George Orwell’s Animal Farm: A Story of the Corruption of Government

This was a reference to Stalin because he was a man who killed many of his people in order to maintain his power in Russia. Communism was creating many issues with society because everyone sought for power. The author, George Orwell symbolizes the corruption of the government through a fairytale titled Animal Farm and also shows the meaning of the text through social issues, such as Communism. Communism was one huge problem in Animal Farm that showed influences of individuality and the nature of power. Communism can be used for ultimate good or absolute evil. The author uses his writing style to explain what Communism really is.

In the book, Animal Farm it states,” Old Major relates a dream that he had the previous night, of a world in which animals live without the tyranny of men: they are free, happy, well fed, and treated with dignity. He urges the animals to do everything they can to make this dream a reality and exhorts them to overthrow the humans who purport to own them. ” Orwell explains the power the animals have was in powered to bring all members of the farm gather under a united cause and allow the animals to gain their freedom from cruelty and truly live a more independent life.

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Unfortunately, after the initial influences of power, it began to destroy the community that had always worked together. Communism is related in Animal Farm because it was a” revolutionary socialist movement to create a classless, moneyless, and stateless This movement was based during the Russian Revolution were individualism and communism were used. As portrayed in Animal Farm, communists were supposed to believe and treat people equally. Yet, most dictators often see themselves as powerful and knowledgeTABLE.

In Animal Farm and the Russia Revolution, communism was an unproven idea. Though communism does have some positive points, there was clearly not enough to control a population of people or farm animals. According to Stephen J. Greenbelts, “Power to keep the reader aware of the personalities that are mocked animals to animals”. AgreeTABLEness explains that in Animal Farm, when Snowball stated how animals were better than humans, changes because of communism. Later, each animal turns on one another and mocks the idea of “Four legs good, 2 legs bad”, instead Of believing in it.

As for Rowel’s writing style, it really catches the eye and draws the author in. Communism was simply the main meaning of the text Orwell wanted to express. As he wrote, Orwell wanted to narrate a story of farm animals and what they had to go through. According to Gale Net, “Once Napoleon has cemented his control over the farm, the song’s revolutionary nature becomes a liability’. Orwell explains how power and class categories are influenced in the story even from the beginning; main sources of power tarts and is changed by Napoleon.

With dictatorship in Animal Farm, a rebellion would have never existed. Certainly the end result of Napoleon’s complete takeover would have never taken place either. Throughout this novel the issue of class is an important theme for the animals during and after the rebellion. There has never been a time when class distinctions would disappear. From the beginning, animals were ruled by the “human class” then animals started becoming leaders. In this novel, class categories and power is an almost vital element. From the quote, “All animals are equal… UT some as more equal than others”, means society is equal, yet we strive for different beliefs and meanings. The farm animals originally sought for all animals to be the same, but as they developed, the animals grew to realize not every animal is the same. In Society, people all have strengths and weaknesses. Rowel’s writing style is crucial in this novel because he explains the overall meaning of Marxism. Not everyone is the same, but people are all one in society with advantages and disadvantages. Napoleon emphasizes loyalty to the state over the purity of Minimalist ideology. (Greenbelts). Greenbelts mentions this to show that Napoleon is using innocent animals for his own advantage just to have dictatorship. Rowel’s comment of societal issues like Communism is based on this entire story. The impact is that it can destroy a society instantly. In conclusion, George Orwell used societal issues, such as Communism that was expressed throughout this entire novel. Rowel’s impact to the overall meaning of the text was intended to criticize the form of government he saw ongoing through Russia and display it in a fictional fairytale.

The authors writing style contributed to the story by setting aside the form of power and social class through Communism. Animal Farm simply expressed how Communism was creating many issues with the society and the farm animals because everyone sought for power and individualism. Rowel’s writing style really draws the reader in with the idea of social class and power that express how troubling and corrupt it really was. Communism was an unproven idea that showed that people were all equal in society, yet not the same.

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