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Animal farm book vs movie

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They had all been complaining and concocting great stories of rebellions. All the animals, except Benjamin never thought about putting these plans into motion. “Don’t you cowards actually want to do something about this? ” Benjamin questioned. The animals were silently thinking. “Don’t you want to do it for Boxer? ” he asked them. Not many Of them remembered who Boxer was, or what he did, but the few that did spoke up. “I would like to help. ” said Clover quietly.

“As would l. ” added Jessie. “Then let us hold a rebellion. ” said Benjamin confidently. The other animals cooked around confused and unsure. Surely we cannot go against our excellent leader! ” cried one of the ignorant horses. “We can, and we will. ” Benjamin said. The animals were quiet and nothing more was said of the matter. The animals acted as if they had never spoken of the subject. It was a great relief to the older animals that the younger ones kept their mouths closed and never let anything slip.

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Animal farm book vs movie
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So the animals kept working hard. They sweat, worked hard and they did this all for close to nothing. They worked very long days, slept very little, got close to no food and did it all with no implanting for they knew it would all be over soon.

They were nearing the light at the end of their tunnels. The rebellion was sure to come soon. They thought that this was the worst of it and nothing could get worse, that they were slowly walking back up the hill to good. They thought. One day when the animals were all working they saw Napoleon walking on two legs slowly followed by a few other pigs. The animals watched, horrified. “They are getting worse. ” said Benjamin “We have to do something soon. ” The other animals nodded their heads in agreement. From now it was decided that meeting was had to be done, and soon.

The animals never congregated together for fear of being caught by the pigs. Because of this, they were all unsure as how this was going to be done, but they were sure what they wanted. They wanted Napoleon’s oppressive rule to be over. All the animals could do was to whisper to each other during nighttime. “When do you think we should take action? ” Questioned Clover “l reckon that the opportunity will present itself to us. ” Benjamin said knowingly. “l think that it’s now or never. ” protested Clover “Well then go, go now and see what happens.

Benjamin said Clover fell silent because she knew Benjamin was right, they would have to wait until the time was right. So they waited and waited. They waited until they saw many carts pulling into Animal Farm. “What is the meaning of this? ‘ Said one of the animals worriedly “l think the time is now” said Benjamin “it is time to take action. ” All of the animals looked terrified and hesitant. They were scared to fight Napoleon and his dogs. But the determined look in Benjamin eyes gave them hope. It gave them hope of a new ruler.

Some of the animals knew that hey weren’t going to make it out alive, but they didn’t care. They just wanted a better future for their posterity. “Are you ready? ” said Benjamin. The animals all nodded in silent agreement. Although they were uncertain of how this feat was going to be achieved, the animals were all certain that it would have to end in the death of Napoleon. The animals walked to Joneses old house and looked through the windows. There was a loud, drunken group of parameters. The animals were scared beyond their wits. Benjamin silently mouthed the words “For Boxer”. Go” said Benjamin with malice in his voice. The animals charged they went in any way possible. The stronger ones broke doors and windows, and then the others followed. They all poured in like a tsunami destroying a city. The humans Were all stunned while the animals bit and tore at them. The first one who tried to fight back was Snowball. “GET BACK YOU FILTHY ANIMALS! ” He screamed in rage. This just made the animals fight harder. The animals were running into humans and hurting them in any way possible. The sheep and rams head butted the humans legs. The cat was clawing at the humans flesh.

Even Mollie stepped on their feet. Everything was working out in the animal’s favor, until Napoleon let out a high-pitched squeal and the dogs came bounding in. The animals were forced to retreat. At this moment Napoleon sprinted into the yard and away from the commotion. Benjamin was the only one who noticed Napoleon’s escape. Benjamin ran with all the power he had in him. He caught up to him and bit his tail. Napoleon screamed in pain and slowed down just enough for Benjamin to catch up to him. Benjamin tackled him and they both fell. Napoleon was the first to act, he stepped on Benjamin hard.

Benjamin regained himself and he as biting, scratching and hitting Napoleon any way he could. Napoleon was getting weaker, and just as Benjamin thought he had won, he felt a strong pain in his back. The dogs had found them and one of them had bit him. They were all hurting him, and his last thing he did was he smashed Napoleon’s head, and he knew he had won. Then he could die happily. The animals had found Benjamin and Napoleon’s bodies after their victory. They buried Benjamin body in the pasture on a sunny, cloudless day. The animals were all sad for Benjamin, but they were optimistic for their futures.

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