Allow Police Custody? Essay

Allow Police Custody?

First of all, I will not allow the police to take my son into custody without me.  I am his parent and as primary caregiver, I should be allowed to go with him.  After all, he is just nine years old.

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Allow Police Custody?
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It would be hard to go against the police but I would insist in finding out what my child has done.  As a parent, I have the right to know what has happened.  Police custody, I believe is not a good option for my son.  I would insist in taking him home with me.  I would compromise with the police if needed just to make sure that my son remains with me and not in jail - Allow Police Custody? Essay introduction? I would contact a good lawyer to help me get him out of the cell at once should the police not release my son.

The issue of whose side I will be on will depend on what evidence the police will give me and what my son will tell me.  Although there is a possibility that my son will lie, taking all sides of the matter is important.  This is so because if my son was wrongly accused, then I can defend him properly.  If he really did something bad, knowing all the details will help me correct him.

As soon as I get home, I would also definitely talk to my son about what happened.  I will find out what drove him to do what he did.  It may not be easy to hear what he would have to say because there is always the possibility of him shutting me out but I will try.  Opening communication lines with him is essential to find out what went wrong.

After the talk, I will definitely reflect on the values I have taught him.  As a parent, one cannot complacently ignore a child’s misbehavior, especially if it is already getting him involved with the police. I would also consider getting counseling for both me and my child.  Since he is already, in society’s eyes, growing up badly, parenting him may not be as easy.I believe that as parents, we must do what we can to help our children grow up to be good citizens.


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