America The Beautiful Assignment

These points include: decisions based on status, slavery, the treating of immigrants, and family values and education. When it comes to making decisions based on status, such as race, income, age, gender, I think there are some morally acceptable and immoral areas. To me, it would obviously be considered immoral to differentiate the services and privileges of a person based on their race as I believe everyone should be treated equally. Also, a person’s income should not affect the type of services he or she receives such as medical care.

In a hospital, the care given to a patient should not be based on how much money they make. I do not think it would be very moral to do this. In American society, women and children are valued more than they are in any other nation. I think this is moral and necessary in America because children and women are vital to the growth of our nation. Slavery was probably the darkest point in the history of the world, especially America, which was among the last nations to abolish it. As Dry. Carson says in the book, this is because of the economic SUccess that it brought.

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Although the slave owners knew that what they were doing was morally unacceptable, they continued to use slaves for their economic gain. Think this was horrible. A person that thinks that they can own another human being and do whatever they want to them is an extremely immoral person. These people thought that the Bible gave them a “stamp of approval” because it admonishes slaves to be obedient to their masters, as Dry. Carson says. I think this was no excuse and no matter how you look at it, slavery was the most immoral time in America in my pinion.

Even after we abolished slavery, America was still riddled with racism and inequality to African Americans in the form of exploiting labor by former slaves, Jim Crow laws, fatal beatings, and lynching’s. Another form of immoral inequality in America that has recently been going on is the unfair treating of immigrants. When this nation was founded, it was supposed to be a welcome place to anyone who wished to become a citizen. In America, we choose to take advantage of the labor of illegal immigrants but deny them citizenship. Why is it so unacceptable for these immigrants to become citizens?

I think we greatly need to rethink the way we are treating these people because the reality is, as Dry. Carson says in the book, some segments of our economy would collapse without these workers. When this nation was founded, it was founded with a strong importance put on strong values and education. Educating future generation was very important to the founding fathers. As Dry. Carson said, this nation thrived because of the strong emphasis placed on traditional family values and the instruction on the preference between right and wrong.

This included the use of the Bible and basic religious principles and teachings in school. In our society today, many people prefer not to follow the principles and moral teachings of the Bible and go by their own moral beliefs which do not agree with the Bible’s teachings when it comes to premarital sex, homosexuality, gambling, the use of drugs, and other social aspects, but do agree with its teachings when it comes to murder, lying cheating, and theft. Many of the aspects of our society that were looked down upon in the past are normal now in America.

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