Anatomy test 3

The minimum stimulus needed to cause muscle contraction is called the ____________.
The absence or inhibiton of acetycholinesterase at a synapse would lead to _________.
Describe the resting membrane potential (RMP)
The intracellular environment is negatively charged
What is considered a region of the spinal cord?
Loss of muscle mass from lack of activity is called ___________.
Arachnoid mater and pia mater
Epidural anesthesia is introduced to the epidural space between the ______ to block pain signals during pregnancy
Dural seth and dura mater
The anterior rami of the spinal nerves form nerve plexuses in all regions except the _______ region.

Which one of the following best describes the order of a somatic reflex?
Somatic receptor- afferent nerve fiver-inerneuron- efferent nerve fiber- skeletal muscle
The synaptic knob releases acetylcholine into the synaptic cleft, which is received by receptors on the motor end plate. Which structure does this describe?
The neuromusculat junction of a skeletal muscle
Some _____ neurons are specialized to detect stimuli, whereas __________ neurons send signals the effectors of the nervous system.
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Anatomy test 3
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Afferent; efferent
The _____________ division carry signals to the smooth muscle in the large intestine.
visceral motor
The ___________ division tenda to prepare the body for action.
What is another name for the autonomic nervous system?
visceral motor divison
Nerves are ____________ of the nervous system.
About 90% of the neurons in the nervous system are _____ neurons.
What is the most common type of a neuron?
Most metabolic and regulatory functions in a neuron happen where?
The soma
Which glial cell is found wrapped around nerve fibers in the PNS?
schwann cellls
What is the primary site on a neuron for receiving signals from other neurons?
The Dendrites
Which cells form myelin in the spinal cord
Conduction of a nerve impulse would be the fastest in _________
A large diameter myelinated fiber
In order to regenerate, a peripheral nerve fiber must have ___________.
The soma and the least some naurilemma intact
in a neuron, the opening of sodium gates typically leads to ________.
Depolarization of the plasma membrane
Local potentials are ________, whereas action potentials are _____.
graded; all or none
While a neuron membrane is depolarizing its ________.
Sodium gate are fully open
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