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Analysis of Tide Advertisements examples Essay

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Tide advertisements from the around the 1970’s only portrayed woman as washing the laundry. Perhaps our civilization has the image set that only women are the ones that do laundry and other household activities. What about men? Men are just as capable to wash their own clothes and clean the house. Tide ads from the 1970’s fit right into the category of women being somewhat degrading in comparison to men. “Equal opportunity regulations require the upgrading of women into high positions, but may woman who were offered positions had turned them down.

” (DeSole 9) What this means is that in the 1970’s women were mainly advertised as being inferior to men. Women were apparently the only ones who use laundry detergents to wash all of their families’ clothes. But this is not only argument in Tide ads. Advertisements in general have changed drastically over the years. Ads have gone from simple black and white prints to prints with every color of the rainbow, from having so many details on one page to just the image of the ad being sold.

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Analysis of Tide Advertisements examples
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Ads in general have gone from being a story on a page to a general image that catches the readers’ immediate attention. Tide ads have come a long way from the 1970’s to 2009. Around the 1970’s Tide ads were very verbose and mostly on cartoons. Women would be in the ads cleaning and showing off the 2 “miracle tide.” Now when looking at Tide ads, women are not singled out. The Tide product is being advertised on the paper print ad alone. The older Tide ad can be viewed from a feminist prospection and can also be asked why vintage advertisements are so different than new advertisements. Why is it that Tide ads have changed their ways and gone from a woman’s story about the greatest laundry detergent.

. .Service=showArticle >. Gloria, DeSole, and Dora Odarenko. “Notes toward an Analysis of Discrimination.” Women’s Studies Newsletter 3.3/4 (1975): 1-10. Web. 14 Oct 2009. . Prinsloo, Jeanne. “Where Are the Women?.” Agenda 31 (1996): 40-49. Web. 14 Oct 2009. .

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