An alysis of written spoken taxt: riddley walker Essay

Riddley Walker: An Analysis of the Written Spoken Text

            The events in the text transpired on the main protagonist Riddley Walker’s twelfth birthday - An alysis of written spoken taxt: riddley walker Essay introduction. It was then when his group ventured to the traditional boar hunt in which a member of their group proved himself a man. As they came across the boar which was to be hunted down, Riddley was quick to judge the boar and the whole tradition of the boar hunt. He thought the boar to be the last of its kind due to the fact that there had not been any wild pigs around lately plus, upon analysis of the boar, Riddley thought he was not as impressive a boar. In fact, Riddley judged the boar to be quite poor looking.

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An alysis of written spoken taxt: riddley walker
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The boar was not given the chance to take a bite at Riddley because Riddley had acted first, impaling the wild pig on his spear, causing it to die then and there, and to make sure that the beast was dead, Riddley’s company also stabbed the creature with their spears. From afar, a pack of wild dogs that Riddley and his group referred to as the Bernt Arse pack followed intently, hoping to feast on whatever spoils of the hunt – or the hunting party itself. The Bernt Arse pack, though keeping track of the transpiring events, made the careful move of following the hunting group from afar to ensure that they are beyond the range of the hunting party’s bows. This is why they kept their distance in following Riddley’s group.

After the hunt, Riddley and his party brought back the boar on a pole. Riddley even observed the noticeable change in weight with the boar now on the pole as they came by the river.

As with many outdated traditions, Riddley probably thought the whole thing silly as the boar itself did not prove much of a challenge and therefore would not really validate himself as a man. Riddley probably though there could be many other ways to prove his mettle and worth as man and a member of his community rather than running down and killing a helpless boar.

Initially, as the mind was trained to derive meaning from the actual words being read, I had a hard time processing the information from the text. For example, as I read the word “kilt”, what immediately came to mind was the traditional Walkerish garment. Or upon reading the word “Inland” I immediately assumed it was called that was due to the place possibly being far from the ocean. I had to carefully read and reread the text over in order to properly comprehend what was happening in the story. Although the idea of what was transpiring in the tale was fairly easy to pick up, the particulars were drowned out in vague words.

As I reread the text, it helped to just “hear” the words as they were being said in my mind. A steady stream of reading and rereading a sentence then allowed me to “hear” the words and – with the proper context – make sense of them. “Kilt” then became “killed” and “Inland” became “England”. It also helped to think of the setting of the story, that as it is set in a post-apocalyptic future in what used to be England, the carrying over of the English accent was highly probable. This made me recite the lines in my head with an English accent, which made better sense of the written words.

I found the text highly enjoyable to read as it gave me the same sense of wonder and fulfillment in trying to read and understand a story as a child only beginning his adventure into literacy and literature. Reading and rereading a certain phrase or passage up until I fully understand what it meant was extremely satisfying just as a difficult puzzle is gratifying to solve. I may even say that reading the story in its current text would be more pleasurable for me than having to read it in the common English language we all use today.

Initially, many of the words were difficult to decode into the “normal” words or spelling for those words we usually use. With the proper context though, their meanings became easy to understand. One word that came to me as difficult comprehend or decode was the word “girzel”. On the first instance it was used in the sentence “Cows mooing sheap baaing cocks crowing and us foraging our las boar in a thin grey girzel on the day I come a man”. I tried to make sense of it then, but eventually gave up, attributing the word to another facet of the environs of the event.

As I read on, the word was used again, this time in the sentence describing their journey  home which read: “Thru the girzel you cud see blue smoak hanging in be twean the black trees and the stumps pink and red where they had ben loppt off”. I became more puzzled by the word and as with any good puzzle, I thought it would be more satisfying to solve it by myself rather than to rely on any outside help. I reviewed the instances of its use, both descriptive of environs and settings of the particular events.

As it was something that was definitely all around them, and was described in the first instance as “thin”, my first guess was that it was something like a land with a thin layer of grass, used for “grazing” as it was also mentioned that there were cows and sheep and probably due to how the word “girzel” itself could be easily related to the word “graze”.  I assumed they had come up for a word for a land for grazing called “girzel”. However, it occurred to me that it was also used in the second instance as something that could be seen through. Having recalled how there was rain pouring that day which caused steam to rise from the boar, I came up with the possibility of the word “girzel” as their word for “drizzle” as they sound phonetically similar. As I cross-referenced this theory with the application of the word, I saw that it was possible that that was what he meant by the word “girzel”

The fascination that overwhelmed me with the reading of the text made me more and more curious as to what many of the words which I initially had a hard time of understanding actually meant. As I encountered difficult words such as “girzel”, I felt the same excitement of that of a child, starting to read on his own, concentrating hard on words which we now, as adept readers of the English language, take for granted. The story was more captivating in its format of a different and yet familiar language. It was as if I was actually reading the memoirs of someone from a post-apocalyptic future, or that of an ancient civilization of which our current English language was patterned from.

Assessing my performance on reading and comprehending the provided text, I believe I did well in analyzing and decoding the language used by the main protagonist Riddley Walker. The analysis of my own skillset and its application in the reading made it easier for me to comprehend the meanings of the words used and the application of deductive reasoning made it all the more enjoyable in reading the text. As a reader, the joys of reliving that moment wherein one still struggles with reading words in verbatim was a particular pleasure in this assignment.

Recollecting my experiences of reading the text, I learned that it is not always best to rely on what we have been used to with regards to reading. Although our adeptness at what has been commonplace in the English language for example would help us speed up our comprehension and analysis of our readings, it could also lead to assumptions which may also hamper our understanding of what is being read. This is also why children, having less experience at reading as we adults do, in their word-by-word analysis of texts are less prone to mistakes.

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