So let us get started. I want to see Melissa and Ashley. (The girls walk toward the organ) I wanna hear both y’all sing. (Frank and Kenneth started playing and Melissa starts to sing. ) Melissa:(Sounding hoarse) (the choir joins in) It’s over now, it’s over now, I feel like I can make it, the storm is over now. Kenneth:That sounds good we just need to work on a few notes… Ashley it’s your turn.

Ashley: (Music starts) verse (the choir joins in) It’s over now, it’s over now, I feel like I can make it, the storm is over now. (Ashley starts to feel the song) Hallelujah, Thank you Jesus… (She does a bunch of runs and the choir gets rowdy. ) Kenneth:(Shouting) That was beautiful… Thank both of y’all. (They go back to their seats, people are patting their backs saying “Good Job! ”) Ashley:Thanks… Kathy how was that? Kathy:That was tight… You sang your butt off. Who was you trying to impress? Ashley:The man on the keyboard. (Choir Rehearsal is over. Kenneth comes up to Ashley. )

Kenneth: Ashley… Can I talk to you for a minute? Ashley:What’s up? Kenneth:I really enjoyed watching you sing. And I was wondering if you would like to get together to rehearse the song. Ashley:Oh, so I got the song. Kenneth:Yeah! You sounded great and you look good as hell. You should meet up with me so I can help you with the song. Ashley:How are you gonna help me? Kenneth:(Standing behind her, grinding on her butt) I can… Ashley:What!… What are you doing? Kenneth:(grabbing her closer and moaning) Oooo…. Ooh… Wait… Ashley:(Pulling away) Let me go! You’re nasty… I know you didn’t cum that quick!

Kenneth:Man… I’m sorry. Ashley:I’m not feeling you like that… You’ve been messing with me for years. I’m tired of you being downstairs when I’m there. I don’t like it when you look at my breast. When you hug me it just doesn’t feel right. I think you’re sexy and all, but I don’t like what you’re about. You are not my type. I just respect your music. I’m not gonna step on your girlfriend or soon to be wife’s toes. I like her and she is cool peeps… plus, she’s pregnant… I just don’t get you guys! Kenneth:Us guys… What do you mean? Ashley:Y’all have women and don’t even wanna be with them.

Y’all need to just let them women know, so they can move on. Kenneth:I can’t help it… I love women! Ashley:And if you told those women how you are they wouldn’t love you. (Walking away) MEN! Scene Five (Ashley was invited to Frank’s house after church on Sunday. Edward is in his office and Kenneth is sitting in the parking lot) Ashley:(On her cell phone) Hey Kathy. Why do I think I see Kenneth’s car in the parking lot? I told you he’s following me. Kathy:What is he doing there? Is he in the shop? Ashley:N’all… The shop is closed. Nobody should be in the building but Frank. (Whispering) Girl! He’s sitting in his car. Ducking down) I hope he don’t see me. Girl let me go… I’ll call you… Aw! Hell N’all… I think I see Edward’s car too. What the fuck is this “Catch Ashley Up Day” … Kathy… Kathy: Yeah, girl… Whatcha gonna do? Ashley:I was gonna ask you the same thing. Kathy:Call him. Ashley:A’ight bye Ashley:(Making a phone call) Hello Frank:Hey, what’s up with you? Ashley:Is the coast clear, cuz I see Edward’s car and Kenneth is sitting out here. Frank:Rev. Jr. is in his office and he said he was leaving in five minutes. I don’t know why Kenneth is out there. Well he could have been in the shop, cuz they just closed.

Did he see you? Ashley:I don’t think so…. But I’m not trying to be seen. I don’t need no trouble, cuz my mama would kill me. Frank:Wait for about five minutes then come in. I will leave the front door open and my red light on in the apartment. The door will be unlocked. Ashley:(Smiling) A’ight (Ashley walks up to the front door and opens it, it makes a squeak) Ashley: Hello…(Frank stood at his door. Kenneth walks through the front door. ) Melissa:(Coming down the stairs from Rev. Sr. ’s office) And where do you think you’re going, Ashley? I know not my man’s house. Rev. Jr. :Melissa…Where do you think you’re going?

