Alzheimer’s disease Hesi case study

Question 1
B. Judgment
Question 2
A. Ask Mary to list ten different types of fruits, colors, and animals
Question 3
C. Forgetting to serve dinner after preparing the meal.
Question 4
A. Changes in behavior and personality often occur early in Alzheimer’s disease
Question 5
D. “Does anyone in your family have Alzheimer’s Disease?”

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Question 6
B. “The health care provider is looking for changes in the brain, which are consistent with Alzheimer’s Disease or for other conditions which can cause Mary’s symptoms.”
Question 7
D. “Normal lab test results help rule out other causes of the symptoms.”
Question 8
A. Stabilizes cognitive decline.
Question 9
D. “This medication provides the most benefit to persons with early-stage AD, so it is important to start it right away.”
Question 10
B. Serum liver enzymes.
Question 11
A. Mary sleeps through the night.
Question 12
C. Help Mary recognize the strong emotions that she is feeling.
Question 13
B. “You are right to balance her feelings with the need to promote reality.”
Question 14
A. Place a picture of a toilet on the bathroom door.
Question 15
B. AD is a chronic disease that can progress with no set sequence and has a typical lifespan of 5-20 years
Question 16
C. “Every person responds differently to the disease, but it is likely that her ability to function will continue to decline.”
Question 17
C. Take Mary to the bathroom every 2 hours.
Question 18
A. Provide Mary with a relaxing back rub at bedtime.
Question 19
B. “What do you find most stressful in your daily life?”
Question 20
B. Adult day care for Mary.
Question 21
D. Encourage all group members to use humor as a coping mechanism.
Question 22
C. Maintain a calm, consistent environment.
Question 23
C. Provide a snack that the client can eat.
Question 24
A. Redirect Mary’s attention to holding a stuffed animal.
Question 25
C. “We may not need to administer a medication. Let me try to calm her.”
Question 26
Question 27
A. Evaluate Mary’s vital signs before transferring her to her bed.
Question 28
D. Elevate Mary’s feet fifteen degrees.
Question 29
Select all that apply
D. Administer the first scheduled dose of the prescribed oral antibiotic.
E. Calculate Mary’s intake and output for the shift.
Question 30
B. The home health nurse who visits every other week.
Question 31
D. “You have many conflicting emotions right now.”
Question 32
B. Remain seated next to Sam while he is crying.
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