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US History Amendment Thematic

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The world has changed dramatically over the decades. What society believes today may not be what the future may need. There is no method that can predict what will happen in the very near future. The men who helped write the constitution tried to make the constitution apply to all aspects of life but there have been many changes to it to help keep things reasonable and just.

The founding fathers created to constitution to last forever but to be changed and amendments to be added.

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US History Amendment Thematic
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There were two amendments that altered American society, the Thirteenth which abolished slavery and the Nineteenth amendment which was Women’s Suffrage. The Thirteenth amendment was the first real change to in American Society. This Amendment is a huge result of the Civil War. This Amendment caused the permanent abolishment of slavery. This helped rebuild America and make peace between the black and white Americans.

President Lincoln had created a document that also helps reinforce the thirteenth amendment which was called the Emancipation Proclamation.

Both the Amendment and the document angered the South and are forced to stop their rebellion and follow the Amendment. Some Southerners on the other hand were not done fighting yet and formed a group called the KKK to attack the blacks and make their lives miserable; the angry southerners also assassinate President Lincoln.

These acts illustrate the change in American Society Amendment Thirteen triggered. The next amendment that created change in American Society was the Nineteenth Amendment. This Amendment is the Women Suffrage amendment created in the 1920’s. This Amendment gave women the right to vote and run for office. This is an enormous change in American Society. Now that women could vote some of the presidential elections were very different. This amendment also has been shown in present elections.

Women have also been running for President, like Hillary Clinton. Women had been fighting for their right to vote for over 40 years and they had finally got what they wanted; this is a huge transformation in American Society. The Founding Fathers would be proud of these Amendments. The Constitution was meant to be edited and added onto through amendments since no one can predict what the future holds. The Amendments have made the constitution enhanced, just , and reasonable.

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