Animal Farm and Napoleon

Animal Farm Questions
Answer questions with a couple of words. There is no need for full sentences except where noted. Paragraphs need to be typed on a separate piece of paper and are worth 10 points. Use standard essay format: TS, a minimum of 3 chunks, and a CS. You must relate the paragraph to the novel. They will be recorded in the essay category of your grades.

Chapters 1&2

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1. How does Old Major’s Speech change “the more intelligent animals” outlook on life? 2. How do the animals feel about Moses the raven and his stories? 3. Why do you think some animals want to believe Moses’s story? 4. What role does Old Major’s speech actually play in the rebellion?

Chapters 3&4
1. In what ways does Benjamin differ from the animals in his work habits after the rebellion? 2. How does Foxwood contrast with Pinchfield?
3. How does Napoleon’s attitude toward education differ from Snowball’s? 4. Why do Frederick and Pilkington refuse to use the name Animal Farm? 5. Write a paragraph to answer the following: Do you think it is more important to educate young people or grown-ups?

1. How does Napoleon express his contempt for Snowball’s efforts to design a Windmill? 2. Why don’t the animals protest when Snowball is chased off the farm? 3. Why does Boxer decide to adopt a new maxim?

4. Why do humans finally accept the name Animal Farm?

Chapters 7&8
1. How does Napoleon deceive Mr. Whymper?
2. How does Squealer convince Boxer that Snowball was a traitor from the very beginning? 3. How does the response of Napoleon to the Hens’ protest differ from the response of Jones and his men to the animals’ rebellion? 4. What is Napoleon’s real motive for banning the singing of Beasts of England?

Chapters 9&10
1. How does Napoleon take advantage of his superiority over the other pigs? 2. How does Squealer explain the “rumors” surrounding Boxer’s removal from the farm? 3. Why does Napoleon do away with the traditions and even the name “Animal Farm? 4. Why do the pigs welcome Moses the raven back to the farm? 5. Think about the animals’ perceptions of their lives have changed throughout the book. How have Napoleon and Squealer attempted to alter the animals’ memories of life before the rebellion? Write a paragraph in which you discuss the ways in which the theme of revision of the past is developed in these chapters.

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