Alcohol use of Australians Essay


            In conclusion, alcohol use of Australians has become inculcated with the culture - Alcohol use of Australians Essay introduction. Drinking alcoholic beverages are part of the normal life. It is consumed for socialisations, religious and cultural involvements, habit, pleasure or alternative to water due to environmental issues. More so, it is considered as an aesthetic to an individual’s chosen lifestyle. As alcohol consumption increase, violence increases with it, which has become real evident in the past years for more than a decade. With regards to consumption, it is tantamount to age brackets. Young people have less drinking habits than older ones.

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Alcohol use of Australians
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However, considering that the younger people have the least number of consumers, alcohol is consumed by children at the age of fourteen. Studies show that the early drinking of alcoholic beverages can cause brain damages as it continues to develop as the child grows. Additionally, parents are the main influence of a child drinking alcohol, followed by the teachers. Ironically, the aforementioned primary causes of influences are the ones who should guide the young people correctly.

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