I know I didn’t hear you say your man. Melissa:umm… I was coming to ask Rev. Smith something. Rev. Jr. :No you wasn’t… Does daddy know? Uh… Who’s that at Rev. Smith’s door? (Ashley peeks her head out) Ashley? What are you doing here so late? Ashley:Not you!… (being sassy) I came to give Frank something. Melissa:Give him what? Rev. Jr. :What do you care? You’re not supposed to be dating him. Kenneth:What’s all the commotion about in here? Ashley:Why are you here? I’m tired of you following me. You’re a nasty pervert… Cumming on my ass in 5 seconds! I feel like I’ve been raped for years… (Coming to a realization) Oh!

Now I get it, when you hug women you are cumming at the same time. And the only reason I didn’t tell anyone, was because I was confused. And word around church is, you’ve messed with all the girls over the age fourteen. (Kenneth stood there with a blank look. ) And Melissa… (Walking out the door) if you are fucking Frank, I guarantee you (rubbing her ass) he’s gonna remember me. (Frank smiles) Oh and Edward make sure you tell your wife I’ve also been acquainted with ROSCO… May god bless us all! (slamming the door) (BLACKOUT) ACT TWO Scene One (Frank’s house) Frank:(On the phone) Listen… wait… N’all it’s not like that.

She’s cool and all but we’re only friends. Yeah, she likes me… But Rev. Sr. has spoken… N’all, I do like you… (a knock at the door) A… hold on for a second. Let me go, I’ll call you later. (Hanging up) (lights go down) (Lights come up. Ashley and Kathy is driving in Ashley mom’s car) Kathy:I thought you said we was going to the store. The store is back there. Ashley:Man… I just need to see for myself. Kathy:ASHLEY! Ashley:What? Kathy:Are you crazy? Ashley:Yes! Crazy for Frank! (Sounding evil) And I can’t let Melissa get him…Man, Kathy we really bonded. It wasn’t just sex, sometimes we didn’t even have sex we just talked.

I’m talking about talked til the sun came up. I like what he’s about and I know he likes me. Melissa is just throwing herself on him because she wants it all. Well, this is one thing she can’t have. (They pull up to Frank’s house. ) Ashley:Okay, Kathy you stay in the car… if I’m not back in ten minutes or something seems weird come in. Just act like you trying to see if the shop is open. (She closed the car door. ) Kathy:(Rolling down the window) Okay! Hey, Ash… Be careful. Ashley:A’ight (Ashley goes up to the front door and opens it) Ashley: (Talking to herself) Okay, that’s one door… one more left.

I wonder what he’s doing? (She reaches for Frank’s door knob. ) Why is the door unlock? Now see, black people don’t go into unlocked doors, but in this case I’m trying to see something. (She walks in) Frank:(moaning) OOWW! Right there… A little slower. Yeah that’s it… Come here! Ashley:(She barges into the room) Aw! Hell N’all…Come where? Unh uh… Melissa, you can get off your knees I’m sure your daddy won’t appreciate seeing you that way. Frank you disgust me. (She storms out his apartment. Frank comes running out) Frank:Ashley, Wait! It’s not what you think… (Kathy gets out the car. ) Ashley:Then what is it?

