Animal Farm Chapter 5 - Part 5 - Management Essay Example

Today I talk about the Animal Farm chapter5 - Animal Farm Chapter 5 introduction. In chapter5 have twist story. The opposite reasoning makes Snowball and Napoleon are discord. Snowball is talk about own opinion good at the meetings. However, Napoleon works quietly behind the Snowball. Snowball is keep proposing new plans for improve of the farm, but Napoleon have opposite opinion about Snowball opinion. Snowball has plan is for the windmill. Napoleon is prepare resist idea about Snowball idea, and makes his opposite opinion. Snowball continues to work on his plans, and spends hours every day in working, drawing windmill’s wooden floor.

All of the animals watch Snowball plans and they talk about how do we are make more perfectly. On the other hand Napoleon holds back, and when he does come to the plans meeting, he disturbance on meeting. Snowball has convinced his opinion about the windmill. That will be increased rest time for everybody, but Napoleon has convinced his opinion. That is about the windmill will make the animals to lose time on the harvest and it will be makes starve. The meeting begins. The sheep tackle Snowball plans for the windmill, and why it will be good for the farm. Everyone are vote against the windmill. Snowball then speaks again.


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He talks very hard, and he talk about electrical threshers and ploughs and reapers, where the animals do little or no work. It can be makes at the windmill. This speak Snowball will win the vote. Napoleon is get angry about this vote. So he called huge dogs, he took away as puppies months before, the dogs come running the barn and charge at Snowball. They chase him from the barn and they are never seen again him. As soon as they work very hard looks like when they worked under Jones. I think Napoleon is very premeditated and bad guy. I think as soon as a animal farm is goes down. I want they make rebellion about the Napoleon’s plan.

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