Ancient Rome and Traditional Roman Values

CLASSICAL CIVILIZATION IN THE MEDITERRANEAN – GREECE AND ROME Pages 66 – 85 VOCABULARY A. ZOROASTRIANISM B. POLIS C. DIRECT DEMOCARCY D. ARISTOCRACY E. RATIONALITY F. TYRANNY G. REPUBLIC H. PATRICIAN I. CLIENTATGE J. NATURAL LAW K. THEOCRACY L. OLIGARCHY M. MONARCHY N. SOCRATES O. PLATO P. ARISTOTLE Q. PTOLEMY R. PERICLES S. PHILLIP II T. THE TWELVE TABLES 1. How did geography influence the Greek and Roman civilizations? 2. What political institutions were common in the classical Mediterranean? 3. How did warfare and conquest shape classical Mediterranean cultures? 4.

What principles motivated Greco-Roman society and culture? 5. Explain the religious and philosophical ideas of classical Greece and Rome. 6. Identify and describe Greek and Roman intellectual accomplishments. 7. Describe the agricultural life and mercantile institutions of the classical Mediterranean. 8. Describe social divisions, gender relationships, and inequalities in the Greco-Roman world. 9. In what ways was Rome the heir to the classical Greek civilization? 10. How did Rome unify its vast empire and diverse peoples? DOCUMENT ANALYSIS: Rome and a Values Crisis (Page 83) The Romans believed in gravitas (weightiness, seriousness).

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This quality insisted upon dedication, honesty, perseverance, loyalty, composure, bravery, selflessness, and acceptance of fate. A. In what ways does Cicero’s speech: 1. Reflect traditional Roman values? 2. Depart from traditional Roman values? B. Why might traditional Romans see little value in Greek culture as described by Cicero? C. Romans were often ambivalent about Greeks and Greek culture, if not distrustful. They also were often jealous of their accomplishments. In what ways does Cicero reflect this dichotomy? D. Document Analysis 1. Who wrote it? (Attribution includes biographical references) 2. What was the author’s point of view?

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