She was just washing your balls with her tongue and blowing your dick with her hot breath. Frank:N’all she just… Melissa:(Interrupting, still fixing her clothes. ) I just what! You didn’t tell her that we was together? Ashley:Together when? Not last night! Maybe when he’s at your parent’s house! Melissa:(Walking toward Ashley) Baby, we been fucking for a while. Ashley:Well you’ve been fucking us cuz we been fucking since the beginning. And I know you ain’t got skills to pull shit without throwing your last name around. Melissa:(Grabbing Ashley’s hair) I’ll throw you around… Bitch Kathy:(Running towards Ashley. What the fuck? Let her go… (hitting Melissa) Bitch! Ashley:N’all let me go Kat! I’m bout to fuck her up. Frank:(Grabbing Melissa) Stop! This ain’t called for. (Everyone from the shop comes outside including Rev. Sr. ) Rev. Sr. :(Running to Melissa) What’s going on? Ashley:You’re daughter’s a hoe. Rev. Sr. :Melissa! What is she talking about? Why are y’all out here acting like this? Come into my office! (Heading towards the office, talking to the crowd. ) There’s nothing going on here, y’all can get back to what it was y’all was doing. Melissa: (Sitting in the office) Daddy! It wasn’t my fault. Ashley:What!

Girl you betta get it right. Yo, ass stepped to me. I ain’t nobody’s punching bag. Rev. Sr. : Lady! Get a hold of yourself. I need to know the whole situation. Ashley you start. Melissa:Daddy! Rev. Sr. :I think I’ve heard enough out of you. Go head, Ashley… Ashley:Well, Rev. Sr. I was coming to see (pointing at him) Frank. I thought something was wrong because his door was open. I walked in and saw Melissa… Melissa:Daddy, she’s lying. Ashley:(With an attutide) She was on her knees giving Frank oral pleasure. Frank:N’all Rev. Sr. it wasn’t like that. Ashley:That’s the same thing he said to me when I found her sucking his dick.

Melissa:(Rev. Sr. looking surprised) Daddy!… Wait! Let me explain. Ashley:I was disgusted… The only thing I said to her was thatshe can get off her knees, daddy wouldn’t like that… Rev. Sr. :(Very upset) Let me get this straight. All y‘all… fornicating around here, huh? (beat) Melissa, I am so disappointed in you. And Frank… I didn’t bring you here to be the pimp in the church. These people will be putting their trust in you… you know that? (beat) Now what are we gonna do? I tell you what… everybody get out… so I can think. Ashley, can you also please wait around for a minute? I would like to talk to you as well.

Ashley:(She walked out the door) Okay… Kathy:(Waiting by the car) What happened? Ashley:Nothing… You know daddy’s little girl is just in a little trouble. He’s mad at Frank too. Kathy:What about you? Ashley:What about me? He said he wanted to talk to me. But, I’m not trying to hear him. He’s not worried about me, he just wants me to keep my mouth shut. You saw all those people out there! That is his little girl… Now you know the people in the shop is wondering what was going on? Kathy:Yeah, girl you know they are sitting around trying to figure out why we were whipping her ass. (They laughed) Ashley:Girl, let’s go

Kathy:Didn’t he tell you to wait? Ashley:Yeah, so… I need to get home so I can tell mama. (They drive off. ) Kathy:Do you think she’s gonna be mad? Ashley:Yeah… She don’t like me to fight. Plus, I have to tell her about Rev. Jr. and Frank. She’s gonna think I’m nasty. I just have to tell her that I truly like Frank and I thought we had something special. Kathy:What about Rev. Jr.? Ashley:Well, I was only messing with him because he came at me. I thought it was flattering that an older man was liking me. And girl it didn’t hurt that he was kinda cute, and he had some money. Also, he was married with a child.

See, I was only looking at the fact that I was pulling this man, with all this baggage…It was easy though, cuz he was already looking at me, and all I had to do was talk to him and tell him what he wanted to hear… and why am I telling you this when I’m gonna have to turn around and tell mama the same thing. Kathy:To get your story together, cuz the shit is about to hit the fan! Ashley:Don’t say that… I didn’t want this to happen. The only reason I went to his house is cuz I’m really feeling him. We did things I’ve never done with anyone. Why can’t I have what I want! Kathy:Do you really think you could have lived that life-style?

