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INTEGRATED MARKETING COMMUNICATION ASSIGNMENT Company : Volvo Agency : Forsman & Bodenfors Country : Sweden Released : 2012 tags : Cars , Magazine Advertising , Pedestrian , Sweden , Volvo , Forsman & Bodenfors - Analysis Advertising Agency Assignment for Marketing Communication introduction . ( World Ad’Agency Example ) “ DETECTING PEDESTRIANS BEFORE YOU DO “ . History/Description : This creative print advertisement was made for Volvo making people aware that Volvo V70 detect pedestrians crossing the street. Tagline that goes along is: “Detecting pedestrians before you do”. About Agency :

Forsman & Bodenfors (F&B) is a Swedish advertising agency, founded 1986 in Gothenburg. The First Major Client was the local newspaper Goteborgs-Posten in 1988 . In The Directory Big Won Rankings For 2012 Forsman & Bodenfors were ranked 10th among top agencies in the world , and second among Top Digital Agencies . Today F&B has about 100 employees in Gothenburg and Stockholm . Brand Name : PT . FORTUNE INDONESIA . Product : Anti-Political Corruption Agency : FORTUNE INDONESIA Country : Indonesia


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Category : Public Awareness/Political/Religious/Trade Organization . Released : March 2004 Description : The Outdoor Advert titled LEGISLATIVE was done by Fortune Indonesia advertising agency for product: Anti-political Corruption (brand: Pt Fortune Indonesia) in Indonesia. It was released in the Mar 2004. Anti-political Corruption: “LEGISLATIVE” Outdoor Advert by Fortune Indonesia .. ABOUT AGENCY : Fell In Love in advertising since 1970 . because the loves and passion in building great brands still sizzles .

For more than 40 years have assisted in building major blue chip brands , alongside other multinational and local brands . from accelerating business revenues to creating creative high awareness campaigns , they constantly fuel the passion with innovative strategies to deliver best communication solution . as the first and only Indonesian advertising agency listed in IDEX , fortune Indonesia is now also spotlighted in the global communication network . ( INDONESIAN AD’AGENCY EXAMPLE )

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