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Animal Testing Speech

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Persuasive Speech

Have you ever used an Advil or a Tylenol because you were either sick or had a headache? A corporation developed that medicine using animal experimentation. Almost all governments have required animal testing on drugs and products for many years and there has been opposition against it from the beginning. While many people say it is wrong and there are many groups dedicated to stopping this type of testing, I believe that animal testing is a good thing and serves the greater interests of society.

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Animal Testing Speech
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While I know a lot of you probably are ready to tune me out, but before you do I’m asking you to simply hear me out; I’m not telling you that you have to endorse animal testing. Most governments, including ours, require animal testing before the release of many products and all drugs. People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, or P.E.T.A., is a group that opposes animal testing.

They think it is wrong to conduct these tests, believing it to be inhumane to have animals locked away in cages for the majority of their lives. Though I’ll admit that the animals are in a controlled environment, it is important to understand that the animals used for this testing usually have a very quick gestational period which allows medical researchers to observe any effects the drug might have on a subject throughout its life or the lives of their offspring. This is done to make sure that it won’t have any harmful side effects that could cause illness or be fatal in humans; while this is done at the animal’s expense, it is often crucial for delivering products that help society. Just think, Advil and Tylenol are types of medicine that we take almost daily to help us in various ways to offer needed pain relief. My guess is that you never thought twice about the animal it was tested on, but when you’re asked if you’re against animal testing many people automatically declare, “yes,” because you either love animals or deem it socially unacceptable to openly accept this much needed benefit that animal testing provides. Think about this; you’re standing at the side of a close family member and they’re laying in a hospital bed sick with a serious illness; the doctor walks in and gives the diagnosis and luckily the illness is treatable with medication.

That medication that the doctor prescribed has an FDA endorsement from the government that was gained by showing the safety of the drug through animal testing. If testing had to be performed another way, it may have taken many times longer to get this federal approval and the drug might not be available for your loved one. In this case, you’re not going to think twice about encouraging them to take it since you believe it is safe and so animal testing isn’t a big issue when it is your relative that you want to get well. While I love animals just as much as the next person, and would love for there to be some super computer program that could test drugs and other products in place of animals, the simple fact is that no such thing exists. Animals are the next best test subjects that can prove products safe for use by people. I believe animal testing is a crucial aspect that benefits human society, though it must remain hidden in the shadows because the truth about animal testing is surrounded by myths and emotion, without a great deal of facts and applied critical thought. Animal testing has been used on many products that are all around you, especially medicine, and you should accept this point and be appreciative of the hardworking medical researchers that aim to keep us safe with their work and to understand that animal testing offers benefits to you and your loved ones.

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