Animal Bill of Rights Essay

Entitling animals to a bill of rights would cause world-wide consequences. Animals should not be entitled to basic legal rights because it goes against human cultural traditions and raise prices for food. Furthermore, animal rights would effectively increase the prices of animal products and decrease the supply of food. On the other hand, animals should be protected against abuse that we humans inflict. Firstly, animals should not be excluded from experimentation because it has helped humans in many ways. Experimentation has helped us create vaccines for diseases and to better our lives.

Scientists have created the H1N1 vaccine by testing on pigs and birds ( Experimentation has created better pregnancy tests for women, and rubella diagnosis.

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Animal Bill of Rights
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Think of all the vaccines and cures that can come from further tasting on animals. Secondly, a bill of rights for animals would essentially make them human. If we protect the under such laws then we would not be able to eat them or farm them because they are just like us.

The prices of food would increase immensely and we would not have enough food for the seven billion people we have on Earth. We would all have to become vegetarian to survive. Thirdly, the idea of giving the right to have in all countries and in every farm will become very costly. The billions of dollars that we should be using on animals for their happiness could be used to solve world hunger or better education. That money could be used to better educate the nations that need it otherwise it would be used for the pleasure of farm animals. Why give animals toys if they would most likely fight over them or not want them at all? In the end all of these animals will be killed and eaten by humans.

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