An Indictment of the American Education System Essay

Education. A form of power and freedom. Teaching one so that ultimately they can think for themselves the goal being that the individual become self-sufficient and be able to participate and play a role amongst society. While these motives seem to ultimately be met based on historical consistency the cost of them and the process to achieving them is anything but ideal. While meeting the needs of our environment the process of educating has come at a grave cost of suffering to the students who pay the sacrifice.

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An Indictment of the American Education System
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Or so you would think. These days in our education system it is less about the empowerment of the individual and more about the power of control and domination held by the educators. According to Palo Freire the student teacher relationship is not so much about learning and education, but about a process, a process which I have come to realize, is primarily based around our workforce. According to Freire the currently established education system is about giving information.

He describes the students as simply being receptacles to be filled mindlessly with information bestowed upon them by depositors or the educators and teachers that are responsible only for transmition of the information not necessarily the comprehension of the students. The learning process becomes primarily focused on memorization and repetition and just simply getting the information out there not so much about really making sure that the subjects truly understand the significance behind what it is they are taught.

It all seems to become mindless almost robotic form of productivity; it really seems to suck all the life out of the individual’s character. Friere also notices a component in which there becomes a domineering factor to the educators a sense of power and superiority over the students in which they are given the authority to discipline and control the classroom and truly oppress the creativity and energy of the students.

He compares it to a form of necrophilia the control kills life and that people thrive [on that because they fear any change in the status quo why fix what is not broken knowledge is a gift bestowed by those considered knowledgeable Dehumanizing robots dynamic- oppression,opposition,discipline expectations self sufficient knowledge(end)

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