An Unforgettable 14th Birthday

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The author woke up feeling sad on their 14th birthday as they were alone in Switzerland while their father was away for work. They were upset as they wanted to celebrate with family and friends. However, their father surprised them with a trip to a huge amusement park. The park had sixteen areas named after European countries and was filled with rollercoasters. The author was scared but excited and decided to go on the least scary rollercoaster to start with. They then went on the longest and scariest ride with a 73-meter drop that made them extremely happy. The author learned to appreciate the little things and people in their life who make it better.

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On the 22nd of April 2011, my 14th birthday, I woke up feeling sad in Switzerland. I was alone at home because my father was away for work. Birthdays are meant to be spent with loved ones, sharing joy and celebration. This particular day was always special to me because we would usually go somewhere together. However, I found myself crying whenever someone called to wish me a happy birthday. All I wanted was for them to be by my side, offering their embrace.

Anticipating a dull day ahead, my father sent me a text message that said, “Happy birthday my dearest. Go into my room now.”

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Upon receiving a note instructing me to “Get dressed, and come out”, I eagerly entered my house. Strewn atop new clothes meant for me, I couldn’t contain my excitement and spent a whole 5 minutes tying my shoes. Outside, my father awaited me with a smile, refusing to disclose our destination other than the fact that it would take around two hours to reach. After a relatively brief and enjoyable journey, we pulled up before an enormous amusement park. Amidst its gleaming splendor, throngs of individuals were accompanied by the park’s charismatic mascot, Euromaus, who distributed candy at the entrance. Procuring all-inclusive tickets, we ventured inside.

The park was bustling with vibrant and colorful attractions, attracting numerous families. It was divided into sixteen sections, each named after a European country. The park’s main highlight was the towering rollercoasters that adorned its landscape. Filled with a mix of excitement and trepidation, I opted to begin my adventure with a less daunting ride in an attempt to ease my nerves. To my surprise, it turned out to be an incredibly delightful experience – my heart raced and a smile couldn’t help but form on my face. Encouraged by this exhilarating sensation, I immediately headed towards the park’s flagship rollercoaster known for being both the longest and most terrifying one. Standing at an impressive height of 73 meters, its gradual ascent provided a breathtaking panoramic view of the entire park.

Looking down from above, people seem tiny. At the pinnacle, the trains briefly pause, preparing us for an exhilarating descent of 70 meters at a speed of 130 km/h in just seconds. The experience completely overwhelmed me. It gave me an unbeatable feeling that kept me smiling throughout the day. I was incredibly happy because my dad surprised me with this unexpected adventure. Appreciating life entails being grateful for those who enrich it and the things we possess, even if they don’t fulfill all our desires. This has taught me to cherish even the smallest things, regardless of their initial insignificance.

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