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Alliances in World War 1

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James Bell March12th 2013 World History In Europe around the late 1800s to early 1900s World War 1 took place in many European countries. This essay will explain how alliance was the cause of World War 1. The four factors that made alliances the cause of World War 1 are political, geography, economics, and social factors. The first factor in why alliances caused World War 1 is political reasons. Some examples of political are the treaties that were made before and during the war to help protect alliances.

Treaty means a formal agreement between two or more states and the document in which such agreement is set down.

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Alliances in World War 1
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The first treaty that took place was the dual alliance between Austria-Hungary and Germany. This treaty is explaining that if Germany attacks Russia Austria-Hungary helps them and when England attacks Austria-Hungary Germany doesn’t need to help Austria Hungary. (Encyclopedia) Basically it’s a win win situation for Germany at the time because they could focus on just one opponent in the war.

The next treaty is the Franco-Russian Alliance military, and what the treaty means when France is attacked by Germany, or by Italy supported by Germany, Russia shall employ all her available forces to attack Germany.

Another treaty is the expanded version of the Triple Alliance. The expanded version of Triple alliance was the two contracting parties shall be bound to lend help and assistance wills all their forces to the party attacked. Meaning if Italy gets attacked the other parties come and helps. With this Italy can be less scared of losing because they have multiple countries helping them. (alliance) This caused World War 1 is because one attacks then the other attack causing a domino effect.

Meaning they had an alliance with the country and if it that country gets attacked your ally will come and help out, but there are other attacking parties. Also if there wasn’t any treaties the War wouldn’t of lasted that long. It wouldn’t of lasted it that long because there wouldn’t be anybody to fight at all in the war. So their wouldn’t of been a point. The next factor why alliances caused World War 1 is geography. Geography means where things are located, what places are like, what unifies places as regions. An example of Geography is when Germany has to fight both France, Russia on the East and on the West.

The Franco-Russian alliance would benefit this because of the location and to overwhelm Germany on both fronts and a quote explaining that states that they have to fight on both sides “With such speed that Germany will have to fight simultaneously on the East and West”. (Duffy). Basically what this saying they are on both fronts of the war and just not one side. This caused World War 1 because it created fear into the Germans eyes and made them more dependent on their army. To explain this Germany became the most militaristic in which it increased by 73%. Enabling them to raise more armies and improve there battleships.

The third factor in why alliances cause World War 1 is economics. Economics means the study of how we produce, move, and consume things we need to survive. An example of Economics is the Treaty over Egypt and Morocco. In other words this treaty was known as Treaty of Versailles. The treaty of Versailles helped out a ton with other countries and alliance. For an example it made France’s and Britain’s alliance gain more money and while doing this they improved there alliances. Another example is the Allied Alliance and there foreign trade in British Pounds. British Pounds was worth back then almost five dollars in US money.

This is considered a lot of money for trade during that time. For today’s pounds it’s not as much. The allied alliance consisted of Great Britain, France, and Russia and there foreign trade was way more than the competing alliance which was the Central Alliances. By the way the central alliance consisted of Germany, Austria-Hungary, Ottoman Empire, and Bulgaria. This caused World War 1 because the Allied alliance could get more resources for vehicles such as battleships, cruiser, submarines and causing conflict with the other alliance Central Alliance to get more money for the vehicles.

The allied alliance became more confident in attacking the Central Alliance because they had more resources for the war. The allied alliance was making conflict with the Central Alliance to get a stronger army. Also they weren’t afraid to go to war the allied alliance was just confident in there economy and army causing them to go war with the central Alliance because they thought they could beat them because of their economy. The final factor in why alliances cause World War 1 is social factors. Social means the study of how we relate to each other in our daily lives.

Example of social is Russia and Serbia was in the same area speaking the same language, and having a large Slovak population. The language that they spoke was Russian. This meant that Russia and Serbia are allies because they both speak the same language and they live in the same area. Quote saying this “It will maintain friendly relations will all states, nations, organization, and individual persons who sympathize with Serbia and the Serbian race”. (Hayes) This means they would be friendly to the Russians.

Also Russia and Serbia felt obligated to become the same alliance because they spoke the same language. They also felt indebted to be an ally is because they had the same beliefs and reasoning. This gave them the same thought process and becoming an alliance. This caused World war 1 because countries with similar cultural ideas would allied themselves with each other based on their beliefs and languages like Germany and Austria-Hungary, and cause of this World War 1 would have never occurred because would have never been conflict with each other.

If they didn’t have any cultural ideas there wouldn’t have been a point of a war. In conclusion alliances did cause World War 1 because of the four factors explained earlier in the paper. First the political factor and if there wasn’t any treaties there never would have had any alliances and no countries would of attacked each other, but there was treaties to make alliances up and made conflict with other countries. The geography factor did cause World War 1 because of France and Russia’s alliance and making fear into the Germans eyes.

The economic factor did cause World War 1 because of the treaty over Egypt and Morocco and the allied alliance than the Central Alliance making the central alliance panic to get more resources for the war. The social factor did happen in World War 1 just because Russia and Serbia lived in the same area and spoke the same language. How this is relevant to today is the Iraq war and how the U. S. thought they had allied to help. People who have allies are more cocky and secure to attack different countries just like Russia and France attacking German because of the alliance they had.

References Encyclopedia, Online. “Austria Hungary. ” 2000. <https://autocww2. colorado. edu/~toldy2/E64ContentFiles/HistoryOfEurope/Austria-Hungary. html>. alliance, Triple. Amended Version of the Triple Alliance. 2009. <http://wwi. lib. byu. edu/index. php/Amended_Version_of_The_Triple_Alliance>. Duffy, Michael. Franco-Russian Military Convention. 2009. <http://www. firstworldwar. com/source/francorussianmilitaryconvention. htm>. Hayes , Brian. First World War. 2002. <http://www. age-of-the-sage. org/history/diplomacy_world_war_one. html>.

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