Al Capone Case Summary

Al Capone Case Summary In the beginning it wasn’t like Al Capone had a life that was for the rich and famous. This soon came to show itself around the age of 14. When he was in the sixth grade he was kicked out of school for throwing a female teacher to the ground. From my point of view this was the beginning of a long road of hardship and horror. I must say that I was excited to read about Al Capone and how he came about to be known as scare face. But on another note let me get back to summing up this case.

It was about or around the time that Al was kicked out of school that his family up and moved yet again. This move would have a lasting impact on him. It would be here that he would meet the people who would have the most influence on his future, his soon to be wife Mae and Johnny Torrio. Johnny Torrio was a new breed of gangster. From Torrio, a young Capone learned invaluable lessons that were the foundation of the empire he later built. Torrio was a role model for many boys. He often paid young boys to run errands for him.

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Over time, Torrio came to trust Al Capone, and gave him more to do than just run errands. However, in 1909 Torrio moved to Chicago and young Al fell under other influences. His relationship with Johnny Torrio was no indication that he would lead such a criminal life. He was still actually doing quite well. The only disruption in his life was when his oldest brother left the family, and moved away on his own. At this point, no one would have guessed the life Capone was about to choose and or do. So, how did Al Capone turn into the successful and violent gangster?

In the midst of the gang violence and bootlegging was Chicago. Chicago was a great place to start a ring of organized crime. The government was very weak which made it easier to do crime. Capone entered the city of Chicago in 1920. At the time, Big Jim Colosimo ran things. He made about 50,000 dollars a month. Torrio and Capone started their business with four gambling joints whore houses in Chicago. These underground places were known as deuces. In Chicago Capone met a man who would be his friend for life, Jack Guzik. Guzik was Jewish. His family lived off prostitution.

Al Capone never worried about racial issues, his wife was even Irish. After Jack Guzick was roughed up by a Joe Howard, Capone let out his temper. It did not help when Howard called Capone some rude names. Soon after, Capone shot him down. There was no conviction, it was clear that Capone was becoming more and more powerful. He had to have connections in the law along with the convicts. He was also working as a bouncer at a Brooklyn bar. One night, while making unsophisticated comments about a woman also employed there, he was involved in a barroom brawl with the woman brother.

He was slashed in the face with a razor, which left deep scars on his face, giving him the nickname Scarface. In the year 1919 the government ratified the Eighteenth Amendment which banned the manufacture, sale, and transportation of alcoholic beverages. Around the same time, Al Capone fled Brooklyn and went to Chicago to avoid a murder charge. While in Chicago, Capone joined the infamous Five Points Gang, and quickly became the right-hand man to Johnny Torrio. After Torrio fled the country to avoid murder charges, Capone was left in control of part of the bootleg operation.

Chicago had voted against the passage of the prohibition amendment, and its citizens felt that liquor withdrawal had been unfairly imposed. Capone took advantage of the popular compliance to break the law. This would be what any common criminal might a have done if they were looking for a quick come up out of their current situation. While Chicago viewed Capone as a hero, the rest of the country might a have viewed him as a menace. In the 1920s President Hoover ordered his Secretary of Treasury to find a way to send Capone to jail. And there you have it.

I can see how this case and chapter four could fit into one another. It kind of depends who you are working with when it comes to protecting yourself against the law and how much do they know about the law. Anyone can claim that they may know how to brief or outline a case when the truth is if they haven’t had any kind of training in doing so they may just be a waste of time and useless to you. It is most important that when you are somebody else is doing research make sure to determine if it is primary or secondary information. It is good for any person are individual to know there rights and the Amendment.

If you are familiar with the Fourth Amendment then you may know that The Fourth Amendment does not apply to private parties. Although, sometimes I don’t think that it was so smart to have The Exclusionary Rule that prohibits evidence obtained in violation of a person’s constitutional rights from being admissible in court. Meaning that an illegal search could be the reason why a mass murderer could be freed. This is unless the criminal justice system could or can tie him or her to another crime that they may or may not a have left evidence.

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