Ashley:Uh- yeah… I’m… I’m… Kathy:You’re what… Not into the church life-style Ashley:A life-style is a life-style. (They pull up to Ashley’s apartment and get out. ) See you later… Kathy:(Walking down the street to her house) A’ight, girl… call me. Scene Two (Ashley walks through her front door. Monica and Amber are sitting in the kitchen. ) Ashley:(Taking a breath) Okay… here I go Monica:Ashley is that you? Ashley:(Very soft spoken) Yes, ma’am (slowly walking to the kitchen) Amber:Hey, Ash… Can you take me to the store? I need some candy. Monica:You don’t need any candy… you would like some candy.

Amber:Yeah, I would like some candy… Can you huh? Can you? Can she mama? Can she… Monica:After dinner… Are you ready to eat… I made some greens, macaroni and cheese with some baked chicken. (Looking up at Ashley) Girl! What happen to you? Where have you been? Amber:Are you okay? What happened to you? Ashley:Don’t get mad mama… I got into a fight. Amber:Ooooooooo… Monica:With who? Where were you? Ashley:I was at the church. And it was… Monica:It was who… Aw, don’t tell me? (Putting her face in her hands) Why? Ashley:Mama, she started it, you can call Kathy, she was there. Monica:Was it worth it… now our name is about to be dragged in the mud.

Ashley:Mama, Melissa was sucking Rev. Smith’s… Monica:Ash… wait… Amber go to your room. Amber:Aw… Mama, do I have to? Monica:Yes, now go (Amber leaves) Now what was you saying? (Walking to her bedroom. ) Ashley:I caught Melissa sucking Frank’s penis. She was mad and embarrassed that she got caught on her knees. Monica: What are you saying? Ashley:I’m saying Melissa was sucking Frank off… I was going over there to talk to him… Monica:What were you going to talk about? Ashley:Well… Mama, we’ve been seeing each other for a while. Monica:What? … When? Ashley:Mama, I’ve been liking him since I first seen him and you knew that.

Monica:Yeah, but I wasn’t expecting you two, to be getting it on, so soon. I thought he was a respectful young man. Yeah, he’s fine and all but I thought he was all about the Lord… Ashley:That’s not all… Monica:What else? Ashley:Well, Rev. Jr. … Monica:Rev. Jr. what? Ashley:(speaking softly) I had sex with him too, but it was a mistake. Monica:(Raising her voice) What! A mistake… Are you crazy? He’s married with a child. (Getting closer in her face) Does his father know about this? Ashley:(Walking backwards) I don’t know… the only thing that was said was that he wanted to talk to me. Monica:What did he say?

Ashley:I didn’t stay, I wanted to come home and tell you. Monica:Is he gonna call me… Ashley:I don’t know… he told us to leave, cuz he had to think. Mama, I’m sorry… I didn’t mean for this to happen… I … I just wanted to be with Frank. He told me I would be his First Lady. Monica:He told you what? Y’all didn’t even date, how you gonna be somebody’s First Lady if y’all never been seen together. What about Rev. Jr.? How did you end up in bed with him? Ashley:The day of the motorcycle ride he told me he was interested in me. He gave me his number and a fake name to use when I called him. He said, wouldn’t no one know but him.

Monica:What name was that? Ashley:Terrell… But mama see… He came at me. I thought it was flattering to be hit on by an older man. Monica:(Being sarcastic) An older man with a baby! Ooo… how great was that? You now have humiliated our whole family. Did you think about that? Ashley:No! Monica:You know you’re only seventeen and I can press charges on him? What was he thinking? I should have known when he took so long coming back from that ride. (Taking a minute) Now what I’m I gonna do? I’m gonna be the laughing stock of the church. (Monica’s phone rings. ) Ashley, go in your room. (She answers it) Hello…

