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Alcohol And Its Effects In Society

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After maneuvering through a herd of people, the ultimate goal of the night is found, the keg. The party is full of people just looking to have a good time on a Friday night and alcohol just waiting to be consumed by the partygoers. As the night progresses, the keg empties, and the minds and motor skills of the partygoers have deteriorated. Some can no longer control their actions or sense what is happening in their surroundings. Though according to them, their current state is well worth the trouble because they had a good time at the party.

Alcohol and its effects are far too accepted in todays society.

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Alcohol And Its Effects In Society
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In life, the biggest role models for children are their own parents. Too often is the case where minors are allowed a small sip from Dads beer just to obtain a taste. From there, these children see that if their own parent allowed them to drink, then it must be perfectly normal to consume alcohol as a minor.

The legal drinking age is a law that seems to go unnoticed by teenagers who want to get an early start on consumption. High school students are beginning to drink at an earlier age as more underclassmen are experimenting with the party scene. They are naturally curious of what drinking is like, and without parents standing in the way at parties, there is nobody to stop them from drinking. One thing that seems to allure the younger drinkers is the highly publicized state of being drunk. Not being in control over ones body would seemingly be a state that most would want to avoid. However, they see it as an excuse for actions that they would most likely not have done if it were not for the alcohol. Too often is the case where others will not hold a person liable for the things they do while drunk. In Dorothy Parkers You Were Perfectly Fine, Peter had become ridiculously drunk the night before and awakes in the apartment of a woman. How often is the case where people will find themselves waking up in a strange place with no recollection of what took place the night before? This scenario definitely sounds familiar because of the portrayal on television of this being a natural occurrence following a night of heavy drinking. In most cases, both parties would be absolutely embarrassed when they realize what took place. In Peters situation, he has no memory of the events from the night before and must rely on the story of the girl who he woke up with. This girl who Peter woke up with, and whose recollection he must rely on to find out what took place, exemplifies the attitude of todays society towards drinking. She is polite enough to offer Peter more alcohol in hopes that it may help him feel better. Peter declines the drink as he is too busy being dumbfounded with the possibilities of what he may have done while intoxicated. Luckily for him, the girl is quick to assure him that he was perfectly fine in his actions the night before. Peter questions her if their friends were upset with the way he acted. She pointed out that nobody was mad; except for maybe Jim but only for a minute or so. But according to the girl, Jim only had to be restrained and calmed down for a short time and that only a selected few might have noticed what was going on. It seems that the girl might have been downplaying the situation a bit for Peter, because having to be restrained is when a person is seriously angry and ready to do some physical harm. This conflict between Peter and Jim would have definitely caused a large commotion in the restaurant to the point where they would have been center stage with everyone elses attention. She went on to tell Peter of his other acts of comedy while dining which included pouring clam-juice down Elinors back. Though Peter had nothing to worry about since sending Elinor flowers or such could easily cure her momentary anger. According to the girl, the maitre d found Peters hour-long singing very amusing. However, he was a little concerned about having to close the restaurant because of the noise level. Usually restaurant management would not tolerate a drunken man singing aloud for an hour, but the girl may have been correct in her assessment that Peter was not terribly loud at all. The waiter was just hysterical because of Peters accusations of being his half-brother who had been switched at birth by gypsies. Peters actions inside the restaurant were embarrassing for both he and his friends, but unfortunately the repercussions for his night of drinking continued to grow upon leaving the restaurant. Apparently, Peters stumble on the icy road outside of the restaurant must have changed his inner self. Their long and passionate taxi ride that followed was the highlight of the night in the opinion of the girl. In fact, she viewed it as the most important event in their lives as they shared their true feelings for each other. If Peter couldnt remember this, then she would be totally crushed. For the sake of the girls emotions, Peter lied and played along as if he did remember his acts of gentleness. Things like this, where Peter unknowingly managed to alter himself from a rowdy and intoxicated slob to a gentleman who was in touch with his inner soul and feelings, defy the nature of the evening, but strange things do happen when alcohol is involved. Within one night, Peter managed to nearly get in a fight, totally humiliate himself and all of his friends, and most importantly get himself involved in an unwanted relationship, all because he decided to drink too much alcohol. The story You Were Perfectly Fine exemplifies todays society in how we pardon any misbehavior by a person who was under the influence at the time. The girl excused Peter for every embarrassing action he did and brushed it off with her line, You were perfectly fine. Peter realized how much trouble he caused, but the girl felt his behavior just went with the territory of being drunk. Peter now has to deal with the situation of being in a relationship that he unknowingly got himself into while being drunk. Like anyone else, Peter made the decision to drink knowing full well the possible effects it may have on his body and mind. A person must be responsible for his own actions whether intoxicated or not. Words/ Pages : 1,144 / 24

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