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An article in the March 22nd edition of the Washin



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    hiugton Wire titled By the Numbers, speaks about direct fiscal policy that could be implemented over the next few years. Specifically, the article entails information about GOP candidates for this years midterm congressionalThere are specific times in life when people have the opportunity to look at the face of God. As a college student at Marquette University, I often see the face of God in my fellow classmates, teachers, and friends. However, sometimes the people looking back at me are not what I would expect God to be like. Some of these people are liars, cheaters, and overall mean-spirited. I know that behind this cloud is a person whom God loves just as much as me. Surprisingly, this person has the same mission as me. Together, we are trying to bear the weight of the cross of Christ in our everyday lives. These people that I see are like me in another sense. We come from the same type of background with the same types of luxuries we have always had in life. I meet very little people with cultural backgrounds different from myself. The only individuals that I do know from other cultures consist of the Spanish speaking seminarians who I see about twice a month. How is this making me a more culturally diverse individual? Even more importantly, how will this make me a culturally diverse priest? When I came to college almost two years, I believed that I would meet a variety of different individuals. Two years have almost passed and I havent met a single person that has made me stop and reflect on the workings of God throughout the world. I feel that this experience to Mexico would be a giant step forward in my continually changing view of the world. I am an ideal candidate for this trip for a variety of reasons. I believe that I can bring much influence to our group in ways that others can not. What makes me ideal is my lack of knowledge of the world outside of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I may not be able to speak Spanish, but I am capable of bringing the love and goodness that I have been given by God. I am striving for the chance to learn about others and discover what makes that so unique in this magnificent world. The fact that these people are so different from me forces me to acknowledge the ways in which we are similar. While I am separated by hundreds of miles from my Mexican brothers and sisters, I am as close to them in my love for God as I am to my fellow seminarians. We are all looked on the same by the eyes of God. My personality also makes me a strong pick for this experience. I am extremely agreeable with almost everyone that I meet. I have no trouble getting along with people that I have known for years and others that I have known for just a few hours. I am still discerning on whom God is calling me to be in life and I am convinced that I will only discover this through the experiences that I have with others. I believe this journey will be a key step in my discernment process. The experiences that I gain through this trip will only make me become a stronger priest spiritually and mentally. Through the college seminary program, we are asked to make a cultural journey during our discernment process. The memories of this trip will fuel hours of conversation among my fellow seminarians and what we can do to better ourselves later in life. I want to be able to tell my friends that there is an entire world right next door, full of miraculous people that are also trying to live the gospel in their lives. As of right now, I dont think I could achieve this accurately. As a priest, the problems that I will face could perhaps one day be addressed in my experiences gained from this trip. I do not want to come back to Wisconsin and become critical of people based solely on the completely different lifestyle that I hopefully will get to become part of for a short while. A criticism of our different ways of life will only make this trip be for nothing. Instead, I want to embrace the ways societies are formed and how their uniqueness makes them special. Lastly, and perhaps the most ielections. A White House official is said to be drawing comfort from the actions taken by the Fed during the 1990-91 recession. It concludes by saying that Chairman Greenspan wont likely raise interest rates until 2003. A rising of interest rates would be an example of discretionary fiscal policy. In fact, a deliberate manipulation by the government to promote economic growth. If interest rates go up, than investment will go down, and aggregate supply will increase. People will not be willing to invest their money into houses and other financial assets causing the market supply to bump up. This clearly is an effort by the government to influence the supply curve. However, the article states that Greenspan wants to wait on this until 2003. This likely implies that he wants continued investment into the economy for the present time. This wait until 2003 seems reasonable, especially during this time of poor economic growth.

    An article in the March 22nd edition of the Washin. (2019, May 01). Retrieved from

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