Felicia:Girl did you hear what happened? Monica:(Sitting on her bed) Aw… man… already Felicia:So I take it you know. Monica:Girl, this is some bullshit! Why it had to be me? So what do you know? Felicia:Well, the only thing people are saying is that Melissa and Ashley was fighting over Frank. Frank has to go to some type of ministry counseling then he can come back to the church. Monica:What about Melissa? Felicia: I’m not sure… no one is saying… that’s why I’m calling you cuz I heard this had something to do with Ashley. See… these kids are growing up too quick. My little girl is starting to feel herself…

Monica:Felicia, I don’t know what I’m gonna do. I just feel like I wanna cry… Lord, give me the strength… (Another call comes in) Felicia, I gotta go, another call’s coming in. Felicia:Okay, call me later… (She hangs up) Monica:(Irritated) Hello Mother:Hi, Sister Magee… This is Mother Morris… I was Morriscalling because I was concerned about Ashley. Monica:(With attitude) Ashley is fine… Mother:I just wasn’t sure you was aware… Morris Monica:(Yelling) Aware of what? Aware of the fact that our church is full of Devil’s… Listen… I’m not sure why you called, especially when you’ve never called me before. I can’t stand fake, phony people.

All of y’all are hypocrites and I can’t be apart of this. Mother:Sister Magee, I’m sorry… Morris Monica:You sorry… Me too… (Hanging up, yelling) Ashley come here. Ashley:(Walking in the bedroom) Yes ma’am… Monica:So our names are in peoples’ mouths now… And it tastes good to them. People love to see you down. Ashley:Mama, I’m sorry… Monica:I can’t hear sorry’s… I only need to hear God telling me what to do? You get yourself ready for tomorrow. Goodnight! (Ashley walks out the room. Monica gets on her knees) Lord, I come to you today because I have a problem. I need you to guide me in the right direction.

I feel very hurt and vulnerable, Lord give me the strength to follow you in this time of tribulation… these words I pray in Jesus’ name… Amen. Scene Three (Sunday morning and the Magee house is very quiet. ) Monica:Amber and Ashley come eat breakfast! Amber:(Walking to the kitchen) Good Morning! Mama, can I have some orange juice? Monica:Sure sweetie, (Yelling) Ashley! Get your butt down here. Amber:She was in her room standing in the mirror. Monica:Get down here now… (Ashley enter the kitchen) That’s what your problem is now, thinking you’re cute and everybody wanna talk to you. The wrong person is gonna talk to you and take your little ass.

Sit down so we can eat. We don’t wanna be late for church. Ashley:Mama, can I have some more bacon? Monica:Yeah, but save me some… Okay, now Amber… (Taking a deep breath) It might be a little crazy in church today. Just know that God loves you and sees all you do. If you respect yourself, you are respecting God. Ashley:(teary eyed) I tried to respect myself… (Crying) it’s hard when you want someone to look at you… you think it’s cool because you can say that you been with him, him and him and they are older than you… (Monica comes to hug her) But the truth is that they just wanna hit it and quit it.

I gave myself to them because I wanted to be liked and now I don’t even like myself. Amber:What’s wrong? Monica:(Crying) I’ll tell you later baby, Ash… It’s not you… You are so smart and pretty, you don’t need any guy to love you. I love you. (Trying to smile) If there is one thing I’ve taught y’all about people, it’s that you are on top and everyone wants to be you. Boys want what you got and girls will try to take what you got… But baby, you have to try to stay true to who you are, so you can keep what you got… (Slightly laughing) Do you get me? … Ashley:Yeah… (Smiling) I think so… Amber:I love you too Ash and I know God loves you…

She told me so. Did you know I talk to her every night? She told me we was gonna be fine. She always tells me we’re gonna be fine. Ashley:How do you know God’s a girl? Amber:Cuz… She told me so. (They all laugh) Monica:Let’s go girls… I don’t wanna be late. (Rushing to put their coats on) Amber:Shot gun! (Blackout) (Pulling in front of the church. All eyes on them. ) Monica:You see what I’m talking about? And they suppose to be ‘God’s children’. Well, we are known as God’s special plan. Remember who we are here for… He or she will be watching. (They all takes a deep breathe and get out the car. )

