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Romeo has no job, is not in school, and is not close with his family. He is homeless and rotates between different friends’ couches and the occasional shelter. Romeo admits to gang involvement in the past but refuses to answer questions about possible current involvement. Romeo states he currently uses marijuana daily to try to “stay calm. ” Case Analysis: Client Strengths: Romeos strengths are independence, loyalty, and his age. Romeo has been taking care of himself. Romeo is loyal to his “gang”. He will not give any details about this gang. Romeo is only 19 years old.

He is young enough to attend allege and obtain a job in the career of his choice. Romeo can use his strength of independence to his advantage. He can use this strength to determine which short term goals are attainable and realistic. Ethical Considerations: believe an ethical consideration in Romeos case would include being unbiased about his gang relations and drug use. Although I do not agree with Romeos lifestyle, I need to view things from his standpoint. Cultural Considerations: According to Romeo, he is of Hispanic descent. The Hispanic population is vast and linked to gang relations, drug use, and possible violence.

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Hispanic gang members usually have multiple tattoos and piercing. HSRP: Romeo what brings you here today? Romeo: I have been feeling suicidal lately. HSRP: What is going on in your life that may be making you feel this way? Romeo: I’m homeless, I have no family, and I don’t have a job. I’m very nervous and use marijuana to try to stay calm. HSRP: Where have you been staying? Romeo: I crash with friends or at the shelter. HSRP: How often do you use marijuana? Romeo: Whenever I can get some. Possible Interventions: The first and most important intervention that I would suggest to Romeo would e therapy for his suicidal tendencies.

A psychiatrist may be able to get to the root of the issue and possibly prescribe a medication for his anxiety, so he will be calm and not need to use marijuana. I would give Romeo the name and contact information of the local agency that can help him. If needed, I would contact the agency to set up the appointment on behalf of Romeo. Due to Romeos suicidal tendencies, an emergency inpatient evaluation may need to be done. Goals: Discussing short term goals with Romeo may be difficult, due to his anxiety level and feeling suicidal.

The first and most important goal would be to get help immediately for his feelings of suicide. Intervention described above is of utmost importance at this time, due to Romeo conveying thoughts of hurting himself. Reference: Murphy, B. C. , & Dillon, C. (2010). Interviewing in Action in a Multicultural World, e, 4th Edition. [Viticulture Bookshelf version]. Retrieved from http:// online. Viticulture. Com/books Case Study 2: Gladys Gladys is a 25-year-old Vietnamese stay-at-home mother who has been married for 7 years and has three children by her husband.

They are all girls with the eldest being 6 years old followed by a 4-year old and now a 3-month old. Gladys reports that her husband always wanted a son. She states that he has always been an angry man but after the birth of their third daughter, his violent behavior has increased. Gladys states that most of his violence and aggression has been directed at her or the house all these years, but now she fears for her daughters’ lives. “He’s out of control,” she says during the interview. “I don’t know what to do. ” Gladys’ family lives in Vietnam and her husband has no family connections.

Gladys reports that her husband pays all the bills and the only money she receives is a small weekly allowance for food and supplies for her and the girls. Case Analysis: Gladys strengths are her need to protect her daughters, willingness to seek help, and speaking the truth. She has displayed this strength by seeking help and discussing her personal situation. Gladys knows what her husband is capable of and needs to protect her children. Gladys has relayed her concern for the well being of her daughters, but has also said her husband’s violent tendencies have increased and are directed at her at he present time.

Domestic violence is against the law, the authorities need to be informed. Gladys and her family are Vietnamese, their culture is very different from American culture. The man is the head of the home and controls everything using violence as deemed fit. Women are taught as children to obey the man. HSRP: What brings you in today? Gladys: My husband is violent and out of control. I fear for my daughters lives. HSRP: Has your husband hurt your children? Gladys: Not yet. He usually hurts me. HSRP: What do you do when he hurts you? Gladys: I cry. HSRP: Do you have a safe place to take the children? Gladys: No.

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