Analyzing an advertisement Essay

Nowadays the majority of our lifetime is fulfilled with the advertising - Analyzing an advertisement Essay introduction. You can look around and you’ll recognize different brand marks or logos, which can be considered as advertisement. Particularly in this essay we are going to talk about TV commercial, which nobody likes, but has to watch it. I’ve chosen the advertisement “Kia Soul hamster commercial”. It’s an advertisement of brand new Kia car. So, at the beginning you can hardly know what this commercial is going to present. Robot war, dancing hamsters, it disorientates you.

This advertisement makes person to watch it due to its energy, which dancing hamsters give. No matter if person is interested in this product or not, he’ll watch it due to it’s picturesqueness, interesting and brilliance. To my mind this advertisement creates funny and up to date atmosphere only because of its soundtrack LMFAO-Party Rock Anthem and dance. This song is very popular nowadays, that’s why I guess they used it. Audience is just addicted to this song and they want to listen to this song once again.

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Then, when they hear this song, their first memory is this commercial of this product. The design of this ad is awesome, robot war takes place in it and then hamsters on Kia Soul car appear and simply begin to dance. All robots begin to dance with hamsters, so they were distracted from the war. The idea is that nobody can resist this song and this car either. They used robots and this song because it seems that this car is very up-to-date, it is equipped with modern electronics and maybe it’s just fashionable. The main point of this commercial to my mind is the soundtrack.

Soundtrack involves people in this atmosphere and this car seems more presentable. During the ad you realize that this car can even stop the world. If it stops the robots war, it can do everything. This commercial is aimed towards young people. Youngsters like this kind of music and maybe just because of this promotion they will buy it. If not, the majority of their conversations will be about this advertisement. No matter if the’ll laugh at it or discuss the way the car was promoted, this car gets a wonderful promotion.

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