RandomGood Morning, Sister Magee… (Looking her up and People:down) Monica:Good Morning… (Directing them to a seat) Sit next to me Ashley. (Church begins and Rev. Sr starts his sermon) Rev. Sr. :Let’s open our bible to Romans 5:8. Once you find it please stand on your feet and read along. (People stand and start reading) Romans 5:8 But God demonstrates his own love for us, in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us. (They stop reading) Now, according to Romans 5:8, God demonstrated His love for us through the death of His Son. Why did Christ have to die for us? Because Scripture declares all men to be sinful.

To “sin” means to miss the mark. The Bible declares “all have sinned and fall short of the glory the perfect holiness of God” (Rom. 3:23). In other words, our sin separates us from God who is perfect holiness righteousness and justice and God must therefore judge sinful man. Amen… Amen (A few people catch the Holy Ghost) Yeah…. (Music starts playing, everyone is doing the Holy Ghost dance. ) Mother: (Running down the aisle) Thank you Jesus! Morris Thank you. (Ushers running behind her. ) Rev. Sr. :Alright, Mother Morris… Amen, Brothers and Sisters… At this time I would like us to pray… Rev. Jr (Rev. Jr. tands and comes to the podium) Rev. Jr. :Can we bow our heads? Lord, we are gathered here today to give thanks to you for all you’ve done. We thank you for waking us up this morning and seeing fit for us to start another day. Thank you for the clothes on our backs and the homes where we dwell. Lord we thank you not only for the material things, but we thank you for giving us life to live freely…. always knowing that we can lay our problems in the hands of the truly merciful. Lord, God, we’ve all done wrong but you’ve blessed us with your amazing grace; your son Jesus sacrificed his life so that we could have eternal life.

We all come as God’s children saying thank you; everybody says Amen. (Church says Amen, random applause, music starts) (Choir stands and sings) (choir ends) (Rev. Sr. approaches podium, members are riled-up) Rev. Sr. :Yeah Choir! Yeah… I love when my choir sangs . Not sings but sangs! Alright choir… Amen, amen, amen. At this time we would like to invite Sister Gilbert to bring us our weekly announcements. (Walking to the front, grabbing the microphone from a Deacon) SisterThank you Rev. Sr. giving honor to Our Lord and Gilbert:Savior Jesus Christ… Giving praise to our Pastor, First Lady, Deacons and everybody.

Welcome to Greater Faith Baptist, if we have any visitors in the house we would like for you to stand at this time. (Giving them a moment) We would like to thank all of you for coming to Greater Faith Baptist this morning…and we hope that you enjoy worshiping with us today. Thank you again, you may be seated. Now, it is time for our weekly announcements, feel free to follow along in your church bulletin. Weekly schedule, On Sunday we have Sunday school from 8:45- 9:45. First Morning Service starting at 10:15, Second Service 12:30pm. Monday the Mother Board meets at 4pm, Evening Prayer starting at 6 o’clock.

On Tuesdays we have our young adult choir reheasal at 7pm… As you all know we are set to travel to 20 cities… (Audience claps) You all hear the choir today, am I right? That’s right! We would like to continue to support our young chil’ren. (Audience claps with amens. ) Wednesdays our Junior choir rehearses at 6pm… Make sure y’all get our babies out to rehearsal, the junior choir ages are 5 to 12. And don’t forget about the Pastor’s Anniversary, it is this Wednesday… Ashley:(Whispering) Mama… Look at Kenneth going downstairs. Monica:Why is he going down there, shouldn’t he be on the organ. Leaning around to look) Who’s playing it now? (Everyone is looking at her) Dagg… Did I forget to do something in the mirror? (Continuing to look, while Sister Gilbert is still speaking. ) Ashley:Well, he likes to meet little girls down there so he can grind on their butts. He’s been doing that to me for years. Monica: (Loud outburst) AWW! HELL N’ALL… Why didn’t you tell me! (Everyone starts looking at her) I can’t take this no more! (Monica gets up and pulls Ashley with her. ) Monica:(Whispering to Amber) If things get crazy in here, here are the keys, go to the car. Amber:Okay

