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ann frank

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Anne Frank was a Jewish girl who lived in Amsterdam during the time of the

Holocaust. Her life is pretty normal. Her father is a successful buisness man, she has good

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ann frank
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grades, has a caring family, and is kinda popular. The problem is is that she does not have

a real friend. Besides her cat, that she loves to death. Of course she has the girls that she

hangs out with, but they don’t confide in eachother. Therefor, she doesn’t consider them

her real friends. Then on her 13th birthday she recieves a diary in which she puts her

thoughts into or confides in. She now calls this her friend. She even gives it a name. It is

Then she meats this 16 year old boy who calls himself Hello. They start to become

close and tell eachother things. When all of a sudden her older sister Margot recieves a

call-up by the German officers. Her family does not want her sent to a concentration

camp, so they are forced into hiding.

They run to her fathers office with the help of Miep

and some other people that work for her father. The office is a three storie building, but

the bottom floor is the only floor that is really used. Leaving the other 2 floors supposively

for storrage. The Franks take the 2nd floor and they’re friends, the van Daan’s, have the

3rd floor. The van Daan’s consist of Mr. van Daan, Mrs. van Daan, and Peter; their 16

year old son. Both families hardly get along with eachother and find eachother in quarrels

quite often. Mrs. van Daan and Mrs. Frank do not get along. Anne and Mrs. van Daan do

not get along. Also Anne and Margot are not the best of friends at times. And Peter is a

whinner so he does not get along with hardly anyone. Anne feels that her father is the only

one that understands her at all, and this really upsets her mother.

So the neighbors do not notice that they are there, they have to have dark cloth

over the windows at all times, and can not even look outside. They can not have lights on

at sertain times of the day, and most of all, they can not make noises exspeacilally at night.

To pass the time by they read a lot of books. They can foods. They listen to the

radio at night in Mr. Franks old office. Anne writes in her diary. The men make carpendry

works out of the wood in the attic. Also they can take naps, which is what Peter does

While they still have many distractions, every little noise that they hear worries

them that somebody is coming. Therefor it is very stressful.

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ann frank. (2018, Oct 06). Retrieved from https://graduateway.com/ann-frank-essay/

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