Analogy Essay Prejudice Like a Wall

I remembered a day, a day of life changing - Analogy Essay Prejudice Like a Wall introduction. A day my conscious-self broke into freedom. A day prejudgment and prejudice no longer existed. A day many people who were traumatized by words like swords pray for it to come. A day I was saved by the purist smile of a little angel. Behold, the story I am about to tell is not just a fiction tale crafted by my imagination but an experience of my own which I will remember forever. As I walk down the street of my neighborhood on a Sunday, I pull up my collar and stick my balled hands into my brand new winter jacket pocket.

It is not a bright sunny day, but I keep my sunglasses on to match my outfit. Behind the shades, my eyes glance curiously onto my old neighbor John who is the only one up in the chilly windy morning piling up the golden carpet of autumn leaves. Such a stupid move. I hear a voice inside myself said with disdain. The wind will destroy the little leaf hill in no time. Instantly, I feel a strong gush of wind, and I watch as the pile of leaves dance and scatter with the wind. “Such a stupid move”, I agreed. Into a convenient store, I see a few familiar faces without surprise.

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‘Oily Bill’ is sitting beside the window wiping his mouth with his dirty hands as usual. I can feel goose bumps running down my back seeing such a disgusting scene. I think I just lost my appetite from breakfast. Little Sam is cashing out in a counter. He is probably buying cigarettes, I thought. I remembered someone mentioned last week that he started smoking. It is such a shame that a young life is ruined by temptation of cigarettes. Lily miss Kitty is buying food for her cats again. When is she going to realize no matter how many cats she takes care of, she is still going to be a lonely old woman?

Feeling extremely uncomfortable, I clench my fists and walk fast across the aisle, trying to retrieve a can of coffee without the need of greeting any one of them here. I don’t want to talk to them. Everything went well. I slip a bill onto the counter along with the drink. I take my change and quickly walk out of the store. Everything went well. Until I spot a little girl standing in front of the store. Everything went well. If not for the sweet greeting the little girl gives me. I froze. The moment froze. There is something abnormal with this greeting.

I try to come up with an explanation for the odd feeling I am gaining. She could be pretending nice to me so I will kindly give a donation to support her and her girl scouts. She could also desire something from the store so she hopes some stranger will be nice enough to buy it for her. But no, she just smiles at me without another word. I feel perplexed. I look at her with that innocent smile, a smile so pure, so plain but perfect like a warm autumn sun that burns my eyes. I try to turn away from that smile and the very moment my eyes met hers, her marble blue eyes seem to reflect all my false behavior like a mirror.

I find myself standing on one side of a wall and the little girl on another. I ask myself, since when has there been a barrier between me and the little girl, between me and the others? Since when have I started spending my Sundays alone? Since when have I been seeing things through a wall of prejudice? I look around me and I realize that everyone I know has a nickname, a label. “Gossip Cindy”, “Annoying Kelly”, “Can’t-Joke Johnny”. I have labeled my colleges and friends with an invisible marker. A colour only I can see. A label only specifies the appearance of a person.

A tool of selection I use to distinguish “better people” and make “better friends”. Holding the marker in my hands, I start to encounter with people I think belong in a higher class. Just like how the media has successfully educated us into adoring rich and attractive individual, I must have done a fantastic job learning, to only interact with the individuals who meet that specific standard. People who I am able to oversee behind the tall wall of prejudice I have built so perfectly. Compare to people who seems imperfect, I rather spend my weekends alone.

I dwell in my little castle of rightfulness. I endure the quietness and loneliness, think of the fault and mistakes of others, brainwash by the media with judgements and discrimination whenever I turn on the TV. I am like the selfish giant who tries to protect his little garden. As if by judging others, I could guard my pride and dignity but I realize how much I am hating, hating the error people make, hating the world and moreover, hating myself. For once, I wish I could break this wall of prejudice. I could tear down all the labels that are glued to the wall.

I could rip off the mask of pretense that is covering my face. I could break free and see the world as it truly is. I swing my arms with frustration and hopelessness against the firm wall I have built overtime. Cracking, crashing and crumbling each and every brick I have ever placed in position. Exerting all my strength, I strive to destroy this barrier that is blocking my sight. Yes, I can tell you that prejudice is hard to extirpate. It is not easily destructed once it is established, just like a protective barrage around your heart. “Are you okay?

” I hear the little girl asks me, a voice like an angel awakening me from this horrible dream. “Yes, don’t worry. Such a beautiful day isn’t it? ” I ask the pretty little girl with a smile and she smiles back like a blossom sunflower. I take a sip of the bitter sweet canned coffee and wave my hands to my neighbors in the store. Bill waves back with his stained black hands. The dark stains are from fixing all the cars and motors for our community that will not easily be washed away. Lily greets me with a friendly nod and heads toward her volunteer place – the pet home.

You will never find anyone else who cares for homeless animals more than her. After greeting everyone, I walk on the same street back to my house and my mind twists and turns. I think to myself, I have a lot to say to my colleges and friends, to apologize and to cherish. I stop in front of John’s house. Yes, I should cherish. Cherish for the kindest man on Earth who piles up the fallen leaves twice a day so the pedestrians can walk effortlessly on the flat ground. Cherish for the first time, I am on the other side of the wall.

As I approach the end of my story, I hereby ask all of you who are in the same position as I was that you may take a step back from where you are now, and take a good look at this wall of prejudice. It is indeed strong and firm, but it is not impossible to break. So I wish for all of you to select your friends by heart and not by appearance. I wish for all of you to see what I am seeing right now, a beautiful world without judgements. I wish for all of you to keep an open mind that the world beyond the wall looks far better without prejudice surrounding our hearts.

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