Analyses of articles on graphic design Essay

Advertisement and Graphic Design in the Post Modernist era show some stark dissimilarity in the underlying ideology when contrasted with the graphic designs of the modernist era - Analyses of articles on graphic design Essay introduction. The modernist graphic design was based on the ideology “final form follows functionality”. The designers of the post modernist era have overstepped this modernist convention which linked form to function. The following paragraphs will dwell into a brief description of the underlying philosophy of graphic design as it corresponds to the modernist and the post modernist trends.

Most authors unanimously agree that the modernist era began around 1913 and continued until 1945 (Barnard). The modernist design lacked unnecessary decorations and ornamentation the idea was to put functionality before form The modernist design used simple fonts such as sans serif and Helvetica, use of flashed left margins and ragged right margins was common in the modernist design (Barnard).  Four main characteristics define the modernist graphic designs (Barnard). These are;

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Analyses of articles on graphic design
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Aesthetic self reflexiveness
Use of Paradox Ambiguity and Uncertainty
Loss of an integrated subject
Aesthetic self reflexiveness is the way in which artist think about or thematic about the practice of art using the colors, shape, design and form (Barnard).

Montage refers to the form of construction of art or design where the art is constructed using previously created works of art. It also refers to a technique of creating art using cut outs from posters or photographs (Barnard).

Some modernist designs create an illusion of paradox, ambiguity and uncertainty. The implication is that the designs or the art have multiple meanings or a theme which defies reality (Barnard).

Loss of integrated subject refers to the tendency of the art and design not revolving around a central theme (Barnard).

The post modernist design shows lack of cultural difference this is mostly because of globalization. The post modern design incorporates indirect theme or a de centering of the subject. Additionally pre modernist design incorporates complexity of form (Barnard). The following paragraphs present examples on modern and post modern graphics design and will attempt to compare and contrast them.

Egbert Johnson’s design of logo for the Container Company of America (CCA) is a classic example of design which ideally represents the modernist trends of putting functionality before form. The design was simple and functional it comprised of a drawing of a cardboard box superimposed on an outline of the United States Of America. The drawings were superimposed with sans serif fonts CCA. The logo gained popularity, its popularity can be attributed to its efficient and uncluttered look (Barnard).

Bayer’s poster is another classic example of modernist design, the poster is represents the warning of Roosevelt to the American public to refrain from soft living. The poster portrays the face of laughing women, another women’s leg, fruit, diamond ring and a bucket containing a champagne bottle, a dice and a lottery ticket. The poster was commented with the words “Payola” and “Corruption”.(Barnard). The poster had a wacky manner of representing Roosevelt’s warning.

There are some excellent of pos modernist graphic design, Katherine McCoy’s cover of a hard bound book has a singularly unconventional look. The cover consists of two columns of text each with a sub heading. The columns are not symmetrical since the left columns appear raised to in comparison with the right column. The sub headings are in fact a dichotomous pair of concepts, the effect of the text is to create confusing perceptions in the minds of the reader (Barnard). Post modern graphic have a characteristic weirdness associated with it.

Elliot Earl’s family of faces is a classic example of post modern peculiarity. The typography of the advertisement has been made deliberately unreadable  Earl has created an effect of dyslexia which is a brain disorder that causes difficulty in reading. The advertisement is designed to elude interpenetration (Barnard).

The examples of modernist and post modernist graphic design clearly demonstrates that post modern design does not follow the modernist convention of amalgamating form to functionality. The post modern graphic design puts greater emphasis on form rather then functionality.

Malcom Barnard. Modernism

Malcom Barnard. Post Modernism

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