An Indictment of the American Education System

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Education is a powerful tool for freedom and self-sufficiency. However, the current education system has become more about control and domination by educators. According to Palo Freire, students are seen as receptacles to be filled with information, without necessarily understanding the significance behind it. This results in a robotic form of productivity, which sucks the life out of individuals. The educators also have a sense of power and superiority over the students, which oppresses their creativity and energy. This form of control kills life and people thrive on it because they fear change in the status quo. Knowledge is seen as a gift bestowed by those considered knowledgeable, resulting in a dehumanizing and oppressive system.

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Education is a means of acquiring power and freedom, aiming to empower individuals by fostering independent thinking and self-sufficiency within society. However, the cost and process involved in achieving these goals have been less than ideal. Despite a consistent historical commitment to fulfilling these objectives, the students who shoulder the burden have endured significant hardships in their pursuit of an education that meets the demands of their environment.

Nowadays, our education system prioritizes control and domination by educators rather than empowering individuals. According to Palo Freire, the relationship between students and teachers is not centered around learning but rather a process that revolves primarily around our workforce. Freire argues that the current education system’s main focus is providing information.

The author suggests that students are viewed as passive recipients of information from educators or teachers and are not necessarily expected to understand it. The focus is primarily on memorization and repetition, rather than ensuring comprehension of the material being taught.

Friere notes that there exists a soulless and automatic form of efficiency that depletes individuals. Moreover, educators hold a position of authority, wielding power and dominance over students, granting them the ability to manage and govern the classroom while stifling the students’ creativity and vigor.

He likens it to necrophilia, as control extinguishes life and people thrive on it because they dread any alteration in the existing state why rectify what is not faulty knowledge is a blessing given by those deemed knowledgeable Dehumanizing robots dynamic- oppression, opposition, discipline expectations self-sufficient knowledge

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