Analysis Apple’s Ad Campaign During London 2012 Essay

The reason why I came up with such a topic with Apple’s ad campaign is that we are too familiar with Apple’s products to ignore it - Analysis Apple’s Ad Campaign During London 2012 Essay introduction. From this perspective, analyzing a topic like this should be valuable. Today, everyone have their own feels about TV commercials, whether it’s good or not, whether it attracts your attention, whether you want to get it or not after watching the ad. Especially Apple’s commercials. For example, “Mac and PC” series, though they are always be argued by people even until today. They are great success which changed people’s opinion of computer to buy.

However, not all Apple’s ads are great, like the one I analyzed below – the TV series played during London 2012, is a good example. I mainly discussed this ad in all 3 perspectives: Ethos, pathos and logos. I first give a background of it, how the ad looks like. Then I discuss it scene by scene, one character after another. Finally, I draw a conclusion that Apple should fix their campaign to keep leading in the US market. After Wednesday’s group work, I found that there are still some flaws in my essay. Most of them said that I am lack of evidences when I analyzing this commercial.

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Analysis Apple’s Ad Campaign During London 2012
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So I put more evidences and discussions for each perspective category. This also solved the problem that I didn’t analyzed much like they said. Additionally, some of them told us the 3rd paragraph is not necessary, relating this commercial to my major is not so effective. Then I decided to remove it in this revision of essay. Analysis: Apple’s ad campaign during London 2012 Generally, most people are familiar with Apple’s advertising campaign. Some of their TV commercials are really cool, like the series you might still be able to recall, the “Mac and PC” series, which cost a lot of money and time to make.

Then the result is indeed positive; people like it which leads to sales growth of Mac computers. As a comparison, Apple played their most recent TV commercials during London 2012. One in the series is called “Basically”. Two men in the street, the taller one (customer) in a green shirt, knocks the man in a blue Apple shirt on his shoulder and says, “You are a genius, right? ” Then the taller man states that he got a Mac-looking laptop “basically” by himself, and the Genius asks if iLife apps were preinstalled on that computer; the customer frowns; finally they come to a conclusion; “basically” it’s not a Mac.

Interestingly, this commercial is not going as Apple expected. Negative rates are given by viewers not only to this commercial, but also to their products and even their reputation mainly because of the existence of inappropriate elements in the commercial. This commercial clearly focuses on customers who are preparing to buy a new computer, especially returning Apple users, by using Apple’s reputations and the famous symbol, which is the big crystal Apple logo. But as an extra effect, the commercials are also designed to attract PC users by sneering at PC both directly and indirectly.

In this commercial, Apple is trying to give us a fresh taste of their products; for example, the commercial happens on a crowded street, a customer meets Apple Genius on the street. In this case, it implies that their Geniuses are always easy to find; that is, when you need help, Geniuses are always there. As we move on we can find some other points of emotional attraction. When the two men found that this computer which “basically” looks like a Mac is not a real Mac, this young Genius queries this customer where he got it.

Then then the customer points to the right and a store which looks like a 1970’s American TV repair shop appears, along with a fat man standing in the center of the door. No doubt he is the person who sold the customer the “Mac”. Here Apple is trying to be offensive, but they selected a way that is not explicit. Apple knows that we all know what the man got in fact is a PC rather than a Mac, so Apple gives us an impression that manufacturers and retailers sell PCs in a store which looks like an old TV repair shop to achieve their objective, to absorb customers buying a Mac instead of a PC.

What Apple does here is trying to attract us emotionally and it is really a good practice, like what Apple always did in the previous series. But since we are analyzing this commercial, we cannot just look at its strong points, we need to see it thoroughly. We rewind back to the beginning of the commercial. We can see the Genius guy is wearing a blue T-shirt with the famous Apple logo on it. That’s the shirt they wear only when they are working in the store! Here Apple is obviously using their reputation (or ethos) to persuade people to buy their products. But it is ridiculous show it in such a way.

Most people will not wear their work uniform when they are not actually working. Besides this, if we think little deeper about the 1970’s American TV repairing shop from a completely different perspective. It is impossible at all to travel back to 1970’s to buy a computer and then ask the Apple Genius for help. Well, that’s just what Apple told us in the commercial. What the Genius wearing and the old shop destroyed the commercial in some perspectives. But it is not over yet. Look at this point: When you try to buy Apple products, where should you go first?

The Apple store, absolutely, or the official online store, right? Even if you prefer another retail store other than the Apple store, you will probably choose BestBuy, Target, Walmart, etc. You will absolutely NOT buy a Mac computer in a TV repair shop even you are not an expert of computers at all. This is the most ridiculous part and also the fatal one that doesn’t make sense at all. All across the whole storyline, Apple did not so well in some ways. All of the points I give about the scenes in the commercial shows Apple praises their products in a way which is absolutely wrong.

Unfortunately, Apple should consider replacing their commercial maker with a new one. However, judging an advertisement only by what people wear and their conversation and other scenes in it is not that scientific. As the commercial is focused on to selling people hi-tech products, we should move our eyes on more vital parts. Is it showing us Apple products in a logical way? In the commercial, when the Genius is trying to figure out whether it is or not a real Mac, he asks the customer several questions. Let’s spend some time analyzing them.

First, the Genius says “It came loaded with a lot of good apps. Alright, that’s one significant difference between a Mac and a PC, the maker of this commercial must be trying to be logical to persuade viewers to buy a Mac, after all it is a technology advertisement, not a daily necessities advertisement, and the latter one does not need too much knowledge of computers to judge. Then the Genius continues “like iPhoto, iMovie, Grageband…” here comes the point of the advertisement, these apps are the superiority of the Mac over the PC. I am not going to judge it here, but if you take a look at comments on this video on YouTube, you will soon find out that most people dislike this advertisement.

Some people commented that these built-in apps are completely useless. They prefer using more professional tools on a PC rather than these Mac toys. Some people even use the word “hate” and express that Apple was dead after Steve Jobs passed away. Indeed, we have countless professional tools on PC/Windows platform; that is, everything on a Mac is on a PC, too. Besides that, PC still have apps which do not exist on Macs at all and PCs are cheaper and much more powerful. So why should we still stick with Mac computers? There is no reason to buy an expensive and low hardware specifications computer unless you are a crazy fan of Apple.

As an overview of Apple’s TV commercial series, there are still 2 more commercials like this one, which played during London 2012. But none of them have got positive feedback. People were asking, “What the hell are they doing? ” “They are selling Geniuses not Macs! ” Some people even felt themselves stupid after watching these commercials and decide not going out with MacBook and iPhone from now on because they think the whole commercial is stupid which makes customers stupid, either. No doubt, from the clothes actors choose to the words they speak, everything in the commercial became not logical.

Ethos (the reputation of Apple), which was badly hurt by the problems in the commercial, is still working. So the consequence becomes predictable, the sales of Macs likely to drop. Conversely, the main competitors, e. g. , Microsoft, will take benefit from that, which means Microsoft and PC manufacturers will earn more profit than before due to the loss of Apple’s ad campaign. The commercials are painful, and Apple should readjust their advertising campaign in order to hold their leading position of desktop and laptop computers and tablets in US market.

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