Ancient Mesopotamia and Civilization

Ancient Mesopotamia and Civilization

            Ancient Mesopotamia is characteristic of civilization in general in the sense that it contained within itself several groups of people such as the Sumerians, the Akkadians, Babylonians and Assyrians. Throughout its history, these groups fought for the control of the whole empire until the civilization in itself was invaded by another civilization. Detailed history became possible in Ancient Mesopotamia because of the discovery of writing. With the beginnings of the writing system called cuneiform in Mesopotamia, it became possible to record the accomplishments of rulers and the history of the civilization.

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            The development of Mesopotamian civilization started from the city-state of the Sumerians. As the Sumerians grouped themselves together, their technology improved. They started moving around instead of continuing their sedentary lives. Furthermore, they also explored the cultivation of land and eventually the improvement of agriculture, their houses became sturdier and they started looking after other important things in their lives. Lastly, they also started using metals. Such developments permitted the people to explore their lives and eventually helped Hammurabi in crafting his laws, the influence of which could still be felt in the world today (Pollock, 1999).

            The Assyrian Empire is specifically important because of their passion in recording history. The Babylonians were very much interested with history, hence the significance of the Epic of Gilgamesh. The Assyrians, on the other hand, preserved their history and created an extensive literature on various topics such as religion, science, history and other things.


Pollock, S. (1999). Ancient Mesopotamia: the Eden that never was. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

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