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Alexander Hamilton’s Journal

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Alexander Hamilton The document “Dr. Alexander Hamilton Depicts the Material Acquisitions of Northern Colonists, 1744” is straight out of a journal/book, Itinerarium. In this journal/book he is writing about his travels and about men and their manners, the life of urban colonies and the scenery he sees in colonial America. When he first started to travel he started in Maryland and ended his journey in Maine. I believe, because Dr. Alexander Hamilton wrote this journal/book himself there is a bias towards him.

I also believe that Dr. Alexander wrote this journal for himself, but also to the people in other colonies so that they could see how other people were living and how they were developing their social classes. To me, the major parts in the document is when Dr. Hamilton is going around to different colonies and recording how people are living, and how different the Dutch were compared to other Dutch people in different colonies, just by what possessions that they had.

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Alexander Hamilton’s Journal
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The Dutch colonists had the most profitable necessity, sugar. It only grew in hot humid regions and the Dutch knew that. The Dutch were not interested in going to war they were just interested in making ships faster so they can get cargo to different trade marks faster and make more money. Unfortunately there were many wars happening during this time frame. During 1744 there was a war happening called King George’s War that was between France and Great Britain and lasted until 1748. They were having troubles figuring out boundaries for Acadia and New England. They both also wanted to control the Ohio valley. Great Britain gained access to trading to Spanish colonies in America. Spain was granted the right to stop British ships, and make sure they were following the terms of the treaty. A concern from this war was that various Indian tribes were not included in a treaty, so that resulted in future conflicts with the French and Indian Wars. The treaty was poorly written because none…

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