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Annelies Marie Frank was born on 12th June 1929 in a German town of Frankfurt - Ann Frank Essay introduction. She was the second daughter of Otto, a German World War 1 officer and Hollander Edith. Her family was Jewish and can be described as liberal. They lived in a community that constituted both The Jews and non Jews. In this community children grew in a mixed environment where they interacted with their Jewish friends and Catholics. As children the two daughter of Otto frank had a good life, a life that every normal child went through. The family can be described as middle class as their father was working and mother too had come from a manufacturing class. During this period Germany was undergoing some political transition (Lee, C 2000 34)

Ambition and Hope

When elections were held and the Nazi Party won many Jews were not certain of what would happen. They feared that the new regime would harm them. They lived under immense fear, as it was just a matter of time that the new government made some drastic changes which in a sure way were anti Semitic It is due to this reason that many families fled Germany. Between 1933 and 1939, it is estimated that close to half a million Jews fled Germany. Anne Frank’s family was among the many who sought refuge in another parts of the world. In 1934 her family moved and settled in Amsterdam where his father established some business. Once they moved here, Ann and her sister were enrolled in a school. The two sisters made many friends from all walks of life. Anne who was a bit outspoken and easy going made more friends in school and outside. It is here that she started to show some great interest in reading and writing. (Brown, G 1999 98)

One of her friends in school later came to describe Ann Frank as a person who liked writing so much. In most of the cases she never allowed anyone to read what she was written.

In 1939, Netherlands was invaded and some very harsh rules targeting the Jewish people were introduced. These laws were restrictive in nature, Jews were barred from doing many things, for example they were not allowed to go shopping at particular hours of the day, they could only attend Jews only school, were not supposed to attend theater. On her thirteenth birthday she was given a book as her gift, this is what she made her diary, noted down all that took place around her. This is the material that was later to make her a hero, though she never came to celebrate her heroism as her life was cut short by the people who oppressed her community for sins that they never knew nor understood.

Her early writings largely related to ordinary aspects of her time. She also talked about things that had taken place in Holland since it was occupied by Germany making their lives hard. Here she listed the many restrictions that were imposed by the Germans against the Jews. Some of her dreams may not be realized due to some of these prohibitions. Ann frank would have wanted to become an influential personality as an actress but she was afraid because there were serious hurdles that stood between her and dream. However this did not deter her. She continued to write down her experiences hoping one day they will be published and the whole world will get to know what kind of suffering that her community went through. Her wish came to be true since her work has been one of the most celebrated, many great leaders of the world had quoted her words in several occassions,showing how powerful and inspiring they were. (Beger, A 1988 67)

Ann Frank has been described as energetic, outspoken and an outgoing person, this is well described in her dairy as she described her experience with other people. She was a person who wanted to make a difference in people lives. She wanted to make people happy as she believed that whoever is happy will spread happiness to the others.

Her ambition to become an actress perhaps explains all this. This is a profession that is centered around people more so to entertain people. She was an extrovert, somebody who wanted people to know what was going on in her life. This is better explained by her decision to put down her life so that many can read and understand even after passing on. She wanted to be a useful person whom people can look into, a kind of a woman whom others can draw inspiration from. This wish came to be, many have drawn a lot of inspiration from her and their lives have been changed by her writings.

 History will judge her well since she left a legacy that will forever be remembered by many generations to come. (Harwitz, 2000 103)

She made possible for the future generations to get a first hand experience of what the Jewish community went through in the hands of terror. The young readers will get a first encounter with the dark history of the Nazi’s party attempt to wipe out a whole community.

Anne Frank became one of the most unforgettable figures to emerge after the Second World War. This was through the most treasured with the writings.

Her posthumous fame was only comparable to Adolf Hitler who also immortalized himself through writing but this comparison is like comparing the good and evil.

Anne Frank represents the innocence of a child, and the people who their own life would be fully of misery as a result of resentment extended by a group of people who wanted to wipe out a race from the face of the earth.(Lwinder,W 1991 123)

Optimism and Courage

In 1942 Anne and her family had to flee as the Nazi were on the rampage.

They hid in the back of the warehouse, a place they had to spend for the next twenty five months. Anne at first was very frustrated by this confinement, daily routine, fear of being discovered and the suffering they went through. In this house Anne describes the kind of life they went through; they had to be very careful lest they were discovered.

There was a daily routine which was to be adhered to by every one of them. They had to wake up at a given time and then avoid movement for sometime which mostly went up to lunch hours. This was to avoid alerting the workers who were working near this warehouse.

They were well taken care of by well wishers who kept it a secret about their hiding.

They were provided with food and other materials to keep them busy. Visiting was only restricted to a few people whom they trusted.


Anne dairy shows the life of an ordinary teenage girl but her case was unique as she was not living under the normal circumstances.

She was under going a stressful moment but she made her strong, she endured the hard times her family and the whole of the Jewish community was undergoing. She was hopeful that this misfortune will come to an end and the world will be again a better place to live in. (Muller,M 1999 87)

She does not show any great resentment for the people who were making their life miserable.

This portrays another side of her which people should emulate. In most cases people seek revenge for the wrongs committed unto us. This not only makes us suffer emotionally and psychologically but also makes the conflict escalate as nobody is willing to forgive one another.

In May 13th 1944 Anne wrote about the destruction that was taking place. She was disturbed by human destructiveness. Humans had simply an urge of destruction and killing. Though this situation made her unhappy she was very optimistic; she believed that one day all this madness will be brought to an end. She was certain that the war will come to an end and then she will lead a normal life as she did before this whole thing came about. She longs for a time when she will be able to enjoy the things that are offered free by the nature, be able to love and be loved under normal circumstances.

She hoped that one day all this will come. This shows us that we should not despair when under condition which seem so difficulty e should not give up life under any circumstances since all that we may be going through will come to an end we can only come to witness the end of our misery if we hold on long enough to enjoy the fruits of our patience and endurance. Though she did not live long enough to see her career  an actress materialize and grow Ann Frank story has given many inspiration and hope.

            Anne Frank legacy will live on; she will continue to draw much inspiration to many in the generations to come. Her story will continue to give hope to those who are going under difficult situations. The world will not forget all the tribulations that the Jewish people went through under the hands of the Nazis. This will help in preventing such atrocities to be meted on any group of people. Ann Frank did not live as much as she would have wished but her memories will live long enough to educate and inspire millions of people bringing them hope and lessons that will shape their lives in one way or another.

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