Monica:(Interrupting Sister Gilbert) I’m sorry Sister, but I need to say this… (Deacons walk toward her. ) Don’t you come no further, with the mood I’m in, I could kill a nigga’. Rev. Sr. :Sister Magee… This is not the time or place for that. Please, can we discuss this in my office. Monica: (Speaking over the mic) Your office can wait… I’m sure the congregation would love to here this… (everyone starts whispering to each other. ) Rev. Sr. :Sister Magee! Monica:(Ashley standing next to her) Rev. Edward Scott Sr. , congregation… I never thought I would see a day like this. Growing up in this church for years I thought I had a big family.

But instead, I got people smiling in my face, and fucking my child behind my back. (The congregation goes wild) Rev. Sr. :Sister Magee! Please get a hold of yourself? This is the Lord’s house, that language is not necessary, we don’t need… Monica:Your son’s dick don’t need to be in my daughter. (Everyone is shocked) Rev. Sr. :My son did no such thing. Deacons can you please escort Sister Magee… Monica:(Pushing them and Ashley) I said… Don’t… come no closer. (Pointing) Jr. (Yelling louder) Jr. you hear me. (Member are scared, everyone’s running out the church, except for the Rev’s, Kenneth, Felicia, Ashley and Monica. Monica:(Reaching in her purse) I want you to see some… Rev. Jr. :(Trying to run) Oh no… (Tripping over stuff) God help me! (Hides behind organ) Rev. Sr. :(Ducking down) Call the cops! Monica:(Pulling out the bible) N’all, Call Jesus! …. I can’t even imagine how…. I can’t believe how you people can call this place a house of the Lord. If we ain’t had no place else, we had our church… Well, what do we have now? (The church is silent, sirens can be heard outside) (Monica is still holding the mic, police arrive, Ashley is in shock. ) Police 1:Everybody freeze! …What’s going on here?

Monica:This church is full of Devils. Police 2:We got a call that someone here has a concealed weapon. Monica:Officer, the only weapon we have here today is a bunch of men sticking their dicks everywhere. I wanna press charges on him (pointing to Kenneth, re-entering from downstairs. ) (Police 1 grabbing him) Kenneth:Let me go! Police 1: Come on let’s go… We’ll get to the bottom of this at the station. (Walking slowly out the door) Kenneth:I’m innocent! Girl 2:(Enters from back of the church) Kenneth told me he was gonna break his engagement and we would be together.

I’m six months pregnant. Felicia:(Running towards him) You bastard! That’s my fourteen year old daughter. Police 2:(Grabbing her) Let us take care of it. (Trying to fight her way loose) Calm down ma’am. Monica:Arrest him too! (Pointing to Rev. Jr. ) He’s been sleeping with my seventeen year old daughter. Police 3:(Approaching front of church) Sir, you have to come with me (Grabbing him) I’m sure we can get this all cleared up. Rev. Sr. :I’m coming too. Let me call my lawyer. Police 1: (Heading for the front door) I’m going to put him in the car… Police 3:I’m right behind you…

Police 2:(Felicia is still rowdy) Lady Please! Calm down! If you don’t, I’m gonna have to book you and take you down to the station… Felicia:Hell n’all! That nigga was raping my baby… (Grabbing the officer’s gun) BASTARD! DIE (A shot is fired) Rev. Sr. (Running to the front door) OH NO! (Everyone screams, police 2 grabs the gun, police 4 grabs Felicia) Police 4:(Radioing for help) Two suspects down, can I get an ambulance right away! Felicia:(Murmuring over and over again) I got the Devils out your house! I got the Devils out your house! (Based on a true story by Tiny) [email protected] com

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