Analysis on a Poem

Analysis on a Poem

Poem 13 is a poem in a narrative form that tells a story of love - Analysis on a Poem introduction. It talks about a man’s experience of love and losing that love within a day’s time. The scenes are described in very romantic ways with much use of nature and colors to show deep emotion that the speaker feels. He describes the lady’s eyes as “earth brown” which means the eyes are clearly brown as the soil. Her hair, “blue dusk” means that her hair is as dark like the night. . Similarly, he does this with time using phrases like “purple twilight” meaning the combination of light and dark makes the environment look purple. “Gray wind” means a feeling of sadness is passing through. He symbolizes noontime through the “yellow maple tree” because maple tree shines so bright like the sun and refers to the sky as “silvery blue” because of the glitters that the speaker sees when he looks at the blue sky. The writer’s style of using the combination of nature and color is very effective in establishing the intended meaning of the poem as well as the deep feelings of the speaker.

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The poem is narrated from the point of view of the male lover. The male lover expresses how he spends an entire day with the woman he loves. His emotion is synchronized with time; it is happy when it is daytime and it changes when it is night time. The beginning of the story is so romantic and joyful but the speaker gives a hint of some problems in the lines “While memories of reluctant night, Lurked in the blue dusk of her hair”. This means that the lady has some hesitations over having a relationship with the male lover. This is clearer in the lines, “Another Shadow stood without, And gloomed the dancing of the leaves.” which is a confirmation that there is another man involved.  The hint at the beginning is very important to pre-empt that this supposedly romantic day has a twist in the end.

The writer also makes effective use of different elements of poetry but what is clear in his approach is the effective use of personification. The writer personifies the leaves that “danced with their shadows on the floor” which depicts a celebration of togetherness for the lovers. He describes the night as a “reluctant night” meaning it is still early and not fully dark. He also uses the phrase “lost children of the wind”, personifying the wind because the he feels it going out the doorway. He talks of the sun, walking and counting “we watched the great deliberate sun, walk through the crimsoned hazy world, counting his hilltops one by one.” This brings the picture of the sun moving towards the hills as it starts to set.

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