America’s Navy, A Global Force for Good

The United States Navy has come along way from its days of shanghaiing; the practice of compulsory enlistment of men as sailors by coercive techniques such as trickery, intimidation, or violence - America’s Navy, A Global Force for Good introduction. Throughout the more recent years, the Navy has done a lot to keep up with the world of information technology. For instance, extensive research has been done to discover why people are drawn to the Navy. Another prime focus of the Navy is exploring ways to continue development on new methods and strategies that will save time and money during the recruiting process.

Finding out the best practices for interacting with future applicants is also a high priority. One of the most important steps in recruiting an individual is the practice of giving a survey assessment that analyzes whether an applicant is physically, medically, and morally, qualified to join. Through my training, I have learned that ten percent of people between the ages of seventeen to twenty-five are disqualified due to criminal involvement. You can easily be disqualified for something as minor as an allergy.

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With the epidemic of obesity on the rise, qualified people are hard to come by. This type of evaluation, better informs us on whether a person is qualified to go on to join. In the recent past, the Navy has put several systems in place to help recruiters in the field. Recruiting has separated itself from relying on an office computer and has evolved into a more mobilized approach. Recruiters are now able to assist a person to join the Navy from anywhere in the world. This method helps save time and money by removing the need to transport applicants from their home to our office.

In the near future, there will be plans in place that will cut down on time running police checks. Recruiters have been issued biometric scanners with the plan to be able to do a thorough background check and bounce it off of the FBI’s files. There has also been a contract set with CGI defense contractor to modernize Navy’s recruiting by using biometric solutions. By taking these types of measures, this procedure will cut down on several complications such as recruits joining and later becoming informed that they had fraudulently enlisted because of a civil offense.

The implementation of the biometric scanner will save recruiters a lot of time by taking away the necessity of going to each court, school and juvenile hall for each applicant. The world is becoming smaller and smaller everyday with the advances in technology. Everything is becoming connected and intertwined, the Navy is no exception to this. Each and every passing day the Navy ups the bar on who is considered acceptable for service. Anything we could ever want to find out about a person is available at the click of a button. Anyone who is interested in a future career in the military should be well aware of the repercussions of your actions.

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